Total Video Converter Review

Total Video Converter provides an impressive array of conversion and editing features, but is beset with serious stability issues which makes it hard to recommend as a suitable software solution for conversion needs.

Mac video converter, DVD burner and editor offering 30x faster conversion speed with zero quality loss. Simple yet fast user-interface and interface.

Converting Videos

Total Video Converter can easily help convert any collection of DV, DVD, VHS or home videos to new formats for you. This powerful program boasts many features for converting video files, such as trimming/cropping videos to adjust their effects/add watermarks as needed – saving both time and hassle in the process!

To convert files, just select them and press the Convert button. Or you can browse your options by clicking one of the tabs at the top of your window – these include Video, Audio, Devices and HD & 3D options – or use Drag & Drop for loading media files.

With this tool, you can playback virtually any type of video file on a mobile phone, MP4 player, personal computer, television or the Internet such as AVI, Xvid, DivX, WMV, MKV FLV RM WebM OGG AVCHD files – and even create your own videos with its built-in editor!

Not only can this program convert videos, but its audio track extraction feature also makes it capable of extracting DVD audio tracks and converting them to popular audio formats like WMA, MP3, AAC and OGG. Furthermore, CDA tracks found on CD can also be converted into MP3 or other audio files using this program.

Another great feature of this video converter is that it enables users to rotate or flip vertical videos so they are easier to view on computer monitors, DVD players or television screens. Furthermore, this app can combine several videos into one file.

Unfortunately, while this application provides useful features, it is also plagued with numerous bugs and slow conversion speeds. As an alternative, we would suggest free alternatives such as Format Factory or Wondershare as these provide similar functionality without these issues. Although the latest version has seen some minor updates that don’t significantly change its situation. These do provide minor interface improvements and additional skins; yet still don’t make up for its slow speed of conversions we have tested.

Editing Videos

Total Video Converter stands out as one of the few programs on the market capable of editing as well as converting videos, enabling you to do things such as crop frame sizes, adjust brightness/contrast levels, add watermarks and adjust audio levels.

Supports multiple video formats, making it simple to convert files for use with any device or program you may own – including portable media players like iPhones, Xbox consoles and HDTVs, digital MP4 players such as Archos Creative Zen Iriver Zune devices as well as TiVo recordings into usable formats.

This program is user-friendly, offering options to drag and drop media files directly into the program for processing. Once done, select an output folder before clicking a button to initiate conversion process. There are presets to optimize quality and speed; or create your own custom profile with specific parameters set accordingly.

Your PC comes equipped with an inbuilt video editor to assist in editing files, trimming to exact frame lengths and adding 3D effects. Although its feature set doesn’t compare with that found on modern graphics cards, it still does a decent job of cutting and merging videos, rotating flipping trimming and rotating as well as creating collages of videos – you can even record voiceover tracks to give voice-over tracks for certain videos!

One drawback of video editors is their slowness when working with large videos, although this should not be seen as an impediment to creativity. Apart from video editing capabilities, these programs also support reading from CDs/DVDs/SVCDs/VCDs as well as burning them directly onto discs (if your physical hardware allows). They can also handle multiplexing/demultiplexing. Those looking for cost savings could opt for the Lite version which includes only some of these features.

Add Subtitles

Subtitles can add an extra level of enjoyment and engagement for video viewers. They can help emphasize key words or messages, increase viewership engagement and SEO benefit of the video itself; in addition, subtitles make your video accessible for viewers who may not have the option or willingness to turn up the volume on their devices.

Total Video Converter makes adding subtitles to videos simple. Supported file formats and video players include MP4, WMV and FLV formats. Once you have your file, just click “Add Subtitle” to select it; afterward you can customize font size, style color style as per your liking before saving for future use! You may even create your own subtitles!

After customizing your subtitles, simply click “Convert” to convert your video with subtitles. Once converted, click the “Export” button and save to your preferred location – or even select one specifically tailored for a mobile phone or video player!

Handbrake, a free cross-platform, open-source program available both Mac and PC users, can also be a useful solution for adding subtitles to videos. Once installed, this nimble cross-platform, open source program allows users to convert videos by importing source files before selecting subtitle tracks, which then allows for text content and timing adjustments to match up with audio tracks.

To edit a subtitle, simply click the textbox in the top-right corner of your screen to access the Subtitle Editor. Here, you can customize text contents by four second increments or adjust start and stop times by clicking text boxes next to each track.

Once your final product is complete, save both video and subtitles to a folder on your computer for easy access. When opened with any player that supports them, they should play seamlessly together.

Burning Media

Given the variety of media formats, devices and players out there, video file conversion services make sense in order to get videos working on any system. Total Video Converter excels at this task with an impressive list of video, audio and disc formats supported – one of the longest lists on the market!

Not only can this program convert video files among all of the most commonly used video formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV and 3GP but it also features HD and mobile device-specific settings for optimal use. Furthermore, it can read DVDs, CDs, SVCDs and VCDs as well as burn them assuming you possess compatible hardware.

The program can also perform other media manipulation tasks, from adding subtitles to creating DVD menus and chapters of your own, adding music, combining multiple videos together into one standalone work and taking screenshots easily – including sharing single frames from videos! With its built-in screenshot tool it makes capturing individual frames quick and simple!

Start using this program easily thanks to its familiar layout and interface. It features tabs dedicated to different media types with all of their tools and settings clearly labeled; simply load up media files into one tab at a time in the top tab and preview them using an embedded player at the bottom. It offers conversion and disc burning profiles for various file formats including DVD, HD mobile media formats as well as audio/web video video files.

Selecting a profile and pressing Burn will begin converting files to their target format, which may take several minutes depending on their complexity. When complete, you can view your results in the Finished tab at the top of your screen; additionally it offers DVD/Blu-Ray burning templates which allow for fully functional DVD or CD creation using any media burner application. You may also create an ISO image file containing all converted files which can then be burned onto blank media by any media burner application.

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