Total Video Converter Review

Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter is a fast and free video file conversion software that supports all popular video formats for conversion into any other formats of your choosing.

Its capabilities include video conversion into DivX, MPEG-4 and WMV formats compatible with iPods, iPhones, PSPs and cell phones as well as tools to trim clips, adjust saturation levels, contrast levels and brightness settings for optimal playback.

It is a free video converter

Total Video Converter is an impressive program that lets you quickly convert video files between formats and digital media players, including those supported by mobile phones and digital media players. It is user-friendly with various customizable options for customization – ideal for those wanting to create their own videos! Plus it comes equipped with its own built-in video editor; an invaluable feature when editing is desired!

One of the key advantages of this software is its capacity to support more than 210 video and audio formats, from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and Blu-Rays to CDs, DVDs and even VHS tapes. Furthermore, you have access to reading from CDs, DVDs VCDs SVCDs Blu-Rays with options to read or burn them too! Furthermore, it has the ability to combine multiple media files into one single file to save both time and space.

Use this software to edit video and audio files. Add text and image overlays, rotate/flip videos, change frame rate/bitrate settings and more – not forgetting volume adjustments for audio tracks as well as various output formats! It even supports various hardware acceleration technologies that can speed up conversion processes significantly!

The program features an unassuming yet classic user interface. Though its retro appearance may not appeal to everyone, it still works very effectively and may even help those with limited computer resources convert multiple videos at the same time.

This program can convert virtually all popular video and audio formats, including MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, AAC and FLAC. Furthermore, it can extract audio from videos for separate storage as well as support various editing functions like cutting, cropping and merging as well as adding and removing watermarks from them.

It is a video editor

Total Video Converter is an intuitive program designed to quickly and efficiently convert videos between various formats. It comes equipped with a range of special effects for you to add, as well as editing tools that make cutting and merging videos within frames accurate and producing slideshows from pictures and music easily. Furthermore, its built-in audio editor lets you change volume levels on audio files.

This program supports conversion between AVI and MPEG-4 formats, and can even rip audio CD tracks and save them as MP3 files. With advanced settings for customizing frame rate and bitrate to ensure high-quality videos are produced from your conversions. Furthermore, this collection of effects makes videos even more stylish and cool!

Apart from converting videos, this software also lets users transfer them directly onto Android and iOS devices by clicking “Transfer” in the top menu. A window will pop-up allowing you to select your source video file before you click “Transfer” for file transfer. Once selected, simply click “Transfer” again to transfer.

Interested in creating your video as a DVD? Selecting the appropriate option in the DVD tab will do just that, with options like format and aspect ratio to determine how big or small your final disc will be and an encoder to decrease file sizes.

Total Video Converter’s interface is relatively user-friendly and boasts an old school look, making navigation simple. Conversion processes tend to go fairly quickly; however, when using more complex settings or very large files conversion may become slower; to avoid any potential slowdowns it is recommended to close other resource-intensive programs while converting. Alternatively, upgrading hardware could improve this speed further.

It is a video player

Total Video Converter is a program that makes video file conversion a simple and straightforward experience, supporting an array of audio and video file types and formats – including iPad, iPhone and cell phone compatibility as well as most DVD formats and MP3 players.

This program is easy to use and offers a quick solution for converting video files for playback on any device. Simply choose an output format before clicking ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process, adding multiple video and audio files at once for faster processing, as well as previewing each selected file before conversion takes place.

Trim clips of video files is another fantastic feature of VidConverter Pro that makes life simpler for those only interested in converting parts of movies. Although initially the user interface of VidConverter Pro might appear complex and intimidating, once used it’s intuitive and user friendly.

Built-in media player that plays nearly all popular video and audio formats. Software optimized with NVIDIA CUDA computing technology for faster performance; capable of converting HD, 3D and Blu-Ray formats.

This program supports conversion between most popular video formats such as DivX, Xvid, WMV, MP4, MKV, AVI FLV MOV. In addition, MP3, DTS AAC AC3 OGG WMA WAC can all be supported as audio formats; you can even extract music directly from video files and save it as MP3.

This program can also help create effective slideshows by stripping away video footage and combining it with images or music, creating slideshows with high impact slideshows that reflect memories stored on digital devices such as camcorders or mobile phones for playback on a computer for storage and playback, or making backup copies onto disc. Overall, it’s an invaluable tool that any individual with memories stored digitally should possess.

It is a video downloader

This program can assist with video format conversions, DVD burns and photo slideshow creation. It also features advanced settings and the option of merging multiple files into a single one for processing. MP4, HD videos are all supported as output formats while it can even rip audio CD contents directly onto an audio file for saving.

Easy and user-friendly, this software features a sleek interface. Files can be added using drag-and-drop or browsing directly, and an output folder selected. Output formats are organized clearly by type; plus you can adjust conversion parameters such as bit rate, frame rate, video size and audio codec to customize your output files for optimal conversion results.

While supporting a wide array of video and audio formats, this device also makes an excellent way to back up and convert recordings from digital camcorders and mobile phones, extract sound tracks from video movies for playback on computer or any media player, or convert your favorite tunes into portable formats with its built-in audio converter feature.

Though this software provides an efficient means to convert video and audio files, some features would make it even more helpful to users. For instance, without being able to edit videos prior to conversion, such as trimming clips or altering saturation contrast and brightness adjustments; separate video editors would likely be necessary in these circumstances.

Bigasoft Total Video Converter stands out as an exceptional way to quickly and CUDA-supportedly convert various video formats. With an user-friendly interface and preview function before each conversion process begins, and batch conversion allowing for time savings by batch converting multiple videos at the same time, Bigasoft Total Video Converter makes memories worth keeping easily accessible across PC and mobile platforms alike.

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