Tipard Video Converter Review

Tipard Video Converter

Tipard Video Converter is desktop software designed to convert various video files and 3D videos. It also supports rotating sideways videos, upping resolution, optimizing brightness, adjusting contrast, and eliminating video noise – helping you produce high quality movies!

Compress a large file, create an animate GIF, edit metadata for audio/video files and reverse or fix audio delay issues with this powerful program.

It supports more than 500 formats

Tipard Video Converter is a multifunctional tool, capable of processing over 500 formats and converting them to playable files on devices in any format. Furthermore, this program boasts extensive video editing features for trimming input files or adding text or picture watermarks – it even rotates, crops and enhances videos!

This powerful software can convert DVD and video files to various formats and resolutions, including 4K and HD videos, while also supporting a selection of popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG and RA files. Furthermore, it can extract audio from video and save it as its own file.

Not only can this software convert audio and video, it can also help you grab online videos from YouTube and other video sharing websites, converting them to various formats and resolutions so you can watch them on either your computer or mobile device. Furthermore, it offers you control of audio/video parameters such as bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and channel settings for maximum entertainment value.

This software also boasts the capability of producing high-quality music from video files, and converting interlaced to progressive video, thus optimizing video effects. Furthermore, this program can capture images from video clips and save them as JPEG, PNG or BMP files; additionally it can take snapshots of favorite scenes in videos to save as JPEG or PNG files for future reference.

It also features support for multiple 3D formats to provide you with an authentic 3D experience, with MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4), Top-and-Bottom 3D Video(*.mp4) and MKV Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mkv).

Not only can VideoConverter convert video and audio, it can also serve as an MV maker to help you produce professional-looking videos. With its user-friendly interface, creating and editing MVs has never been simpler! Plus it includes functions such as trimming, mirroring, removing black bars from videos as well as compressing video files and editing ID3 tags – perfect for anyone on a tight schedule!

It supports 4K video

FULL Tipard Video Converter supports an impressive array of video file formats, from popular SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) standards to presets that enable users to convert files for use with mobile phones, set-top boxes or televisions. Furthermore, it includes editing features that help improve loaded videos – such as trimming length and taking screenshots while editing visual effects or adding text or picture watermarks – along with additional enhancement tools.

FULL Tipard Video Converter goes beyond conversion by supporting playback of many audio and video formats on mainstream digital devices like iPhone 13/12/11/XS/XR, iPad, iPod, Samsung etc. In addition to its conversion functionality, FULL Tipard Video Converter also features advanced functions to improve video file quality such as upping resolution resolution by upping video resolution; optimizing brightness contrast and noise removal functions; as well as rotating and flipping the image – such as vertical flip, horizontal flip or rotating 90 clockwise or counterclockwise rotation features! Besides being used to convert media files, FULL Tipard Video Converter offers advanced functions to enhance quality as well. For instance, when rotating or flipping 90 clockwise or counterclockwise rotation functions can further improve video file quality for best results!

This program’s powerful conversion engine, built around AMD APP and NVIDIA CUDA technologies, enables it to rapidly process large video files at lightning-fast speed without quality loss. Its user-friendly interface and many built-in profiles make converting files for specific device formats straightforward.

These additional tools are equally impressive, such as compressing a large video or audio file into a smaller size, creating an animated GIF image, editing metadata information for files such as file name, artist year cover comments genres etc. You can even fix audio delay problems and control video speed while adjusting volume levels crop images rotate and rotate videos with this software – plus changing creation, modification and access dates on files/folders! All in all this software should be on every video or audio enthusiast’s wishlist – perfect for both beginners as well as professionals alike!

It has a straightforward interface

This program can assist in the conversion of all types of videos into the format that best fits various portable devices, as well as editing files with text or picture watermarks, trimming video segments and merging multiple videos into one file. All functions can be found from its main window for easy use – mirroring allows you to alter its orientation if needed.

To load files into this software, either use its built-in file browser or drag and drop. Batch processing files is possible, with an easily visible progress bar to track conversion progress. Furthermore, it allows you to select output location and snapshot folder as well as whether to delete source files after converting or not.

Tipard Video Converter goes beyond standard video formats by supporting HD and 3D videos, offering you a unique viewing experience when it comes to movies. Plus, its upscaling function enables you to watch 1080p videos at 4K quality for better image quality as well as improving their brightness, contrast, and saturation levels for improved picture quality.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate’s toolbox also makes this powerful program very versatile. You can compress large video files, enhance video quality, create animated GIF images and add 3D effects. Furthermore, black bars from videos can be removed, rotate and crop videos can be altered, text watermarks added as text watermarks adjusted audio settings adjusted, as well as DVDs created.

This software can also assist in optimizing videos for viewing on various mobile devices, with preset device profiles for Sony, Apple, Samsung and LG among others. Furthermore, you can adjust output settings such as encoder, frame rate sample rate and video bitrate to meet your individual requirements.

This program gives you the ability to easily customize music videos by choosing from a selection of vibrant themes with various transitions, filters and music options. Furthermore, you can add your own background music for an individualized video experience as well as selecting special video effects to make them even more captivating and captivating.

It has a toolbox

Tipard Video Converter features a toolbox designed to enhance the quality of media files. Users can upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast levels and remove noise from videos; additionally they can rotate vertically, horizontally and clockwise and create GIF images from video files; this software also allows them to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe.

Tipard Video Converter’s video editing function is user-friendly, making video editing quick and straightforward. Simply cut your desired segments from any video and combine them into one new file; remove black bars; add text/picture watermarks; convert interlaced videos into progressive ones for improved effect; convert interlaced clips to progressive videos for an improved video effect; or use its snapshot function to save memorable moments to share with friends later on.

It is an efficient tool, supporting multiple formats with fast conversion speeds up to 4K resolution and batch processing for customized output. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless; popular languages are supported and it runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

With this program, you can convert DVD discs, folders, ISO images and video into MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV MOV formats easily. Furthermore, this tool also downloads videos from YouTube, Vimeo Metacafe Dailymotion allowing for one-click playability across devices as well as adding 3D video titles and editing metadata information of newly uploaded videos.

This program also offers video and audio compressors to reduce media file sizes, including videos. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue are effective means of doing this while audio compression reduces audio files by dragging their compress bar down. Users can customize output settings such as Encoder Frame Rate and Bitrate accordingly.

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