The Best Antivirus Software For Data Nerds

Norton stands out as an industry veteran antivirus suite with decades of experience, boasting one of the longest-running antivirus suites and featuring its all-in-one Norton 360 suite as its cornerstone product.

This package combines an antivirus program with multiple protective features – Dark Web Monitoring and VPN access being among them – while maintaining top performance on even modest hardware.

1. Antivirus

Norton has long been known for their antivirus protection, and this award-winning solution remains one of their top picks. Norton’s anti-malware software monitors your PC in real-time to detect new forms of malware as it attempts to enter, while monitoring online activity to spot suspicious patterns – like when browser or app behave strangely or acts up unexpectedly. Heuristic analysis and machine learning technology help them spot zero-day malware as well.

Norton 360 can protect multiple devices – Android and iOS smartphones and tablets alike. Its mobile security includes antivirus protection, password manager capabilities, device management controls and backup solutions; making it an excellent solution for parents who want to restrict what their children can access on the move.

The mobile Norton application boasts an intuitive design and easy use, quickly saving system resources without overburdening them. Its security features include “Smart scan”, which automatically identifies apps to analyze, a VPN that conceals your IP address, and other tools to keep you protected while out and about.

Norton provides various customer support channels, including 24/7 helplines and live chat support, should any issues arise with its software. Furthermore, classes are also offered so users can learn more about its features and tips.

Norton can be dauntingly complex to learn. But its main strength lies in its wide array of protective features available at an attractive price; most users should opt for the Deluxe version which provides solid security tools on up to five devices including Dark Web Monitoring, password managers and automated cloud backups – though its only drawbacks include an unruly user interface and some noticeable system impact during scans.

2. Firewall

Norton 360’s firewall is an advanced and effective protection solution, monitoring network traffic on devices connected to it and determining what can pass. This firewall’s four main functions are app blocking, connection blocking, vulnerability protection and location awareness – perfect for keeping cyber threats away!

With these features, a firewall ensures that only trusted apps have access to the internet, monitors incoming and outgoing connections to check for malware or threats, and features program control and intrusion prevention systems to customize firewall settings according to individual needs; so as to maximize protection without sacrificing performance or convenience.

Norton firewall can protect your privacy from prying eyes by using its Smart Firewall feature to block unauthorised attempts at accessing your webcam – this is crucial as cybercriminals may use spyware to take photos and videos of you for blackmail purposes. In addition, alerts may be generated based on suspicious behaviors in apps as well as potential threats identified by the firewall.

Other notable features of Norton firewall include secure browser and Dark Web monitoring features. Dark Web monitoring combs through Darknet marketplaces for any matches to your personal information and alerts you of any matches; an invaluable feature if you’re concerned about online banking or shopping.

Norton 360 suite would benefit from including additional features like file encryption and file shredding to ensure sensitive documents remain private from unintended access. Still, it remains an excellent antivirus to consider for complete device and file protection at an economical price, featuring excellent virus removal rates.

3. Password manager

A top-of-the-line password manager does more than store usernames and passwords; it should encrypt them, make them unreadable without the vault key, support multi-device 2FA, work across browsers and platforms, include a handy password generator, offer free VPN service, as well as provide other features to safeguard cyber security.

Norton Password Manager meets this need perfectly. Its secure storage vaults use 256-bit AES encryption to protect against hacker attacks, while their zero-knowledge policy ensures your data stays private. A password generator and browser extensions for most major browsers are also provided for easy use and minimal learning curve.

There’s also a password sharing feature and the option for automatic website logins (if connected to the same Wi-Fi network) or require vault keys for access. Furthermore, passwords across devices can be synced through the cloud and biometric or PIN code login can be activated for added protection – you can even run the program from portable USB drives for added safety!

Unfortunately, this software fails to disclose how it encrypts your data; while competitors such as Bitwarden offer open source products. Furthermore, their FAQ only mentions “encrypted”, while several high profile security breaches have occurred over time – leaving one with doubt as to their trustworthiness as a keeper of digital passwords.

Norton Password Manager is simple to use and comes equipped with several standout features that set it apart from its premium competitors, such as automatic vault access request upon logging into websites or an auto-change password tool that will alter all passwords on a list at once.

4. Parental controls

Norton Family is a comprehensive parental control package included with advanced security suites such as Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium from this company, including web filtering, app supervision, screen time management, location tracking and activity reports.

Web filtering is comprehensive and effective, blocking sites in various categories and implementing Norton Safe Search to filter searches even on popular search engines like Google and Bing. In addition, YouTube videos watched are monitored with thumbnail and description so you can judge whether or not a clip may be inappropriate for viewing.

Parents can establish personalized rules for every member of their family, providing stricter oversight for younger kids while giving more freedom to teenagers. Parents can set rules that block, warn or allow access based on each child’s individual profile.

Setup daily or weekly activity reports so you can review the details of your child’s online activities and make adjustments as necessary. Parents can also receive email alerts when their child breaches preset rules, and remotely lock the kid’s device if needed.

Norton Family stands out from other dedicated parental control software by enabling parents to collaborate and collaborate on managing a kid’s profile with other parents to enable them to see and manage the settings. This facilitates open communication among families as well as teaching kids responsible Internet use. Another great feature is locking the kid’s account with a PIN so only you have access to its settings.

5. Cloud storage

One of the key advantages of cloud-based security suites is their ability to back up files so you can easily access them whenever needed, making frequent back up of files essential.

Norton provides several backup plans you can add on to your Norton 360 subscription, making its online backup service easy to use and offering sufficient storage at an attractive price point.

Backup options available to you include local drives, network drives, external drives and Norton’s cloud facility. Of these methods, the latter offers the most protection, since backup files will be stored separately from their source files – in case one gets deleted accidentally or damaged during an update, then at least you still have copies available in case they get overwritten!

Norton 360 Deluxe 2024 provides additional storage at an additional cost; this plan doubles your 100GB storage. However, it’s not widely advertised; to obtain one you must contact customer support directly.

As soon as you subscribe to a Norton online backup plan, you’ll receive a “Get Started” button that makes setting up your software easy and does not require technical knowledge – however if you would prefer more detailed setup instructions we offer one here too!

Norton provides an ideal balance of features between its all-in-one plans, without prioritizing number of devices over security features (like identity theft assistance) as some competitors do. Furthermore, it doesn’t require separate antivirus programs or include extras that you don’t require; making it an ideal option for users seeking the easiest and most affordable all-in-one package available on the market.

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