The New Features of the Xbox App


The Xbox App provides players with convenient access to Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem. It features useful features such as News, Activity Feed, Friends & Clubs and Parties.

This latest update brings with it various improvements and functionality enhancements, such as being able to change gamerpics on mobile devices and enhanced search features that make finding content and games simpler.

Remote Play

Microsoft is updating their Xbox app with some major upgrades that will expand its remote play capabilities, providing more convenient remote gameplay experiences for gamers. While previously, this app could control and access game libraries remotely, this update allows you to wake up your console, queue games for playback and install/uninstall games – features that make Xbox app an indispensable component of users’ gaming experiences.

Xbox Insider members are currently receiving this update and it should become accessible to all users eventually. Unfortunately, however, the app still cannot support all of the Series X and X S’ new features, such as remotely setting up consoles or downloading games during updates. Unfortunately it remains uncertain when its full set will become available but previous release schedules indicate it should arrive sometime between late November or early December at least.

Before remotely controlling an Xbox console, ensure both apps are on the same network and that your phone is connected via Wi-Fi rather than cellular data. Furthermore, be sure that remote control has been enabled within Xbox Settings by selecting “Enable remote features.” To finish it all off, launch the Xbox app on mobile device and sign into it with same account associated with Xbox.

Once signed in, tap the Profile icon on your phone to open the Xbox app and choose an Xbox console to connect to. You’re ready to begin playing!

If you are experiencing lag or connection issues, try closing any unnecessary background apps on your device and/or moving closer to your router. Reboot your Xbox to refresh connections and improve performance.

To find and download the Xbox app for Android, iOS, Tizen and Windows 10, visit your respective app store or website and follow on-screen instructions for installation and configuration of your Xbox app device. Afterward, use it to manage your console and connect with friends!

Game Sharing

Game sharing is an incredible feature on Xbox One and Series X|S consoles that allows users to easily share their library of games with family and friends, and allows you to access each others games while saving money when splitting costs for new releases amongst yourselves.

Before engaging in game sharing, it’s essential that you understand its requirements and limitations. Furthermore, only use this feature with people you trust as you’ll have to share account information – something which could prove risky if something goes wrong with either console or account. Furthermore, physical copies of your games should also be stored away just in case any technical difficulties arise with either.

To enable game sharing, press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to “Profile & System.” Here, you can assign another console as your home machine by checking “Make this my home Xbox”; this allows accessing games whenever needed on that machine. Alternatively, use Xbox One or the Xbox App to select another as your home machine if desired.

The Xbox APP has been updated for 2019. The existing version, now known as Xbox Console Companion, focuses on PC gaming more specifically by acting as both the front-end for games available through Microsoft Store as well as serving as client for PC Game Pass subscription. In addition to that service, existing Xbox app continues to serve both its original purpose and Xbox Game Pass subscription needs while serving as hub for your profile and achievements.

The Xbox APP also enables gamers to share their library and subscriptions amongst each other, which makes the system ideal for families that wish to reduce costs when purchasing new games. Furthermore, its troubleshooting abilities as well as parental controls allow users to set their consoles.

Party & Chat

Microsoft recently unveiled a feature to allow gamers to stay in contact with each other even when not gaming their console: Xbox Party Chats for PC, Android, and iOS users can host voice or text-based party chats that can also be joined from consoles according to Microsoft’s announcement – providing gamers a great way to stay in contact and discuss strategies during gameplay!

Xbox’s Major Nelson recently unveiled its party chat functionality, available to all players across mobile devices and consoles. Like voice chat applications, but with multiple people at once. Users can access their profiles, look up other player’s profiles, and alter party settings – a welcome addition to Xbox gaming capabilities that comes some time late compared to competitors such as Discord which already features voice and text chat functionality.

Shared game clips and screenshots across platforms is another useful new feature, with Xbox App users being able to upload these captures directly to social media for sharing among their peers – an enormous advantage for gamers who wish to show off their skills or talk about favorite titles with others.

Lastly, the Xbox app can link your Discord account with your console and allow you to easily join voice channels in mobile and PC versions of Xbox. You’ll see a list of servers connected with your console, giving you voice chat with other players who use that server – making this an ideal way to gather friends together across borders for online conversations while they enjoy their favorite games!

Finally, the Xbox app displays your current game session on its home page – this can be an excellent way of keeping an eye on how far along you are in certain games or simply getting updates about events that pertain to them.

Capturing Screenshots & Videos

Xbox One remains one of the best gaming consoles ever produced since its introduction four years ago, boasting an enviable suite of built-in features that allows users to take screenshots while they play video games – this allows players to capture memorable moments within games and share them across social media platforms, in addition to accessing them later on PC for further editing purposes.

Steps for taking screenshots with the Xbox app are straightforward. First, launch it on your phone or tablet and sign in using your Microsoft account. Next, access recent snapshots or use “All Snapshots” to view more images before selecting your picture to send as an SMS, upload to OneDrive, or post to Twitter.

If your Xbox One comes equipped with a Cortana motion sensor, you can also use voice command ‘Hey Cortana, take a screenshot’ to capture an image during gameplay. However, for this feature to work effectively it must be spoken clearly so the AI understands your words; additionally you must activate this option in your console’s Settings menu in order for it to take effect.

Xbox Live now enables gamers to create and view Snapchat-esque stories that showcase their gaming experiences through the Xbox app on phones or tablets, providing friends and the wider Xbox community an exclusive glimpse at them. Once ready to view, users will receive an alert indicating when their story can be seen.

The Xbox app for Windows 10 devices is free to download from Microsoft Store and provides access to uploaded clips uploaded by other gamers, stored by default in File Explorer’s Videos folder. Alternatively, third-party Xbox apps such as Captures offer more features.

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