Total Commander Review

Total Commander is an exceptional file manager with numerous innovative features. Its rich plug-in library makes it an invaluable way to consolidate and streamline your software toolkit and reduce the number of individual “screwdriver utilities”.

Each plug-in has its own assembly that implements functions for its specific plug-in type and derives its code from the base class (plugin abstract class).


Total Commander is a full-featured file manager with a two-pane interface and uses a command-line scripting engine, as well as providing access to numerous plugins that add extra features to the software. Furthermore, Total Commander includes built-in support for archiveing files – eliminating the need for third-party apps specifically dedicated for this task.

This program is tailored towards advanced users, making it less suitable for beginners than some of the other file managers available. However, it remains an excellent choice for anyone needing an effective tool to manage local and remote directories. With its dual-pane interface that makes working with multiple folders at once simple; integrated search function; image viewer; archive handling function as well as file migration features make this an exceptional file manager option.

This program is available in over 40 languages, and its user-friendly design enables you to locate any file quickly and easily. With its advanced copying and moving features that outpace Windows Explorer, as well as its ability to pause/resume operations so you can take a break and come back later when working on something else – you won’t ever lose progress again!

It supports multiple file formats and plugins, including ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, TAR, GZ, CAB and ACE archive handling as well as text editor capabilities and quick view panels displaying file contents quickly as well as bitmap viewer functionality.

This file manager features a special feature that allows you to create user commands – similar to scripts – which you can assign to keyboard shortcuts, menu entries in TC or buttons on the button bar for easier workflow. This can save a great deal of time as switching programs no longer has to take place as often.

This program also features an easy-to-use home screen that offers quick access to all the files on your computer, search for particular files by name or extension, browse folders and subfolders and much more. Furthermore, other useful functions are available within the program such as running programs as administrators.


Total Commander is compatible with multiple operating systems and supports most file formats, as well as having its own FTP client that runs under Wine on Linux. It features a dual-pane interface allowing users to view files and folders in various ways; you can copy or move files between systems or create new folders; it even offers tools for dealing with compressed files!

One of the greatest features of this program is its immense customization options. Users can create user commands which can be assigned as keyboard shortcuts, menu entries in TC or button bars – these features can come in handy when navigating large directories and complex file structures.

This program is also compatible with several third-party plugins that add extra functionality to its applications, some free and others requiring purchase from their developers. These plugins enable the program to operate in multiple languages as well as control other programs like web servers.

As well as its basic functions, this program also serves to manage archives. It supports opening a variety of archive formats including ZIP, ARJ, LHA, TAR GZ CAB. Furthermore, its lister window displays contents of archives; while text searching capabilities make this file manager unique among file managers.

Though very useful, this program does have its limitations. For instance, it doesn’t support drag and drop between panels, which is common with other file management programs. Furthermore, its command line cannot expand to full screen – something which may pose problems for people trying to use it on laptops or netbooks. Nevertheless, this remains an excellent solution for managing files and folders on Windows computers that’s both easy to install and update.


Total Commander is an advanced file manager designed for ease of use with keyboard shortcuts as its primary means. Customizable looks make Total Commander an appealing alternative, and extra applications like an FTP client, ZIP viewer and disk space analyzer make life even simpler.

The program’s dual pane design gives it the upper hand against Windows Explorer, but there are numerous other benefits. For instance, users can pause and resume copy or move operations for easier multitasking; furthermore, users can change the default folder they view files in and it supports drag-and-drop operations.

Total Commander offers many customization options to allow users to personalize its interface to meet their specific needs, from setting it to run at startup to selecting where INI files will reside. It even lets them set it as their desktop wallpaper!

Total Command is extensible through plugins, which add extra features and functionality to the software. For instance, the File Lister plugin enables users to create folders on their hard drive that can be opened from within Total Command’s command line interface; other plugins include calculators, calendars and search engines.

If Total Commander is the right program for you, installation from its official website using an installer file should go smoothly. The installer will enable plugins and set system environment variables pertaining to its TC directory automatically; for more customized installation settings you can add parameters via either using the /A option in the installer file or through passing parameters directly to its installer script.

For full integration of QAP with Total Commander, first create a menu in the Customize window of QAP and choose Dynamic Menus > Dynamic Menus category > Dynamic Menus category. Select “TC Directory Hotlist”. If unsure on how to do so, consult the QAP Wiki for assistance. Additionally, some TC commands beginning with cm_ (e.g. Open Desktop or Open Drives) may not support QAP and should be removed from menu.


Total Commander offers a free trial period and costs $44 to purchase as a full license. This program comes equipped with many built-in utilities and plugins such as multi-file renamer, verify file checksum to ensure download integrity and sync directory tool – among many more – so keyboarding will likely be involved; it requires lots of learning but may be more convenient for those accustomed to multi tab environments.

Coders will enjoy its WYSIWYG HTML editor, wide range of archive formats supported, and ZIP support native pack. Plugin system can be expanded further with all sorts of plug-ins to cover just about every need imaginable; additionally it has powerful syntax highlighting for all popular programming languages, making life much simpler!

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