Total Commander Review

Total Commander is an advanced file manager packed with features. Highly configurable and extendable via plugins, it also looks good and functions smoothly.

It features a two-pane interface and uses keyboard shortcuts for fast access to its main functions. Furthermore, it supports multiple archive formats.

It’s easy to use

Total Commander was designed for keyboard use, with many keyboard shortcuts that make complex tasks faster than Windows File Explorer. If desired, shortcuts to other programs may also be added directly from the Configuration menu if preferred; you may also personalize your interface by altering colors, fonts and icons, menus and settings as needed.

The dual-pane interface of this program enables users to work more intuitively with files and directories than Windows File Explorer. Its built-in file viewer supports various file formats, including text documents, unicode characters, HTML, bitmap graphics and multimedia files. Furthermore, its powerful search function enables users to locate files based on name or contents across multiple drives, compare directories against each other as well as use its renaming utility to change letter case, replace specific strings or display date/time information in file names – making this program indispensable.

Another helpful feature is its capability of handling ZIP archives, a common format on modern computers. Furthermore, its archiving abilities can be extended with external tools and plugins to support various formats like TAR and GZ archives commonly found on Linux systems. In addition, there’s even an FTP client built right into the program so you can access remote files as easily as local ones.

Total Commander may seem outdated to those just getting started, but its user-friendly layout makes it easy and straightforward to use. Furthermore, it comes equipped with numerous extra applications – FTP client, ZIP viewer, disk space analyzer and renaming utility are just a few examples – making Total Commander an invaluable choice.

The built-in editor is also highly useful, featuring a comprehensive array of formatting and editing features that save both time and effort. Furthermore, batch file editing saves even more precious minutes; furthermore, plug-in compatibility means the program can expand itself for nearly any task imaginable.

It’s fast

Total Commander makes use of its dual pane interface to make copying files effortless, manage archives (even nested ones) easily, and search text across any file or drive on your device or across multiple drives with its powerful search function. Furthermore, Total Commander comes equipped with an editor built-in that makes taking notes or making edits possible without installing additional apps; additionally it features FTP client compatibility, multimedia file viewing capability, disk space analysis tools, and file synchronization functionality – plus much more!

The program is optimized for keyboard use, allowing access to many of its functions through easily-remembered shortcuts. Furthermore, its flexible interface enables users to customize its appearance through changing colors, fonts, icon sizes, etc. Additionally, system menus, toolbars, and file presentations can all be tailored accordingly.

Total Commander offers another great feature – its ability to pause and resume file copies – making large transfers quicker and more manageable. Furthermore, Total Commander supports tabs to make browsing folders much simpler.

Total Commander goes beyond traditional file handling capabilities by including an extended renaming tool that allows for the creation of numbered file lists, letter case conversion, replacing strings with replacement letters and alphabet replacement, adding and removing letters as needed, etc. Furthermore, it features an easy file comparison feature as well as fast thumbnail view panel and can even manage remote files and subfolders.

Android Device Management also comes equipped with a robust LAN plugin that enables accessing Windows SMB shares from your Android device, making file transfers between computers simpler. Furthermore, this makes working with remote folders such as network servers or home directories simpler – particularly helpful for mobile users who need access their files on the go. Furthermore, Rooted App can edit root file systems allowing for unbundled applications or turning user apps into system programs; however rooting can lead to security risks and may compromise device health in general.

It’s versatile

Total Commander is an indispensable resource for IT pros. Not only does it replace File Explorer in an impressive manner, but it also comes equipped with several extra functions designed to make an IT pro’s life more manageable.

Start using it quickly with just your keyboard instead of mouse! Plus, its ergonomic keyboard-oriented layout offers handy shortcuts for common operations and an impressive selection of file formats (text, unicode, HTML and bitmap graphics) support – it even compares two files and manages differences! Furthermore, its configuration capabilities extend far beyond standard expectations, and you can expand its features with plug-ins, viewers and addons!

Total Commander stands out among similar programs with its handling of archives – it treats them like regular folders and allows users to easily search them just like regular files. Furthermore, this program supports various archive types including zip, rar, lha, tar gz and cab files and even features an archive creation tool which enables multi-disk password protected self extracting archives.

Built-in FTP support makes managing remote files and directories just as straightforward. Downloading/uploading/searching across multiple drives for specific words within files becomes much simpler; and the powerful renaming tool saves both time and energy!

There is a tabbed window that displays multiple folders simultaneously, making it easier for IT pros who work on multiple projects to navigate large folder structures more efficiently. Furthermore, this program is fast and responsive; customization options include skins, colors and fonts available from its storefront.

Total Commander stands out with its unique feature of being able to pause and resume file copying and moving operations, saving time by eliminating the need to restart them all when something arises that requires your attention. In addition, Total Commander offers an advanced command line which makes complex tasks simpler for IT professionals.

It’s affordable

Total Commander is an open source file manager available free to anyone, featuring add-ons that allow users to do everything from sort images by size to search text within PDF files without opening another program. Plus, its history dates back as far as 16-bit Windows 3.1!

Total Commander offers advanced users a powerful set of plugins and features at an economical price, yet can also be purchased by less experienced users at a reasonable cost compared with most competing programs. Plus, packages including plugins and helpers may make Total Commander suitable for non-advanced users who don’t want to assemble everything themselves.

Total Commander stands out from other dual-pane file managers by using fixed windows side-by-side like classic DOS file managers to display files more efficiently and rapidly. It offers several customization features for managing large files and folders quickly and efficiently; including using TC shortcuts to navigate quickly through its interface and renaming files; it even features extra integrated applications like FTP/SFTP support, archive browser functionality and file synchronization support!

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