Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone Transfer is a multipurpose iOS file transfer program. With it you can easily transfer and backup music, movies, pictures, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U courses, eBooks, ringtones cameras roll SMS contacts voice memos between an iPhone/iPod/iPad and Mac computer.

It can import music, videos, photos, contacts, ringtones, ePub and PDF files directly from PC to iPhone in just four steps.


Tipard iPhone Transfer can help you easily transfer music between iPhone and PC or iTunes with iOS data safety being at its forefront – it won’t overwrite existing files and connects multiple devices at the same time!

Transfer all multimedia files, such as music, videos, photos, podcasts, iTunes U, camera roll content, ringtones, SMSs, contacts notes voice memos etc from iPhones to computer with this program. Compatible with all the latest iOS devices!

This program boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it simple and straightforward to use, while being fast and reliable; you can transfer all the music on your iPhone to a computer within minutes, even if there are hundreds of songs stored there. Plus, iCloud backup support means it may be worth giving it a try; trial versions are free!


Tipard iPhone Transfer can transfer movies directly onto an iPhone, so that you can watch your favorite videos wherever you are. It supports a range of video formats including TS, FLV, MKV and AVI videos as well as HD formats like MTS M2TS MOV etc. Furthermore it possesses powerful editing features allowing you to get any clip out of any movie as an iPhone ringtone, crop black margin and zoom mode options and edit movie effects with adjustable position color transparency options allowing watermarking of pictures/text/etc etc.

Please be aware that downloading Tipard iPhone Transfer from illegal sources such as keygen, warez, serial number torrents or piracy could lead to irreparable damage or compromise your privacy – therefore we strongly suggest purchasing the license code directly from reputable software developer websites. Thank you for understanding.

TV Shows

Tipard iPhone Transfer provides an efficient solution for backing up photos, videos, music tracks and contacts on iOS devices to computers or iTunes. Furthermore, this software makes transferring files in either direction effortless – such as importing music and videos directly onto iOS devices from computers.

Alongside basic file transfer and conversion functions, this software also offers video editing functions for added convenience. Use it to trim video segments, crop your favorite clips, add text/image watermarks to videos, adjust video effects and more!

This program is an effective and comprehensive iPhone transfer and management solution, supporting all mainstream media file formats and providing backup for various data such as music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U and ringtones. Furthermore, multiple Apple devices can be supported simultaneously without iTunes being required.


Tipard iPhone Transfer makes it simple and effortless to transfer podcasts between iDevices, computers, iTunes, and audio files in lossless quality – helping you manage playlists without iTunes’ restrictions. The program is easy-to-use; simply transfer podcasts as needed from device to computer or iTunes without restrictions!

This program can transfer most mainstream media file types from an iOS device, such as music, movie, picture and TV show files to Mac for backup or other usage. Additionally, SMS/MMS database backup files can also be stored safely on your computer for easy management or safekeeping purposes.

The software is fully compatible with iOS 4.2, iPod Nano 5G, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S as well as multiple Apple devices simultaneously being connected simultaneously to your PC. Furthermore, this provides the perfect way to transfer media files between iPhone and PC.


This program makes it easy to transfer ringtones from iPhone to computer for use as regular audio files, enabling you to customize and create personalized ringtones by trimming source files, setting start and end times and applying fade in/out effects for creating personalized ringtones for iPhone.

This software supports all mainstream video/audio and image formats and makes it simple for iPhone owners to transfer music, movies, pictures, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll Ringtone Contacts Voice Memos to Mac with lossless quality. Furthermore, it can backup SMS and Contacts as database files to guarantee file safety.

Apple iTunes supports iOS 9.1, as well as the latest iPod touch/iPad Air, so this application makes an ideal replacement. It is simple and user-friendly, supporting multiple languages for user convenience, and helping save space by eliminating duplicate photos from iDevices.


Tipard iPhone Transfer is a program created to help you access, backup and sync iPhone files directly with iTunes as well as export computer files onto an iOS device.

This tool supports all Apple devices, from the latest iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPad Air models to iPod Nano 7. It can help transfer music, movies, photos, TV shows, iTunes U content, ringtones, books, SMS messages contacts camera roll notes etc.

This ePub to iPhone transfer features a user-friendly interface that makes transferring easier for beginners. It can move any ePub from any source – be it personal library or online store purchases – directly onto iPhone in minutes, and works seamlessly across versions of iTunes including the most up-to-date edition without installing any unwanted software on your computer.

Camera Roll

The Camera Roll on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch stores all photos you have taken using its camera. They can easily be transferred onto computer for storage and viewing later.

Tipard iPhone Transfer provides users with a better alternative than iTunes when it comes to moving more content between devices without losing data or losing any contacts or photos. Plus, this tool works great when importing local files onto iOS devices!

Compatible with all Apple devices, including iPhone 6/6 Plus and 5s/5c; all iPad models such as Air, Mini 2, New iPad 4 and Nano 7, including edit ID3, ringtone maker, fast search and snapshot functions as well as editing functions like ID3, Ringtone Maker and Fast Search and Snapshot are provided to users of this powerful iPhone/iPod/iPad transfer software. Furthermore, audios/videos from any source can also be converted to iPad/iPod/iPhone formats with ease.

Voice Memos

There are multiple effective methods available for moving voice memos between iPhones, such as via iCloud, Airdrop or email; Tipard iPhone Transfer stands out as the ideal solution in this respect.

Tipard iPhone Transfer can help you safely back up and archive all the files on your iPhone, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones Camera Roll Photo Library SMS Contacts to your computer in case of data loss or corruption. Furthermore, it allows users to create personalized ringtones from mainstream DVD and video source files for use as source material for creating personalized ringtones on iPhone.

Tipard iPhone Transfer can assist in copying iPhone text messages to your computer for easy retrieval later. Save them in Word, Excel or PDF documents that can easily be searched and opened later as well as backup contacts as database files.


Tipard iPhone Transfer allows you to safely backup all of your contacts on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 4S/5C/6s/6s plus/6/6 plus SMS as database file on PC for future reference and peace of mind. No longer worry about them being erased accidentally!

Tipard iPhone Transfer Platinum now comes equipped with additional functions to enhance your enjoyment of iPhone. Now powered by Fire-New kernel technology, this professional program backups and transfers files between iPhone, Windows or iTunes with greater efficiency and precision.

Tipard iPhone Transfer will immediately recognize any iOS device connected to a computer and display information about its type, capacity, version and serial number as well as capacity values of different files and available space on it. Furthermore, it allows you to freely transfer photos/videos/ringtones between iPhone and PC at will.


This program is an iPhone transfer and management software capable of copying music, movies, pictures, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U eBooks camera roll ringtone SMS contacts voice memos Camera Shot directly from iPhone to computer as well as backing up in case of file lossage. Furthermore, the program recognizes your iPhone instantly when connected and displays instantly on computer’s display.

Backup text messages on iPhone through iCloud and iTunes may seem straightforward, but both options have their limitations. Therefore, it’s essential that you have an easy way to transfer these texts between devices. Tipard iPhone Transfer offers one solution. With support for 17 types of iOS files such as photos, videos, contacts and notes – including photo backup – Tipard makes transferring these items to computer easy!

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