Toolwiz Care Review

Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care is an all-in-one optimization suite offering over 40 powerful tools to check, clean, accelerate and tweak your computer. It features an elegantly designed user interface which organizes tools into categories which act as navigation tabs for easy use.

Monitor Download/Upload Speed, CPU Usage, Memory Usage and Disk Access Speed with this application. It also comes equipped with file shredding features and password management facilities as well as the capability of finding duplicate files/folders.


Toolwiz Care is an all-in-one program designed to clear away clutter files and improve PC performance. This comprehensive software suite combines various functions into one user-friendly package and has an easy interface that’s user friendly – plus its light system resource usage makes it a great fit for older computers with limited storage space or limited available storage capacity.

This software’s main objective is to diagnose your computer and remove any errors or excessive garbage data which are slowing it down. Additionally, it can clean the registry, defragment disks, optimize startup programs and even track download/upload speeds, CPU usage and temperature levels.

Another feature is security protection, which can detect malware and privacy vulnerabilities on your computer as well as block malicious websites. Furthermore, this feature can backup and restore important system settings and files on your system.

ToolWiz Care can encrypt files and folders to protect sensitive information, split large files into separate pieces and generate passwords; and improve gaming performance while blocking unwanted changes to the system.

ToolWiz Care can detect and delete duplicate photos, videos and music as well as applications using too much memory and registry clogging up. In addition to that it will help locate and delete temporary files such as cookies and browser data from browsers.

Also included are other utilities, such as a disk cleaner, file shredder and password manager. Furthermore, it can automatically back up registry and file data as well as detect and fix errors.

ToolWiz Care’s free version may have some restrictions; to take full advantage of its capabilities and unlock more features, upgrade to the full version for only $49.98 USD per year and unlock additional tools. These include tools for analyzing system performance as well as tools that repair corrupted files, speed up your PC, monitor all processes running in the background and track them, backup/restore your system to an earlier state, manage applications drivers devices as well as detect spyware viruses malware as well as tune your system.


Toolwiz Care is a suite of PC tools and utilities for enhancing and optimizing the performance of Windows computers, providing comprehensive optimization of system settings by clearing away junk files, optimizing registry entries, optimizing system settings, file restoration, file shredding and duplicate folder search functions as well as password management capabilities and monitoring hardware resource utilization.

User experience when using this software is straightforward and user-friendly, thanks to a design that’s both beautiful and thoughtful. Each function of the program has been organized into categories with navigation tabs located at the top of your screen for ease of navigation; depending on what task you want accomplished, select an appropriate tab from these categories to display relevant functions – for instance checking startup speed, erasing invalid registry keys, performing disk checkup, clearing useless data files/shortcuts from disk, blurring browsing traces as well as helping maintain privacy when dealing with cookies related issues.

Other features include a plugin manager that scans for installed plug-ins and allows you to remove any unnecessary ones, a network manager for controlling internet resources and a process and service manager which lets you view, modify and manage active processes – helping keep track of applications while providing advice about security programs that could enhance protection.

This program can be easily downloaded for free from its official website and works across all versions of Windows, mobile phones and tablets. Plus, there’s even a 60-day money back guarantee!

Toolwiz Care software is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to boost the performance and smooth operation of their PC, including travel. Packed full of tools and utilities, Toolwiz Care will have your computer up-and-running like new in no time! With its portable capabilities allowing for convenient use on the road – don’t delay in downloading this incredible program now!


Before installing Toolwiz Care, please read and accept the license agreement carefully. If you do not agree to its terms, do not install or use the Software. In particular, modifications, decompilations, disassembling, reverse engineering and creating derivative works derived from it are forbidden as is any attempt at discovering its source code which are protected by United States patents, copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

TOOLWIZ holds onto valuable intellectual property in the Software and all associated documentation, which is licensed here without conferring title or rights of ownership or access. Content accessible via this Software belongs to its respective content owners and may be subject to additional third-party restrictions; TOOLWIZ is not liable for any damages you experience as a result of accessing such material.

TOOLWIZ and its resellers do not make any express or implied warranties of any kind, such as merchantability, fitness for purpose or non-infringement of third-party rights. Under no circumstances shall TOOLWIZ or its resellers be held liable for indirect, special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever; even if advised about their possibility.

Final Words

Toolwiz Care provides an impressive set of tools for system optimization, designed to keep your PC running quickly and fresh. Eyes Care reminds you to take regular breaks from staring at the computer screen; History Cleaner deletes activity and surfing tracks; Process Manager provides full details about processes running in the background while permitting you to halt resource-intensive ones; plus much more!

This application offers a comprehensive list of tweaks and optimizations, accessible via tabs. While the program does contain a few flaws such as misspellings or poor English, it remains a worthy addition to freeware world and should definitely be tried out – definitely rivalling CCleaner in terms of cleaning performance if not even surpassing SlimCleaner itself!

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