Total Commander Review

Total Commander is an efficient program for file management tasks. Featuring an old-school dual pane design, but hiding tremendous power. A simple keystroke can switch Total Commander into horizontal mode – giving twice as much room for long filenames.


Total Commander is an advanced file manager which, like Windows Explorer, allows users to copy and move files. But unlike its Windows counterpart, Total Commander provides much more: users can pack or unpack files as needed; access FTP servers; compare file content across computers; even sync directories between devices!

Its dual-pane design may be its hallmark feature, but this program packs many other ace cards in its arsenal: such as FTP integration, ZIP viewer, file compare tool and disk space analyzer to name just some.

Another fantastic feature of the app is its capability of mass renaming files using regular expressions, saving users much of their time. Furthermore, shortcuts for some of its most frequently used functions allow for quicker action without having to navigate long lists of menu items.

This app is specifically tailored for keyboard use and offers many helpful shortcut keys; thus enabling users to complete tasks much more quickly than with mouse use.

Surface Duo users will find that this app has been enhanced to work well in dual-screen mode, thanks to being aware that they’re running it on a foldable device and reading its bounds; then reading their two screens as well as the hinge, and adapting its layout accordingly. Furthermore, its dialog windows – such as Copy/Move dialog – are dual-screen aware; they adapt accordingly so they won’t obstruct by the hinge when in focus.

Furthermore, the program features an extensive configuration menu so users can tailor its appearance. They can select various themes and upload icons for specific functions; create custom command keys as menu entries, button bar items or keyboard shortcuts; create their own command keys as menu entries or button bar items or keyboard shortcuts; as well as extendability via plug-ins such as CertificateInfo that can retrieve various pieces of information about certificates (CER, CRT, DER, PEM and PFX formats) stored either binary or Base64 formats.


As with other traditional file managers (which is what Total Commander is), its design resembles that of most double pane file managers in that you can use the number pad on your keyboard to navigate files/directories in much the same way you would do in Explorer. Furthermore, Total Commander displays properties for selected files and directories as well as listing all subdirectories that make up any particular directory, enabling you to quickly see how much space these items take up on your hard drive in case they’re ever deleted later on.

As with Explorer, Total Commander provides native support for ZIP archives by treating them like directories that can be easily accessed, copied and deleted. In addition, native unpacking capabilities exist for LHA, ARJ and TAR archives and self-extracting EXE files – you can even extend its pack and unpack functions using external plugins that provide anything from mainstream archive formats to those used specifically in games.

SyncSync allows folders to remain synchronized so that any changes made in one will immediately reflect in another, which is particularly helpful when working on projects with multiple team members who use the same program and need to keep all their files updated in sync. Furthermore, you can use it to backup and restore data across computers.

Additional utilities offered by this software include an advanced search program, an archiving utility and a tool that lets you create “link files” compatible with any program. In addition, multiple languages are supported through addon language files.

File Management functions are superbly executed; copying, moving and deleting files are simple with shortcut keys that help make these processes even quicker. Furthermore, user commands (essentially anything you could do in the command line or another program) can be created easily using keyboard shortcuts, menu entries in TC or buttons on the button bar.


Total Commander offers an assortment of plugins to extend its capabilities, with some required for regular operation and others offering extra features you might have thought were impossible in such a simple file manager. They can be installed either automatically or manually; automatic installation simply involves opening an archive containing your plugin in Total Commander panel; manually installing is equally straightforward: either drag and drop them onto the toolbar or register them through Total Commander’s settings panel.

There are a wide range of plugins that provide different functions, including supporting various graphic formats. For instance, Imagine allows you to access various image formats that Total Commander doesn’t support via its standard viewer – saving the cost associated with buying an external utility utility for this task.

Other plugins provide features that help pack or unpack archives, provide access to special file formats like CD-ROM images, and enable file inspection. These plugins can be found under “Packer & Archive Plugins” or in ‘Lister Plugins.” For instance, XPIInfo provides information about Gecko-based extensions and themes like Firefox such as xpi files that could potentially serve as extensions & themes for Gecko applications as content plugins or Lister plugins – for instance it can even work as both content plugins!

AceHelper is another useful plugin that allows you to monitor the system. It displays real-time information regarding memory usage, CPU utilization and running processes as well as manage running processes while assigning their priority levels.

There are also plugins that allow you to quickly and easily create AVI video files, making this option particularly helpful if you need to record video at high resolutions. Some of these plugins even allow you to extract frames or audio from videos for use as trailers for projects.


Total Commander stands out as an effective file manager with features such as multi-file renaming, archive files navigation, FTP server support and MIME decoding/coding support – not surprising for software priced at EUR25.00 but without being overburdened with unnecessary features; those used do their jobs well and don’t interfere with the basic tasks at hand.

The dual-pane layout makes working with multiple files simple and efficient, and its keyboard-shortcut functionality (such as Ctrl+V for Pasting) means you’ll become more productive quickly.

Additionally to its many basic features, this software boasts some additional advanced functionality designed to appeal to web designers, HTML coders, and users of other programming languages. For instance, its text editor supports HTML syntax while its Method Navigator makes finding functions within your source code quick and simple.

This program is extremely lightweight and uses minimal system resources compared to similar programs, making it portable and usable directly from a USB stick without prior installation. One-time license purchase costs $44 while additional licences may be purchased if multiple computers or servers need accessing it simultaneously.

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