The Best Chromium Web Browser For Gamers

Opera GX is a web browser with unique tools designed to enhance gaming performance without negatively affecting browsing. These include CPU and RAM usage controllers as well as network bandwidth controls.

It integrates with popular gaming-oriented services and platforms like Twitch and Discord, enabling seamless connectivity to match your individual gaming requirements. Plus, its sleek design lets you tailor it for ultimate customization!


Opera GX offers several gaming-focused extra features in addition to its standard Chromium features, including customizable colors that allow users to tailor the browser’s LED lighting and overall aesthetic to match their LED setup’s LED lighting and aesthetic; wallpapers designed specifically for gaming setups; chat integration for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte and WhatsApp via its sidebar; as well as video pop out features letting gamers watch Twitch or YouTube videos while still staying visible across other apps and tabs.

The browser offers a GX Corner page which serves as a hub for gaming news, offers, and more, while also integrating with popular gaming social services such as Discord. In addition, there is also an GX control center which lets users monitor CPU and RAM usage to control browser’s resource consumption without slowing down game play or decreasing frame rates.

Opera GX features not only these features but also an IPFS server which enables gamers to share large files and games globally; users can use this function to host their own personal content for other people to download – over five thousand streamer and influencer collaborations have taken place since its introduction in 2016.

GX Gaming Browser doesn’t require players to sign up or pay to use it – making installation and usage simple without concerns over malware or unwanted promotions. Furthermore, no additional software installation prompts are shown during setup process.

Noteworthy is also that the gaming browser supports multiple forms of gaming hardware, including PC keyboards and mice. In addition, its custom startup logo features a subtle auditory effect similar to when games start loading–an authentic gaming experience is provided through this subtle yet welcome addition. Furthermore, GameControllerPlugin – developed by GameCo – will soon allow gamers to control the browser using their gaming controllers.


Opera GX stands out among gaming browsers by being intuitive and well-developed. Its developer team tailored this browser specifically for gamers, featuring CPU and memory limiters to ensure it doesn’t drain your resources or interfere with your experience.

Additionally, this software features a built-in gaming mode which optimizes screen resolution and color palette to reduce image and text blurriness. Furthermore, its customizable interface enables you to select from pre-made designs or personalize according to your taste; LED lights on gaming mouses and keyboards light up in matching hues while it can even become the default mode for all of your devices.

GX Control panel provides another important feature by enabling you to manage how much processor, memory and network bandwidth your browser can consume – so as not to slow down gameplay or consume too much data – especially useful on limited internet connections. In addition, its integrated system monitor allows real time monitoring of computer performance and bandwidth usage.

If you want to experience Opera GX for yourself, simply visit its webpage and click the download button. A window will then appear requesting where to save the installer file on your PC; once downloaded you can run its executable file and follow its prompts for installation.

Once installed, this program will create a desktop shortcut as well as entries in Start Menu, Installation Directory, and Programs and Features. Furthermore, a desktop icon allows you to launch the browser directly from your PC; additionally you can import bookmarks and settings from another browser using Easy Setup Panel.

The browser offers integration with various services that can enhance your experience, such as Twitch and Discord, the latter of which allows easy access to gaming communities and staying in contact with friends. Furthermore, Discord features a video pop out feature enabling you to watch live streams or YouTube videos in a separate window above all tabs and other applications.


Opera is one of the oldest web browsers available, yet has fallen out of favour due to more popular choices like Chrome. Yet Opera still enjoys some niche services and markets – one such example being Opera GX for gamers which comes equipped with special features that set it apart from its contemporaries.

Opera GX stands out from its competition due to its dark user interface, instantly distinguishable by a color palette reminiscent of gaming keyboards, mice and laptops. Furthermore, there’s an animated game-inspired logo with accompanying auditory note – something Kocemba says is unique among browser software.

Once you begin browsing, you will quickly notice how fast this browser is. It even beat Chrome on our JetStream 2.1 benchmark for starting up and running websites quickly, while performing well on our MotionMark graphics test which measures how well web applications render complex scenes; finishing behind Chrome but ahead of Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox in this test.

Opera GX stands apart from its competitors with GX Control, which allows you to limit how much processor, memory and network bandwidth the browser consumes. This feature is particularly helpful for gamers as it keeps browser from slowing down games or eating up too much data. Furthermore, Opera GX allows real-time monitoring of system performance and network speed.

As with other modern browsers, Opera GX supports extensions. However, Kocemba warns against overloading it with too many extensions as this can consume resources and slow down browsing performance. In addition, Hot Tabs Killer features in Opera GX automatically kills high-resource tabs to avoid performance issues in the future. Lastly, Opera GX integrates social media platforms such as Twitch and Discord so you don’t miss updates from gaming friends or your favorite streamers!


Opera GX stands out from other browsers by being specifically tailored towards gamers, featuring tools that increase gaming performance without slowing down system resources or interfering with other applications, integration with social gaming services like Discord and Twitch as well as an ad blocker and free VPN service.

GX software is available as both desktop and mobile apps for both Windows and Mac OS computers, with Android and iOS mobile versions being targeted at gamers’ lifestyles and communities while providing premium experience. Kocemba states that GX’s purpose is to show techies “that a browser can be more than a simple utility app”.

Kocemba notes that his gaming browser stands out from others with a dark color palette reminiscent of gaming keyboards and mice, an animated startup logo, and sounds that play when users click buttons or move their cursor. He further mentions how designed to work seamlessly with Razer Chroma accessories.

Opera GX provides users with many of the same classic Opera features they’re used to, including one-handed navigation UI and the Flow syncing system. Furthermore, the browser integrates seamlessly with popular chat applications like Facebook Messenger and Telegram and features a sidebar that showcases gaming-related news and offers.

GX, unlike Chrome, is designed with gamers in mind. With features like CPU and RAM usage controllers to limit browser resource use and eliminate unnecessary lags during games. In addition, it boasts customizable video game soundtracks as well as sound effects triggered by mouse movements or keypresses.

GX browser is an ideal option for PC gamers seeking an efficient internet experience that doesn’t compromise their privacy or performance. It’s lightning-fast and can be customized with various extensions to add extra utility for specific activities – like adding YouTube support for streaming games and movies directly on desktop.

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