The New HBO Max App

HBO Max App

Before its rebrand, HBO Max offered shows from Warner Bros. Discovery brands like Sesame Street and Studio Ghibli. Now you’ll see more shows from Discovery networks like TLC, HGTV and Food Network.

The app looks the same, but now loads much faster and is less buggy.

What’s Included?

If you already subscribe to HBO via cable, satellite, or internet TV provider, then Max can be watched without incurring additional costs. In fact, your current app should have already updated itself with support for Max streaming; all that remains to begin streaming is to sign in through your provider and begin. If unsure, visit the official Max website for a full list of providers.

Max offers all of the same shows and movies you know from HBO, such as Game of Thrones, The Wire and Sex & the City – not to mention classics such as Westworld and Barry! There’s even an impressive library of classic films as well as plenty of kids and adult animation content!

Max offers exclusive content from Warner Bros. and other studios, along with an extensive library of documentaries. Plus, stream favorite TV shows from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID Discovery and other networks – perfect for staying informed on celebrity or sports news or learning more about home projects through DIY shows!

HBO Max offers three distinct plans, Ad-Lite, Ad-Free and Ultimate. Each offers different numbers of simultaneous streams as well as access to the same library of content – although with Ad-Free you have access to download videos for offline viewing while with Ultimate you get access to 4K titles.

Max is available on most major streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV. In addition, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets can access it directly via web streaming; additionally Xfinity subscribers can directly access it on either their X1 or Flex TV platform.

One issue to keep in mind, though, is if you reside outside the US; you may not be able to access all of Max’s content. A VPN can help bypass geofencing restrictions; just remember that they may be blocked on some streaming services.

What’s Not Included?

If you are an HBO Max subscriber, the new brand “Max” doesn’t mean your favorite shows and movies won’t still be available to stream; rather, the app offers access to its entire catalog with some significant modifications and additions. Max provides iconic programming from brands like HBO, Harry Potter, DC Universe as well as crave-worthy genres and original programs from its library of iconic programs such as Game of Thrones.

Max offers three tiers: Ad-Lite, Ad-Free and Ultimate. These provide access to similar content; with Ad-Lite including ads while only offering HD streaming; Ad-Free without ads providing Dolby Atmos 4K streaming if available; while Ultimate will soon provide an ad-free viewing experience and offline downloads.

All tiers include access to the same catalog with some exceptions for titles that don’t support 4K quality (see here for the list of these titles), while the ad-free version of Max features HBO original TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Succession as well as more than 1,000 Warner Bros. movies and shows in its catalogue.

As with many streaming services, Max is geo-restricted; however, it’s possible to bypass this restriction using a VPN service. By routing your internet traffic through another country’s server instead of your own IP address and hiding IP addresses behind a virtual private network (VPN), a VPN provides an effective means of bypassing regional restrictions and region blocks. Both free and paid options may offer reliable protection – for more reliable results opt for paid.

HBO Max recently underwent a significant rebrand and navigation reorganization; the side menu has been removed, and navigation takes place through labels on the top row for Series, Movies and New & Notable content. Furthermore, kids experience has been given greater prominence while download reliability has also been significantly enhanced.

Last year, HBO made some highly questionable cost-cutting moves that caused widespread outrage, such as shelving the partially completed “Batgirl” film and canceling shows to take advantage of tax write-offs. Since then, they have pledged not to repeat similar decisions again.

How to Watch

HBO Max App provides access to an expansive catalog of TV shows and movies, from beloved classics such as Game of Thrones and The Sopranos to new original series and crave-worthy genres. Furthermore, this service boasts classic and modern Warner Bros. movies like Harry Potter films as well as DC superhero flicks (such as Zack Snyder cut of Justice League).

HBO Max can be enjoyed across a wide variety of devices, such as Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, Roku streaming players and Roku TVs, iOS devices and Chromecast devices. The HBO Max app can be downloaded free of charge with free trials to watch it on up to three devices at the same time; additionally it features 4K streaming capability as well as separate profiles for each family member as well as parental controls for younger viewers.

Subscribers of HBO Max can subscribe through a provider or directly through the service, choosing from either an ad-free or ad-supported plan, with cancellation available anytime. Depending on your provider, however, a contract term may be necessary; to cancel before it ends.

Apple TV users can stream HBO Max content either directly from the app or use Siri to find it. It is available for both Apple TV and Mac computers and installation is straightforward if you have an Apple ID. Alternatively, many Samsung and Vizio smart TV models provide access to HBO Max – though method may differ depending on model.

Roku users can access HBO Max on their television or streaming device by installing the official Roku app, which will install as an icon on their home screen and make use of tiles and links that allow access from anywhere – be it mobile website, app or remote control! Even if your Roku device doesn’t support HBO Max directly, Hulu still provides access to content available therein.

Final Words

If you love HBO, its new HBO Max app may be worth checking out – though don’t expect it to offer the same smooth, comprehensive experience that Netflix does – from low-hanging reality shows all the way through to ambitious fare that wins Emmys. Max seems like more of an oversized version of HBO and it remains uncertain how many consumers would pay for mega bundles that contain shows they don’t care about.

The HBO Max app can be found across a range of media streamers and gaming consoles, such as Apple TV, Samsung TVs manufactured post 2016, Xbox One, Roku and PlayStation 4. Current HBO cable subscribers will also have access to this service, with their accounts and settings preserved – watch history should also remain intact along with any progress made within the new HBO Max app.

As opposed to its predecessors, HBO Go and Now apps, this new one features separate tiers with various pricing options for content. If you wish to go ad-free for just $15/month (or $100 annually), while those who prefer watching with commercials can select either $10 per month.

Besides its traditional HBO library, this app also contains offerings from WarnerMedia and Discovery, such as Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and Ghost Adventures as well as HGTV and TLC networks.

Although the new app aims to make content discovery simple, some features remain confusing. With no side menu and only titles grouped under Home, Series, Movies and New & Notable displayed on its main screen for navigation purposes – and no easy way of filtering by brands, those looking for content created by specific creators may find themselves disappointed by what’s offered here.

Notable also is that the new app doesn’t contain any content from The CW’s Arrowverse, still available through Amazon Prime Video. That could prove disappointing to those looking forward to watching The Flash and The CW’s other superhero shows on an ongoing basis.

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