Tipard MTS Converter

Tipard MTS Converter

Tipard MTS Converter is an outstanding video converting application, supporting an array of input and output file types and formats.

Extract audio from video files and convert them to MP3. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue settings while deinterlacing is supported too.

Converting MTS files

Tipard MTS Converter is an innovative software program that is capable of converting any MTS video format to different ones, offering users with simple yet robust conversion. Furthermore, its user-friendly design makes this a top choice when searching for high quality conversion tools.

This program can convert MTS files to any of the popular video formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP and more. It also extracts audio from MTS videos for conversion into popular formats like MP3, FLAC AAC WMA etc – using its powerful encoder/decoder technology it ensures maximum quality outputs.

Tipard MTS Converter not only converts MTS files, but can also convert other popular file types such as TS and M2TS, VOB (DVD common format), H.265, WebM, and DivX files – and can even handle HD camcorder videos – effortlessly letting you easily convert your favorites videos to the format that best meets your needs.

This MTS file converter supports multiple portable devices and media players, providing a convenient solution for anyone dealing with multiple MTS files. Furthermore, it can convert videos for editing in popular video editors such as Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas or iMovie.

Use of this MTS file converter is simple, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Once you’ve added an MTS file that needs converting, simply select its output format and press the “Convert” button; the program will begin converting your file and will save its output file in whatever folder is specified by you.

Tipard MTS Converter can also perform other tasks, including trimming video/audio, cropping video, merging multiple videos into one file, adding watermarks and more. Furthermore, this program gives you control of more detailed settings related to video encoding, frame rate and resolution along with audio channels sample rate rate and bitrate allowing you to create customized profiles for later conversions.

Editing MTS files

Tipard MTS Converter is an all-in-one program that lets you convert videos of various formats into an array of file types, while processing their audio tracks and converting them to popular MP3 files. Furthermore, this application offers editing functions that allow you to enhance video quality such as brightness, contrast saturation hue and volume adjustments.

This software can process a range of files, such as MTS files generated by AVCHD camcorders. It converts these into various formats including MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP FLV, and MKV for playback on various devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad PSP and Samsung Galaxy gadgets as well as editing in programs like iMovie Adobe Premier Pro Final Cut etc.

This software’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to utilize. Users can import files through file browsing, drag-and-dropping or treeview. Batch processing enables multiple files to be processed at once while supporting high definition formats without compromising video quality.

Tipard MTS Converter does more than convert MTS files; it can also edit them, adding text and image watermarks, cutting out unnecessary segments, cropping video footage and merging multiple MTS files into one. Furthermore, users can adjust brightness, contrast saturation levels of videos while changing its pixel aspect ratio as well as setting their custom frame rate for playback purposes.

Tipard MTS Converter is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems, offering compatibility for computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 as well as Intel and Power PC processors. Furthermore, Tipard offers support for several languages as well as an extensive technical support team backed up with free trials of its software before purchasing. Their website also contains tutorials which help users learn its features more effectively.

Converting to other formats

Tipard MTS Converter for Mac users is an effective solution to convert MTS files on Mac computers. It can convert any video format to MP4, MKV, AVI and WMV videos as well as extract audio tracks from videos for conversion into popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF FLAC M4A OGG WMA. Furthermore, Tipard MTS Converter supports minor adjustments prior to and during conversion as well as showing indicators of progress in its own separate window – it even works well on Windows 10. Compatible with Windows 10, it supports small adjustments before and during conversion as well.

You can quickly and easily load any MTS file into this program and convert them into other formats, supporting Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon HD camcorders as well as popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV and WMV. Plus you can even use it to convert DVD movies into MP4 format that’s optimized for iPad, iPhone or other portable devices – its multi-core CPU processing system means it works at high speed while finishing its conversion quickly!

This MTS to MP4 converter boasts an intuitive user experience and makes converting MTS files quickly and efficiently simple. Support for batch conversion allows multiple files at the same time to be converted. Furthermore, multiple editing functions are supported such as effects, trim crop and watermark; you can even add photos or text as watermarks for more personalization of your videos.

Tipard MTS converter features an impressive variety of output formats and can convert almost any type of video. Furthermore, the software offers customizable settings suited to your personal requirements such as resolution, frame rate and bitrate – making it suitable for novice and expert users alike. Furthermore, profiles tailored specifically for Apple devices, mobile phones and video editors make Tipard an excellent solution.

This software features an advanced translation engine capable of translating between four languages – English, French, German and Japanese – as well as being highly compatible with Windows 10, as well as having AMD APP acceleration to improve performance. Plus it comes with a free trial period so you can try before buying.

Final Words

Tipard MTS Converter is a professional video conversion program capable of supporting numerous file formats. It can convert MTS files to various video and audio file types including MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV as well as HD H.264 TS MP4 AVI WMV MOV formats as well as 1080p HD formats such as HD MP4, HDAVIWMV. Furthermore, Tipard MTS Converter also extracts music from videos for conversion into popular audio formats like MP3, WMA FLAC AAC AC3 formats.

This program boasts powerful editing features that allow you to tailor the output video effect. It can improve brightness, contrast and saturation levels of videos; trim video length; crop video area and add text/picture watermarks to them; as well as merge multiple video clips into a single file.

MTS Converter was built to work quickly and smoothly on your computer, quickly converting MTS files. Furthermore, it can support various portable devices including iPad Pro/Air/mini, iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6S/6S plus/5s/5c/4s, iPod, PSP and other mobile phones/tablets.

This program has been updated to enhance input format support for Panasonic P2 camcorders, Canon XF series cameras, and other MXF-based camcorders. Furthermore, this version supports various audio formats including MP3, WAV, AAC and AIFF for input file upload.

NVIDIA CUDA technology makes this software even more powerful and efficient, processing videos at much higher speeds than before and handling multiple files at the same time without any restrictions or limits. An auto-update function also makes staying up-to-date easier; users will receive real time notification of new versions available before being given the choice whether or not to upgrade, making keeping this program up-to-date simpler for all. Furthermore, its developer is constantly striving to enhance it further in order to meet users’ needs more fully.

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