Tixati Review


Tixati is a BitTorrent client that enables you to easily download torrent and magnet files, as well as channels and web seeding support.

This program features a high-contrast color interface reminiscent of 90s hacker movies that some users may find distracting; this can be changed within settings.

As this application requires internet connectivity to function properly, and offers a comprehensive Help and Support section complete with guides and helpful hints, it requires an internet connection in order to be effective.


Tixati is an accessible BitTorrent client designed for first-time users as well as experienced file sharers, featuring ultrafast downloading algorithms, support for DHT and PEX, transaction information display as well as pairs/files/coins/trackers and bandwidth charts. Magnet links, sequential downloading and hashing URLs are also supported along with magnet links enabling sequential downloads and hashing to catch torrents are among its other key features.

Tixati stands out from other BitTorrent clients with its emphasis on user privacy and protection, offering an ad-free environment without spyware to ensure safe usage without worrying about hidden files or unwanted behavior. Tixati makes finding the ideal torrents easy, while creating customized lists allows for fast access.

At first, its user-friendly interface may take some getting used to; but the effort will pay off! With plenty of helpful tooltips and pop-ups that make navigating easier than other torrent clients. Plus, its unique layout offers tabs aligned at the top rather than on the left!

This program’s no-nonsense pledge to avoid spyware and adware has made it popular with those seeking an ad-free torrent downloader, like uTorrent. Plus it’s completely free and its development funded solely through donations!

Tixati’s lack of open source code has raised some concerns regarding its ability to protect user’s privacy and safety, although its performance when used alongside a VPN client appears safe and dependable.

Tixati is a lightweight yet feature-packed torrent downloader available on Windows that utilizes less memory than its competitors and written in C++ for maximum customization. Files can be added via drag-and-drop or double click if Tixati has been associated with specific file types like torrent files; additionally it comes with its own file browser that makes browsing for files easy.


Tixati is a lightweight and user-friendly BitTorrent client designed to meet both torrent files and magnet links, without ads and an intuitive user interface featuring graphs to display data. Tixati supports multiple proxy protocols as well.

Tixati makes downloading simple. Simply find a.torrent file on your computer, select it using the ‘Add’ button and add it. Tixati will connect with other peers and begin automatically downloading it, saving it in its convenient ‘Downloads’ folder for easy viewing later. Additionally, search engines such as Google or Yahoo offer torrent-specific results while more general “Torrent Sites” offer content.

This software features numerous settings and options to allow for customizing its behavior, such as setting maximum download speeds or monitoring bandwidth usage. There are also scheduling, port forwarding, torrent import from RSS feeds and advanced bandwidth throttling features available.

When sharing torrents, the built-in feature makes creating links a simple process. Furthermore, you can organize current transfers into categories for easier access; and even hide certain transfers by selecting “Options” > “Do not show transfer list.”

The file handling logic has been revamped to incorporate a multithreaded, combined SHA-1 and SHA-2 piece reading and hashing pipeline that thoroughly inspects files contained within a hybrid v1+2 torrent. Furthermore, peer connection logic has been modified to enable better file hash field synchronizing for peers.

Tixati is an advanced and customizable BitTorrent client designed for most users. As it’s portable application doesn’t rely on Java or.NET frameworks to operate, Tixati should work without any compatibility issues in most circumstances. But bear in mind there may be copyrighted material online and downloading any such files may violate local laws; before undertaking any downloads it is wise to check them first with authorities from your country of residence.


The Trackers tab enables the user to specify tracker presets and manage which trackers a transfer will utilize for its DHT. Trackers are organized into groups (with the first group having priority over all others), with priority sliders located at the bottom of the screen determining their order of usage. When adding new trackers into any given group they will automatically move up towards its top spot automatically. Adding more trackers will push existing ones down that group’s list; right-clicking any transfer list and selecting “Edit Trackers”. Alternatively you can mass edit using either Ctrl + Shift + Submenu – but be warned!

Each tracker has its own tab that displays its URL, status (i.e. if it’s working or not), announcement options (e.g. whether to announce), groups it belongs to and individual options relating to them (such as adding individual tracker options that will be loaded when transferred files are loaded). You may add an unlimited number of individual tracker options; those added under Skip Announce will not be attempted to connect when time for announcement comes around; alternatively they could even be put into an Ordered list so Tixati won’t try connecting every time!). This list makes orderly navigation between individual trackers so as you may add as many trackers as you wish!

Individual tracker options may also provide for changing a client’s peer ID, which can help bypass tracker restrictions; however, use should be exercised with caution as some private trackers consider this an infringement on their terms of service and may ban users who utilize such options.

Private trackers depend on their members being honest and not altering their peer-IDs to game the system, which is why some private trackers don’t permit clients such as Tixati that allow users to change them. One solution would be switching trackers that don’t force members to change them; otherwise be mindful when doing this as this can cause other members to mistrust you and even block your account altogether.


Tixati is an advanced P2P file sharing program with several distinguishing features that set it apart from its competition. Designed to be light on system resources and boasting an in-depth statistics system displaying information on download speeds and data transfers in real-time, as well as an integrated chat feature enabling users to communicate with others on the network, Tixati stands out.

Tixati software is user-friendly, offering an intuitive user interface that even novices can understand easily. When the program opens with a list of available torrents which can be selected simply by clicking them, Tixati automatically connects with other users online in order to download files from them; once completed, these downloaded files are stored in folders on user computers.

Tixati provides various configuration options to let users tailor its behavior according to their individual preferences. For instance, users can configure it only search files using certain connections, filter out certain types of files based on size or type, and block IP addresses known to distribute malware.

Additionally, this software enables or disallow peer connections from particular locations. Furthermore, users can opt to encrypt private messages to prevent other users from reading their contents.

Tixati is available free to Windows users for download and use, with an outdated interface design but useful tips and pop-up help windows provided to make navigation of the software simpler. Tixati boasts several advanced user features such as its stats system and secure chatrooms where links can be shared or searched for.

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