Text Editor Pro Review

Text Editor Pro

Text editors are indispensable tools for writing. It allows you to edit your own material while correcting grammar issues.

Real-time collaboration is available for empathy sessions, custom note fields and records’ description modals. Collaborators appear as flags that move in real-time when other users make changes.


Text Editor Pro offers more than the basic functionality of notepad; its powerful software features include line numbering and indentation guides to make file organization simpler as well as syntax highlighting, making it an excellent choice for programmers. Plus it supports multiple languages and scripts!

This application offers column editing, which makes working with tables simpler for people handling large volumes of data. Furthermore, its spell checker helps improve document clarity while hotkeys enable users to personalize their workflow experience.

This program is free to download and use on Windows computers, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It can be found online and comes in English and Spanish versions.

Text Editor Pro goes beyond basic features of a text editor by offering an impressive set of advanced tools, such as macros to automate repetitive tasks and an inbuilt text converter to change or shorten code.

Users can quickly search for specific words or phrases using its advanced search function, with options including case sensitive, whole word only and regular expression searches. Bookmarks may be placed throughout documents to quickly locate key sections.

Text Editor Pro stands out from other text editors by its ability to manage multiple files at the same time, making it invaluable for programmers working with numerous files or those needing to compare two sets of code. Furthermore, its wide support of file formats makes working with any file type simple.

This application is very stable and provides a user-friendly user interface, but lacks certain features found in other text editors such as spell checking and hex mode support.

Languages supported

When selecting a text editor, it’s crucial to take note of which languages it supports. Many editors include features like syntax highlighting for various programming and markup languages that makes editing code files simpler; others even come equipped with macros that automate repetitive tasks automatically, helping save you time while speeding up work productivity.

Text Editor Pro (formerly EditBone) is an advanced text editor designed for advanced users and programmers alike, featuring support for multiple programming languages in an eye-pleasing layout and offering numerous functions to manage files effectively such as tabs and sections. Furthermore, Text Editor Pro supports numerous text file formats and is compatible with most encodings.

Text editors offer essential functions for editing text, including cut, copy and paste; undo and redo changes; line numbering; indentation guides and formatting tools that enhance document structures; debugging tools to assist developers; as well as some that provide debugging features to aid developers with code issues.

One key characteristic of any reliable text editor is the ability to tailor it specifically to your needs, often known as “themeing”. This may involve changing fonts, colors and syntax highlighting to fit your personal taste – some programs such as BBedit for macOS provide pre-designed dark and light themes so that users can customize the editor as needed.

BBedit stands out by supporting multiple programming and markup languages, making it an excellent option for developers looking for a robust coding tool. In addition, its search and replace function can locate specific words or phrases within files as well as locate text in other open files on your computer.

BBedit is an accessible multi-window program available free for macOS users. It allows you to view multiple documents simultaneously without them overlapping in different windows, as well as splitting a window to display multiple views of one document. Furthermore, its customizable interface offers you various themes and plugins.

Ease of use

Text Editor Pro is designed to make editing text and code files simple and accessible for even beginners, making the editing of all types of texts and codes straightforward and user-friendly. Compatible with an extensive array of programming and scripting languages and featuring syntax highlighting capabilities to make it easier for you to identify codes in documents, Text Editor Pro can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is available free.

This software is perfect for both novices and experienced users, offering an expansive set of features that can be tailored specifically to your needs. With its user-friendly layout and wide variety of themes to suit various preferences, as well as customizable plugins that increase its functionality – such as line numbering, spell checker and an integrated PDF viewer – this program is both versatile and useful when working on large projects simultaneously.

One of the key elements of an ideal text editor is its support for multiple languages and syntaxes, enabling you to easily find and replace words in your code or text file quickly, speeding up editing immensely. Furthermore, its capability of highlighting errors within code as well as offering cross-file search functions make for quick finding of what you need quickly. Furthermore, some text editors also recognize words by their case for speedy identification purposes – perfect if your search involves finding specific terms that could take days to locate!

Notable features of WordJail include creating and saving multiple documents at the same time, working with multiple tabs simultaneously and supporting numerous file formats including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Markdown. Import and export plugins easily while its UI offers custom theme options for further customization.

Final Words

Text Editor Pro is a lightweight yet free text editor that supports multiple languages and has an easy GUI interface with advanced autosave features, making it suitable for professional writing tasks such as essay creation, grammar checking, novel writing and coding work. While other text editors such as Nano or GNU Emacs provide more robust functionality; their weight can make them too cumbersome for professional writers who use them daily in their jobs – Text Editor Pro stands out here as it is easy, fast and reliable; making it one of the best text editing apps currently available today.

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