The Rocket Yard Review of OBS Studio

OBS Studio

The Rocket Yard presents a series on OBS, an open source video streaming and recording software with numerous features that make it a worthy alternative to more costly commercially available programs.

OBS features five main sections on its interface: Scenes, Sources, Mixer, Scene Transitions and Controls. When first opening OBS, an Auto-Configuration Wizard will test your system to identify settings which work optimally with its hardware configuration.


OBS Studio gives you all of the tools needed to produce professional live streams or recordings with high-quality video and audio capture. Its easy user interface enables you to set scenes, add different input sources like games, webcams, images or text and more; multiple video output resolutions are supported as well as numerous audio mixers, scene transitions and control panels – everything needed for successful live streaming or recording sessions!

At first use, this program offers an auto-configuration wizard which tests your computer and applies optimal settings. This saves both time and effort as well as potential unexpected errors during streaming process.

Once you are ready to stream, click the “Start Streaming” button. From here, you can switch scenes at any time or mute any input sources you don’t wish to use during silent time periods. OBS allows for fine-tuning audio levels with virtual faders while applying effects by clicking a cogwheel next to the mute button.

Zusatzlich to the standard features, you can take advantage of various plugins and scripts that provide additional functionality. For instance, you could create your own stinger videos, adjust color opacity of text messages, change size of video sources etc.

OBS allows multiple video inputs in a single scene, enabling you to easily create professional picture-in-picture broadcasts. Mix videos from different scenes together for even greater variety in your content creation process. Furthermore, OBS output video allows users to add Chroma Keying, crop frame size or apply other advanced filters.


OBS Studio features numerous tools to make video recording and creation simpler for uploading onto online platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube. Users can customize video sources according to their productions’ needs and add transitions between scenes for seamless flow. Furthermore, hotkeys allow them to easily start or stop streaming video, record pause video recordings or change scenes quickly and easily.

OBS Studio is an incredible program, but its use may use up too many CPU resources when operating. If this occurs, your computer could become slower or even overheat, so it is vitally important that you learn how to balance out its different functions to ensure smooth performance.

Recording capabilities provided by this software are impressive and include the capability of recording audio separately from video. Users may choose to capture their audio from either their system’s default desktop sound device or from microphone, and can adjust frame rate and resolution settings as necessary to improve stream or recording quality.

Keep in mind that recording at high-resolution can cause buffering for viewers with slow internet connections, so changing frame rate and resolution settings may help improve video quality and avoid these problems.

OBS allows for recording up to 6 audio tracks at once and editing them as necessary. Furthermore, you can capture multiple inputs simultaneously with this application – perfect for broadcasters looking to include guests or other sources in their broadcast. PIP broadcasts and stinger videos can also be created using OBS while MKV format recording allows OBS to save space without compromising video quality.


OBS Studio allows users to quickly create videos that can be shared on various platforms, and provides an easy way of editing those videos by cutting away unwanted sections, adding titles, filters and transitions, virtual backgrounds/green screens for videos as well as effects such as chroma additions to both video and audio tracks.

The program features a modular user interface with six main sections – scenes, sources, mixer, scene transitions and controls – comprising live and recorded video, text and audio to be combined in scenes. Scenes can be pre-produced streams or recordings or altered live when streaming live events. With its mixer panel that lets users mute/adjust audio of any source within any scene while its transitions section contains various effects to add effects to scenes and recordings.

Dependent upon your hardware and internet connection, you may require adjustments to the resolution, frame rate and bitrate settings for video output. Raising these values will result in higher-quality videos; however, doing so could cause viewer lag; therefore it is best practice to test these settings on a computer before broadcasting live.

While OBS Studio is an effective streaming tool, it lacks the same level of editing features found in more sophisticated video editing programs like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro. Luckily, there are free third-party solutions such as Windows Movie Maker that provide this function – such as its over 130 effects, titles and credits which can be added directly into OBS recordings and streams.


There are various plugins available to OBS Studio that can enhance its capabilities, from adding text or video clips, creating professional picture-in-picture broadcasts or applying various effects – these plugins can help enhance the quality of your stream while offering viewers a more thrilling viewing experience.

BlurFX is one of OBS’ most beloved plugins. This tool allows users to apply different blurring styles to images and video sources, which can help mask out features which violate community guidelines or don’t fit their environment. Furthermore, this plugin offers customizable settings such as color opacity font size as well as message text settings per source.

Another popular plugin is Input Overlay, which displays visual representations of keyboard and mouse input on-screen. This makes it perfect for gamers wanting to demonstrate how they press their buttons when performing specific moves such as in Fifa dribbling or fighting games combos; or those offering online tutorials as it will enhance the quality of their lessons.

Other plugins include PTZ Controls for managing NewTek NDI cameras from OBS and iOS Camera for using your iPhone as a webcam without needing an additional capture card. In addition, other plugins provide transitions between scenes and some have hotkeys so you can switch filters on and off easily during production.


OBS Studio is an incredibly adaptable piece of software used by streamers to capture gameplay and stream it live to platforms such as YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. It provides streamers with access to multiple video and audio sources as well as its built-in encoder and various plugins which allow them to tailor their streaming experience and is available both on Windows and Mac computers.

Open source nature makes this software an attractive option for those beginning their streaming careers on a budget. Plus, its cost-free nature means it’s an inexpensive choice as well. Furthermore, setup and use are simple with webcam support and capture cards both supported. Furthermore, its intuitive audio mixer offers per source filters like noise gate suppression gain. Finally, its straightforward settings panel makes configuration straightforward without confusing newcomers.

Though the program itself is free, some add-ons may cost extra. Luckily, its community is always striving to enhance and add features. Streamers can utilize the platform to craft professional-looking streams that stand out from their competition using features like MediaShare which allows followers to send tips in form of music or video and VisualsByImpulse which provides entertaining widgets such as raffles and goal overlays for streaming.

OBS Studio may boast impressive recording capabilities, but it may be too complex and advanced for beginners to handle. Its complex interface and extensive configuration options may easily overwhelm novices and frustrate them; furthermore it may use up all available resources on your PC while creating streaming delays – for these reasons it would be wiser to opt for something simpler like Movavi Screen Recorder instead.

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