The Cleaner – A Review

Cleaner fails to deliver, despite its impressive cast and cinematic atmosphere. Instead, it provides a dull crime thriller with a tired plot and excellent acting from Samuel L Jackson.

Greg Davies of Taskmaster and Never Mind the Buzzcocks fame has taken on a more dramatic role here as crime scene cleaner Paul “Wicky” Wickstead. His world-weary demeanour serves as an effective counterbalance to Helena Bonham Carter’s nosy neighbor character.

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Benjamin Bratt stars as William Banks, an extreme interventionist specialized in helping drug users regain their lives after using illegal substances. William employs a staff of “cleaners,” such as Akani Cuesta (Grace Park), who once was hooked up by William; Arnie Swenton (Esteban Powell), an unabashed complainer; and Darnell McDowell (Kevin Michael Richardson), an honest car salesman whom William has borrowed money from. Back at home his wife Amy Price-Francis) and children Brett Delbuono and Liliana Mumy are eagerly waiting on his return –

This show seeks to strike a balance between slapstick moments, such as William brutally kicking a pie, and poignant observations about ambition and freedom. Unfortunately, its two tones sometimes clash. But despite any flaws it may contain, this series proves that compelling storytelling and stellar acting can often overcome shortcomings.

Greg Davies (Taskmaster) has created a delightful show within the constraints of COVID-19 that’s both funny and original. Each episode plays out as an intriguing, two-person drama; relied upon dialogue and performance alone to keep audiences enthralled. A number of A-List guest stars including Helena Bonham Carter as she delivers roles that are equal parts brash, bawdy and disgusting!


Greg Davies made one of the funniest sitcoms ever with Man Down and now returns with The Cleaner – featuring crime-scene cleaner Wicky as more serious character compared to original German comedy but has still managed to create an engaging mixture of laughter and drama in its first few episodes. Under Greg’s direction, this series has an entertaining bluntness that cuts through social niceties beautifully.

Wicky’s anthology-ish format sees each episode featuring a different scenario and guest star as she helps mop up after horrific deaths, adding an edge similar to a caper movie with its isolated settings and minimal cast – yet, with its melancholy mood, is not intended to be taken lightly by viewers.

British comedy often tackles mortality through themes like One Foot In The Grave or Peter Cook and Chris Morris’ two-hander, Why Bother?, with characters realising they may have only limited time left on Earth. Even within such macabre settings and premises as The Cleaner’s macabre setting and premise, Davies manages to balance slapstick gags such as kicking a pie, with more serious observations about ambition and freedom.

King Orba may not be your first choice to portray this underdog working class character, but he manages to bring life and warmth to The Cleaner with an exceptional combination of physicality and sharp wit. King brings real passion into his performance which gives the role its soul.

The show’s darker tone, anthology structure and claustrophobic settings will inevitably draw comparisons to Inside No 9. Though not quite on par with its predecessor, there’s enough interest here to keep audiences coming back each week – as Davies showcases her ability to create full characters with just one actor; its recurring motifs and references provide satisfying pay-off. Although not an elite form of entertainment it makes for enjoyable television watching in one hour’s time!

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