Total Video Converter Review

Total Video Converter supports various devices and file formats, as well as basic editing tools and game recorder functionality.

Users can create spectacular home movies using all their favorite music, videos and photos in one file. Furthermore, this software offers the capability to trim videos while also adjusting play fields and crop frame size accordingly.


Total Video Converter is a Windows software program that enables users to convert nearly any video file into the format that can be played back on any multimedia device or media player software program. Users can even convert a 2D movie into 3D for immersive entertainment! In addition, users can extract its audio track so they can enjoy it on MP3 players.

Contrary to other similar programs, this one allows users to convert almost all types of video formats to multiple other files with audio and video support – this includes popular formats like MP4, 3GP, AVI, DivX/Xvid/MKV/WMV/FLV MOV TOD MOD AVCHD MTS M2T MOV DV and MJPG for example. It’s particularly handy for those with large collections of videos they wish to access on portable devices and computers alike.

This powerful program can also be used to edit videos and music audio files. It allows users to add watermarks, subtitles, crop frame size adjustments, adjust images as needed and apply special effects – making this tool particularly helpful when trying to produce an individual or professional looking home video or film.

Users can easily upload videos by either using the “Load Media Files” button or dragging and dropping files directly into the main window. Users also have six categories from which they can choose an output format: Video, Audio, Pocket PC, HD TV, Web Sharing and Devices.

One of the key advantages of this software is its ability to preview any file before converting it, saving users from lengthy wait times associated with large conversion processes. Furthermore, this tool can convert multiple files at the same time – saving both time and effort!

Not only can this program convert video and audio files, it can also download online videos from multiple websites for offline viewing and social sharing. Furthermore, its built-in video editor enables users to trim specific segments from videos, set fade in/out settings for files, crop frames for merging together files into one large one-file, adjust volume levels as desired – among many other functions!

Formats Supported

Total Video Converter supports an abundance of file formats, making it simple and straightforward to convert video files for playback on different mobile devices or audio conversion. Furthermore, this program can rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs as well as capture still images from videos files.

This software also features a basic video editor that allows users to crop, rotate, flip, enhance, add watermarks or enable 3D. While its basic nature may make it less than ideal compared to professional editors, this one still does a good job in getting the job done. You can adjust video codec, frame rate, bitrate audio sample rate channel count etc for even further customizing video quality and output.

Total Video Converter comes equipped with features like a photo slideshow maker, deinterlace video playback capability and an advanced HEVC encoder to produce high-quality output – essential now that HEVC has become the new HD standard! Furthermore, Total Video Converter features tools for adding various effects such as shadows and reflections to videos; stop motion animations can even be created.

Total Video Converter can also help you extract audio from videos for playback on an iPod or MP3 player, with support for many audio formats including WAV, MP3, OGG and AAC rip CDs into audio and support a variety of 3D formats.

Total Video Converter’s versatility extends beyond HD videos; it can convert various HD formats such as H.264 TS, Mpeg-2 TS, AVI, WMV, MKV MOV DivX HD and Xvid HD for easier playback on multiple devices.

This program also makes it possible to burn DVDs and SVCDs with ease, and handles multiple file conversions simultaneously to save you time. Furthermore, personal licenses are available as well as commercial ones; additionally there’s even a free trial version so that you can test out before deciding to purchase the full product.

Conversion Speed

Total Video Converter is one of the fastest video converters, specializing in converting different video formats between one another at an extremely rapid pace, producing high-quality output videos guaranteed. Support for all popular video and audio formats as well as basic editing functions like cropping, trimming, text/graphic watermarks/watermarkings/subtitle insertion/insertion is offered alongside several special effects and special features are provided as part of its basic editing features.

Converting files is easy with only a few clicks required – all settings are conveniently displayed on a large window for quick selection of the appropriate options. Our default profile works great with most devices and files; clicking ‘Details’ opens a window that lets you adjust even more settings such as codec, frame rate, sample rate and bitrate.

Another incredible feature of this software is that it enables fast video conversion from online sources. This saves a tremendous amount of time; downloads can be completed within seconds! Unfortunately, most video converters lack this ability; making this product truly standout from its competition.

Once you have selected the desired output format, pressing ‘Start’ to initiate conversion is easy: progress bars show how far along it is; once completed, notifications will appear confirming its success. Alternatively, batch processing mode enables multiple files to be converted simultaneously by loading all of them and pressing “Convert Now!”.

Total Video Converter stands out from its peers by offering an intuitive user-interface, perfect for novice users. Available as both a trial version downloadable from their website as well as full, paid versions; its trial versions contain limited features but remain an ideal solution for fast and reliable video conversion.

Total Video Converter is an all-in-one video toolkit for Mac that enables users to quickly convert, edit, and burn DVDs with no loss in quality. Support for over 250 formats allows this program to operate seamlessly; plus it includes its own built-in DVD player that plays both NTSC and PAL DVDs – optimized to run faster with NVIDIA CUDA computing technology for even quicker conversion speeds!


No matter the format or size of a video you need to convert, there are free programs available that can make the job easy. Our top picks in this category all provide access to a selection of formats with intuitive user interfaces and quick conversion speeds; some also include trimming/cropping capabilities and video effects to add visual flair and set it apart from its peers.

Aiseesoft Total Video Converter is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an effortless video conversion solution. Its intuitive design ensures even novice users will quickly grasp how everything works, while supporting numerous file formats and being capable of batch conversion can save valuable time and effort.

Free HD Video Converter Factory is another outstanding video converter. This program prides itself on being extremely simple to use; they even claim your first conversion can be complete in under 10 seconds! Using it is as straightforward as dragging-and-dropping your video, selecting an output format/device combination, and hitting Run! Support for most popular file formats is provided, with preset options if you don’t wish to customise settings yourself.

Though Free HD Video Converter Factory does have some drawbacks, such as limited editing features and an inability to remove DRM protection from videos, it still makes for a great video converter choice for anyone seeking an effortless video conversion process. With its lightning fast conversion speed and slick user interface design, this program will have you converting files in no time at all! If you’re searching for feature-packed yet user-friendly video conversion software then be sure to consider Free HD Video Converter Factory as one of your options!

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