TeraCopy Review


TeraCopy is an auxiliary program for Windows that can supplement or even replace its built-in copy tool with some useful modifications, specifically focusing on increasing data transfer speeds while keeping its familiar user interface.

This tool offers many additional features to make it more efficient and secure than its default copy utility, including file hash comparison to guarantee the integrity of transferred files.


TeraCopy stands out when it comes to copying programs. When compared with Windows, TeraCopy offers faster file transfers and can even synchronize files over networks. Furthermore, its adjustable parameters enable users to customize the transfer process according to their personal needs; disengage free space checkups after copying, enable automatic verification after copying, employ system write caching cache or customize progress bar colors as they see fit.

TeraCopy provides another unique feature, which is its ability to pause and resume data transfer operations. This is particularly advantageous when working with large files and folders – giving you flexibility in terms of resources available, attending to other tasks or just taking a break without starting all over from scratch again.

Multithreading technology also features in this program, enabling it to copy files much more quickly. When copying them between hard drives, transfer speeds can increase by as much as 40% through dynamically adjusting buffer size to reduce seek times and hasten transfer rates.

TeraCopy software may experience minor glitches when copying files, including network issues, hardware failures and corrupted file systems. However, the program offers options to retry failed transfer operations as well as maintains a list of files transferred but did not work out successfully.

TeraCopy is an impressive tool with many features that make it a worthy alternative to other file copying programs. Its simple interface, asynchronous copying and file verification stand out among competitors while shell integration, file logging and filter support round out its set of advantages. Furthermore, TeraCopy is free for non-commercial use without containing any adware; and compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems making it an excellent option for Windows users seeking fast yet reliable copy/move utilities


TeraCopy is designed to be a faster and more efficient alternative to your device’s default copy ability. Its main function is duplicating or moving files between locations on your device; however, additional features include error recovery and pausing and resuming transfers – meaning this software can be used for various purposes and by users of all experience levels.

One of the key safety features of this program is that it can verify that transferred files are identical to their source file, helping reduce data corruption during transfer. It does this by comparing hashes between the files; if there are any differences it will bypass that specific one and proceed with the transfer – making this feature especially helpful when copying large amounts of information across networks.

TeraCopy provides another important safety feature by enabling users to pause and resume transfers of files, which can be especially useful for working with large files or experiencing delays with internet connectivity. Furthermore, TeraCopy creates checksums of each transferred file which ensures its integrity during transfer.

Not like other copying programs, this one doesn’t utilize system resources during transfer – helping keep your computer from slowing down during use. Furthermore, it can be set to bypass Windows security checks, making this tool an invaluable resource if dealing with many smaller files that would normally trigger such checks.

TeraCopy stands alone as an efficient tool for local transfers. While FastCopy and Copy Handler may provide some alternatives, none come close to matching its speed for local transfer purposes. Some programs may cause interference with Windows’ built-in virus protection system which causes delays and errors during transfers; to remedy this, whitelisting the software allows it to bypass this security measure so it works at its full potential.


TeraCopy has become so popular for good reason; it provides secure file transfers by comparing source and destination checksums of each file being transferred, to ensure they match before moving them across. This feature ensures no errors or corruption occur during this process.

This program is highly configurable, enabling you to choose copying options that best meet your needs. For example, you can opt to ignore directories and files containing specific extensions, set time stamps per-file basis or even set favorite destinations so you can speed up browsing time when selecting locations where files should be copied from. Another useful feature is queuing multiple file transfer operations so they are executed sequentially – saving system resources while ensuring important files are copied first while minor ones take less attention of your system’s resources.

TeraCopy provides another great feature by enabling file transfers to be paused and resumed at any point without losing progress, providing flexibility when needed to free up system resources, manage priorities or simply take a break. Furthermore, in case of transfer error situations TeraCopy will simply bypass problematic files rather than terminate all transfer operations altogether.

Robocopy may have greater processing speed, but TeraCopy provides much greater reliability and flexibility for handling unusual circumstances like network interruptions or locked files. Furthermore, TeraCopy offers more comprehensive transfer options such as verification, queuing and secure erase.

Additionally, this program lets you queue multiple transfer operations and execute them in an efficient fashion without needing constant supervision from you. Furthermore, it can run from a USB drive, meaning no opening and closing of programs to complete tasks. Furthermore, Windows Explorer integration enables seamless working experience as it replaces copy/move functions with its own set of tools to let you manage files directly within its file manager interface.

Ease of Use

TeraCopy stands out from other copying programs by its easy download and installation process, no additional software or ads needed, plus it automatically updates itself so it stays bug-free with all of the latest features.

Though Robocopy boasts more processing power, FileTransfer remains one of the fastest methods of file transfers between hard drives. Thanks to multithreading technology, FileTransfer allows data transfers across multiple threads for quicker copy speeds. Furthermore, its pause and resume features allow you to manage system resources and prioritize tasks more easily – especially useful when dealing with large data sets.

One useful aspect of the program is its ability to detect errors during file transfers. If an error arises during copying a file, multiple attempts will be taken before giving up and moving on with other transfers – making this program far more reliable and efficient than Windows Explorer’s default copy function which often fails under certain conditions.

This program can also detect errors during file transfers and alert you if any problems arise, helping ensure that all information and files are transferred accurately. Furthermore, you can compare copied files against their original source to ensure accuracy and integrity of transferred copies.

Apart from these features, the program also provides many other advantages, including customizing settings, pausing and resuming file transfers, an interactive list that displays progress, sizes and transfer speed as well as integration with Explorer right-click menu and audio notifications of completed transfers.

Overall, the program is very user-friendly and can be utilized by anyone seeking a powerful alternative to Windows Explorer’s copy function. Its user-friendly interface and expansive feature set make it an excellent solution for file transfer of any kind.

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