Tidal Review


Tidal stands out among streaming services with its appealing dark theme and smooth animations, boasting a bold banner of featured content – including exclusive tracks created especially for you – on its home page.

Tidal Premium plans give users access to Dolby Atmos on certain headphones and speakers, and Masters tracks, which offer high-resolution music remastered to perfection.


Tidal offers many of the same features found with other premium streaming music services but adds several unique touches of its own. With an extensive collection of over 60 million tracks – many exclusive releases – Tidal allows listeners to experience songs exactly how their creator intended. Additionally, there are innovative audio formats which allow listeners to experience songs as the artist intended them to be heard.

Tidal offers a straightforward user experience that is consistent across both desktop app and web player players, featuring a dark theme with a stationary sidebar housing all of the essential sections: Explore, Radio, My Collection (saved or liked music), Explore Page also contains playlists created by Tidal editors for mood (Workout’, Pride’ & Relax’), genre & chart top lists.

Tidal has made strides to make its Masters section more prominent and easier to discover by increasing its number of curated Masters playlists and providing regular searches for high-res streams under categories such as Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B.

Tidal stands out from its competition by using real artists as playlist curators, instead of algorithms, to curate its playlists. These playlists are meant to help listeners discover new music while exploring its influences; they’re also great sources of creative inspiration! For instance, one recent playlist called “100 Songs to Know” included iconic figures like Keith Richards, Karen Dalton, Frank Zappa and the Lemonheads alongside modern acts like PJ Harvey and Black Sabbath; its creativity made exploring it an absolute pleasure; this playlist game is one of Tidal’s strongest selling points!


Tidal stands out as the only streaming service to allow its users to download music for offline listening, an invaluable feature if you’re an avid Tidal user looking to reduce data usage. Before taking advantage of this feature, however, there are a few key considerations you must keep in mind first: make sure your SD card has enough storage capacity; Tidal’s high-quality streaming requires lots of data.

Tidals’ music selection is vast and uncompressed CD quality tracks are available for many tracks. Tidals offers exclusive albums from big artists like Jay-Z and Beyonce before they appear elsewhere, along with music videos and podcasts featuring interviews or live performances.

Tidal offers many useful features, including track edit, which enables you to alter the timing and tempo of any song. This feature is especially helpful when listening to classical music on mobile devices – you can create new tracks specifically tailored to a favorite movement of a symphony, or slow down an R&B song for dance-floor feel with this tool.

Tidal makes travel music lovers’ lives much easier by providing seamless synchronization across devices, which is especially helpful when exploring unfamiliar locales. Furthermore, this app can act as a digital remote for home audio systems as well as controlling smart home gadgets – plus both Apple and Android phones support it! Plus you can share content between subscribers within your household!


Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service offering high-quality audio and exclusive video content, accessible on desktop computers, smartphones, smart speakers and intelligent TVs. Signing up using either email address or Facebook can get you accessing Tidal for yourself; then choose from multiple plans before downloading the app to your device and getting streaming!

Tidal stands apart from competitors like Spotify and Apple Music by being built by musicians themselves, giving it an advantage in providing fans with an artist-centric experience and superior sound quality. Furthermore, Tidal allows artists to receive more of the money that is owed them from Tidal ownership stakes; including some of the world’s top musicians like Alicia Keys, Usher, Beyonce and Daft Punk who all own part ownership stakes in Tidal.

Tidal offers not only excellent music content but also features a selection of original shows. Tidal Original series feature interviews with musical artists as well as behind-the-scenes looks at how their works come to be made, while Tidal Rising documentary and podcast series examine issues of race justice, industry dynamics, and social activism.

Tidal offers one of the greatest advantages for music fans: offline access on any device! All that is needed to enjoy it is accessing WiFi and having Tidal installed on a computer or phone, along with playlists, albums, or tracks downloaded for offline listening. When it’s time to cancel your subscription you can do it online or through their app, and your downloads remain intact after canceling. Overall it makes an ideal solution for anyone who values music while supporting artists they admire!


Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service known for providing high-quality audio. Tidal pays artists more royalties than competing services, making them an attractive option to users who prioritize quality. Furthermore, this app stands out with its bold imagery and dark background – creating its unique aesthetic.

The app boasts many features to make music listening a more immersive experience, including an ‘Explore’ section which displays songs and genres tailored specifically to your taste, playlists for different moods and activities, albums with commentary from artists as well as Tidal Rising which lets you discover up-and-coming artists.

Tidal app stands out with its ability to stream CD-quality music, its drag-and-drop function enabling you to easily move songs between playlists, Chromecast compatibility and wide device support (smart TVs and wearables included).

Tidal makes sharing music easy; simply tap on the speaker icon on the now playing screen and choose which device you wish to stream from. In addition, you have options such as sharing links or embedding artwork directly in social media feeds; additionally you can upload photos from your gallery into your profile page as an easy way of promoting favorite tracks and albums.

Tidal offers access to its library of over 50 million titles via Android and iOS apps, making its collection accessible. It features an intuitive user experience and search function for easily finding specific songs or albums.

Audio quality

Tidal is a premium music streaming service with two subscription plans that offer CD-quality audio. The HiFi plan streams tracks in non-compressed 16-bit FLAC format for the best listening experience possible – much better than MP3, though this requires better speakers or headphones to listen properly. Tidal also supports Dolby Atmos music playback (on compatible devices) and 360 Reality Audio so it feels as if you are at a live performance!

Tidal stands out with its Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology, which allows it to stream CD-quality music at up to 9,216 kbps – the highest bitrate available from any streaming service, providing significantly more detailed sound than standard MP3s.

Tidal is ideal for music enthusiasts who take great care in selecting quality recordings. Tidal provides access to an abundance of exclusive musical content and perks not available on other streaming services, including premium podcasts, ticketing offers for live events, and documentaries as well as videos featuring performances or documentaries.

Tidal does have its downsides; however, in comparison with Spotify or YouTube Music it is less widely available, and its higher-end plans cost more than most competing services.

Tidal’s audio quality depends on your network connection; high-resolution FLAC tracks consume a substantial amount of data when played on mobile devices, and its proprietary lossy compression method may produce unwanted artifacts and result in whooshing or planning effects at certain frequencies. You can adjust quality settings to address some of these issues; but they remain present to some degree.

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