Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone Transfer is a file management program for Apple-made products that facilitates file transfers between an iPhone, iPod Touch and computer; and different iOS devices. Furthermore, it also supports importing iTunes backup files.

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an intuitive software app designed to make transferring files between iOS devices and computers effortless. The software can transfer music videos photos contacts ringtone ePub PDF files.

It can transfer music

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an innovative software application that enables users to transfer photos, music videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, ePUB, PDF and audio books between iOS devices and a computer. It works seamlessly across all versions of iTunes. In case of loss or theft of their phone data it can even back it up securely – as well as retrieve lost files that may have been accidentally deleted from it!

iTunes can provide fast synchronization and easy usage, making this an attractive alternative. Users can create customized ringtones from audio and video files. Furthermore, DVD movies and video files can be converted to iPhone-compatible formats for playback; advanced editing features include merging multiple files together or adding watermarks; transferring SMS information directly back onto their computers for backup and recovery purposes are all among its many capabilities.

It can transfer movie

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an all-in-one software program that enables you to transfer music, movies, photos, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U books, eBooks Camera Roll ringtone SMS contacts voice memos camera shot files between any Apple device. Furthermore, this versatile program also converts DVD and video files to iPhone compatible formats and works well with latest iPod and iPhone firmwares.

Easy and snappy performance when copying files back and forth to a device are hallmarks of excellence for this tool. Playlist management, customized ringtone creation, safety for iOS devices as it doesn’t connect directly with them directly – plus backup and restore capabilities without iTunes! – are just additional bonuses! This tool can also be downloaded free for Windows and Mac OS X systems alike!

It can transfer photos

Tipard iPhone Transfer makes connecting iOS devices to computers and transferring files effortlessly a snap, without iTunes. This multifunctional software lets you transfer music, movies, pictures, TV shows, podcasts (including iTunes U), eBooks camera rolls ringtones contacts voice memos. Furthermore, multiple Apple devices can be simultaneously connected if necessary.

This powerful software enables you to transfer any file between your iOS device and PC without iTunes, eliminating the fear of data loss. Furthermore, it can even retrieve lost messages and contacts – making your iPhone experience seamless and without hassles! Furthermore, its licensed algorithm prevents piracy; also compatible with all versions of iOS as well as all types of computers, it makes this multifunctional product perfect.

It can transfer TV shows

Tipard iPhone Transfer Platinum is a multifunctional multimedia software application with transfer, manage, backup and convert features. Users can export virtually all mainstream media file types such as music videos/movies/Cameare Roll pictures/Cameare Roll pictures from an iPhone directly onto a computer – such as movies/TV shows/podcasts/iTunes U eBooks & Ringtones!

Backup SMS and Contacts as database files on your PC for safety purposes. It supports various media formats and transfers files at fast transferring speed. Furthermore, once an iDevice is connected it automatically recognizes it with details such as device type, capacity, version number and serial number displayed for quick recognition.

Your choice of output folder destination for transferred/backed up files can be determined. Use the built-in player to preview video and audio files before converting. Set ID3 tags for music files as well as convert regular videos to iPhone MP4/MOV/M4V format.

It can transfer podcast

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an effortless software tool designed to assist in the transition to an iPhone from any other Android device such as a Galaxy. It can easily transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, text messages and call logs; additionally it even helps create custom ringtones for your new phone!

Transferring features on iPhone/PC enable fast, lossless transfer of popular media file types such as music/movie/pictures/TV Shows/Podcast/iTunes U/eBooks/Camera Roll/Ringtone/SMS/Contacts/Voice Memos. Furthermore, DVD/video files can also be converted to formats compatible with iPhone 4.

This program can also assist with backing up and saving iPhone SMS/MMS and Contacts onto your computer for increased safety and security. With its customizable preference settings for display and output folder destination of transferred/backed up files, batch operation support, batch processing capacity, batch transference support, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility – this tool makes backing up easy!

It can transfer iTunes U

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an all-in-one multimedia software with integrated Transfer, Manage, Backup and Convert capabilities. Users can easily transfer movies, music, photos, TV shows, iTunes U podcasts, eBooks camera roll ringtone and contacts between iOS devices and PC using this program; as well as backup iPhone files to iTunes and convert DVD/Video/Audio content to iPhone compatible formats.

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It can transfer eBooks

Tipard iPhone Transfer provides an efficient and user-friendly method for quickly transferring ePub files onto an iPhone, as well as supporting transferring of other multimedia files, including photos, videos and contacts. Furthermore, Tipard can even assist in moving content between Android devices and Apple devices.

This software also makes it possible to retrieve lost data from an iPhone or iPad. It supports retrieving 8 different types of files and saving them directly onto a folder on the computer, with full viewability of file type, device name and more on its main interface.

Operating illegal warez or pirated copies of Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate 8.2.32 download puts your PC at risk from spyware, adware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, dialers and other forms of malware such as spyware. Such infections may corrupt computer installations or compromise user privacy while potentially opening backdoors onto which hackers could gain entry and take control of your system.

It can transfer ringtone

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an efficient iOS file transfer tool that enables you to import music, videos, contacts, photos, SMS and ePub or PDF files directly from your computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod with just one click. Furthermore, Tipard iPhone Transfer helps backup iOS data intelligently through iTunes as well as transfer files seamlessly between different iOS devices.

Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate not only enables file transfers but can also convert most video and audio sources to iPhone M4R ringtone. The user-friendly interface allows you to make personalized ringtones that match your own style while being able to edit source files by setting exact start and end times.

Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate provides users with the ability to transfer movies/music/pictures/TV Shows/Podcast/iTunes U/eBooks/Camera Roll/Ringtone/SMS/Contacts/Voice memos/Camera shot files directly from an iPhone to PC at random. Furthermore, this program supports multiple languages while boasting fast transferring speed.

It can transfer SMS

Tipard iPhone Transfer is an efficient program designed to sync messages from an iPhone to computer. In addition, this program also enables you to transfer notes and voice memos. Furthermore, Tipard allows you to export files into different formats so they can be edited more efficiently.

This program supports various file types, including music, movies, TV shows, pictures, podcasts, iTunes U eBooks and camera roll contacts and ringtones. Additionally, there is backup functionality to protect your data, and also help erase unnecessary files from an iDevice.

This application offers backup capabilities for csv and vcf files, all types of address books, multiple contact groups, import/export support, as well as customized ringtone creation. Furthermore, DVD or video files can be easily converted into custom ringtones using this feature!

It can transfer voice memos

Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate is an advanced professional program that makes transferring music, movies, TV shows, pictures, iTunes U podcasts, eBooks, ringtones camera roll contacts voice memos and camera shots between your iPhone and PC a seamless process. The user-friendly interface and robust functionality is sure to please while simultaneously supporting multiple Apple devices simultaneously.

This program is light-weight and straightforward to install, making its use simpler while taking up less of your computer’s resources. Furthermore, its speedy scanning and transfer abilities enable data scanning at breakneck speed.

Tipard provides comprehensive customer support through its website, with tutorials focusing on each feature of its program and an articles resource page with articles to address common user issues when using Tipard. Tipard’s support team offers assistance 24/7 in multiple languages.

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