Tixati Review

Tixati is an advanced BitTorrent client for Linux and Windows that features Decentralized Sharing Channels to search and share files among peers in a decentralized swarm.

Tixati provides users with detailed graphing of bandwidth utilization and peer activity, enabling them to optimize download speeds using options like bandwidth throttling or downloading priorities.


Tixati is a feature-rich torrent client with lightning-fast download speeds, secure peer-to-peer connections, and comprehensive file management tools. Tixati utilizes cutting-edge algorithms that optimize download speeds for both seeders and peers – giving you optimal Internet performance! Furthermore, this client uses industry standard encryption protocols across its communication channels ensuring the privacy of personal data stored with it.

Tixati offers a similar user interface to other BitTorrent clients, but with some key distinctions. For instance, its top-align menu replaces the traditional left-align layout, and its tooltips and popups feature different style. Furthermore, users have numerous customization options available to them to personalize the interface according to their personal tastes.

Tixati provides users with advanced features that facilitate fast and reliable file transfers, from magnet links to PEX to DHT, as well as filter IP addresses and manage bandwidth usage. In addition, its built-in RSS reader keeps users up to date on new releases from filesharing websites they frequent.

Tixati’s bandwidth throttle feature can help those with slower Internet connections optimize performance by restricting outgoing traffic to take full advantage of up to 80% of total available bandwidth capacity. Users can set downloading and seeding default bandwidth presets as well as activate a category bar which displays transfers according to state (downloading/seeding/queuing).

Tixati offers many features to assist those transferring large files over slow connections, including its powerful search engine which quickly locates them within its database of public torrents.

Tixati is completely free for users and does not contain any spyware or adware, boasting an active community forum with real-time support and troubleshooting tips. Compatible with Windows 10, as well as most Linux distributions (Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu Mint Mandriva), Tixati can be downloaded both 64- and 32-bit from its company’s website.


Tixati is a peer-to-peer file sharing program, capable of downloading files and communicating through decentralized channels. The program utilizes web browser as its gateway, connecting remote peers and managing torrents, as well as being used for file transfers over local area networks (LAN). Tixati features an intuitive user interface and supports an array of operating systems.

The program can be downloaded for free from its developer’s website and supports Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. Compatible with all popular BitTorrent sites as well as private trackers for file downloads.

An RSS reader allows users to easily monitor updates to their favorite websites, while this highly customizable and feature-packed program provides multiple opportunities for fine tuning. Features such as bandwidth management, torrent search engine integration and scheduling options make this fast and reliable program compatible with multiple languages.

This software boasts an active community of users that provide assistance and support. Some have reported issues such as crashes and slow performance; however, guides and troubleshooting tips are available on the developer’s website as well as an FAQ section to address those concerns.

Another key advantage of this program is its ability to monitor peer networks. This feature enables users to avoid slow connections by disconnecting from bad ones, and it even offers a built-in VPN server which can encrypt traffic and hide IP addresses – particularly beneficial if downloading pirated content.

Tixati comes equipped with both a VPN and port mapping system that helps bridge the gap between broadband routers and firewalls, greatly increasing download speeds for users with NAT devices.

Tixati’s latest version features several enhancements to both file transfer and DHT systems, such as channel streaming enhancements, new DHT optimizations and various internal improvements. Furthermore, decentralized sharing channels are now supported as well as new configuration settings to control DHT behavior.


Tixati is an intuitive BitTorrent client with advanced features that enables fast file downloads. Requiring minimal system resources, Tixati does not significantly impact computer performance when in use. With multiple settings for customizing their downloading experience – IP filtering, bandwidth management and peer selection being among them – users can personalize their downloading experience further to meet their needs and use an integrated graphing capability for visual insight into downloading speeds.

Users can initiate downloads by either uploading a torrent file or entering a magnet link into the program, then the download will commence automatically and its progress can be monitored through its user interface in real-time. When complete, files will be stored into their designated ‘Downloads’ folder for easy retrieval later.

Are You Wanting to Increase Downloading Speeds? Limit Upload Capacity Most internet connections permit users to limit upload capacity usage at up to 70%-80% of total capacity; doing this can increase download speeds by decreasing outgoing traffic usage and saving valuable bandwidth resources.

For those aiming to maximize the speed of their downloads, configuring an individual upload capacity solely for seeding may be beneficial in keeping other torrents from using up all available upload capacity and slowing down downloads. To accomplish this task, follow the steps outlined in Optimize Tixati help guide.

Tixati offers additional download capabilities such as an integrated search engine and support for multiple protocols like DHT, PEX and mutable torrents. In addition, Tixati allows for customization of numerous options like transfer peer ratios, throttling limits and event logging to tailor its user experience further.

Tixati now allows users to set downloading and seeding bandwidth presets independently, while also activating a bar in its user interface to filter transfers by state (downloading, seeding, queued or off). For more information on this program visit the official Tixati website; free trial versions of the software are also available if they would like to test its features first-hand.


Tixati is an innovative BitTorrent client offering an array of features designed to ensure swift and dependable file downloads. Users can stay informed about new releases via RSS feeds while IP filtering and bandwidth management allow for greater control over downloading experience. Task scheduling features and support for magnet links PEX, and DHT further increase Tixati’s superior performance capabilities.

As with other BitTorrent programs, this software uses swarming technology to enable multiple peers to efficiently share files between each other. Users can access various media from countless Torrent Sites through this relatively straightforward process; simply locate a.torrent file which contains metadata about a much larger file that will be downloaded through BitTorrent’s swarm and access it either through its website or encrypted chatrooms.

The program’s interface design may appear outdated, but tips and pop-up help windows are available to guide you through its layout. Furthermore, this tool offers an impressive number of configuration options and provides ample detail regarding swarm progress and status updates.

One major advantage of the software is that it can run on virtually any computer with a compatible operating system, from Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 through Fedora, Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux distributions – as long as GTK3 is installed.

Hearn designed his software to be lightweight, making it suitable for users with less powerful computers. Although the program is freeware, Hearn accepts cryptocurrency donations to fund future development and maintenance efforts.

However, the program isn’t without its flaws – some users report frequent crashes and downtime; however, Help & Support is available to address issues quickly. Furthermore, pairing this software with a VPN service to increase both security and speed may be recommended, especially given that users’ IP addresses may become exposed during file transfers, making you vulnerable to hackers hunting for unsecure connections.

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