Total Video Converter Review

Total Video Converter supports an extensive array of media file formats and allows you to enjoy your videos on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones/tablets/Samsung Galaxy devices/HDTVs etc.

Easy and fast video editing software: you can crop videos, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation levels of images, add text/graphic watermarks to video segments, trim segments out of videos or merge multiple videos together into one file.

Convert Video Files

Video converter software enables you to change the format of a video file, potentially needed when its original format does not match with certain platforms or devices. There are both paid and free programs available that can convert video file formats.

Total Video Converter (TVC) is one such program, offering support for an extensive array of video formats and providing basic editing tools, extract audio from videos and create slideshows. However, it has some significant drawbacks, including freezing during long conversion processes and not working on Windows 10.

An alternative option for video conversion is using a free online converter program. These programs feature a user-friendly interface that makes changing video format effortless, as well as providing pre-made templates based on what type of video you wish to make or starting from scratch. Once you’ve chosen a template, simply select input and output file formats before clicking “Start.”

The top video converters support multiple file formats, including MP4, AVI and MOV files that are widely popular. In addition, they can convert high-definition video formats like AVCHD and WMV as well as provide files in formats compatible with DVD players like DivX.

Although most paid video converters may offer multiple pre-made profiles, they may not contain all the formats you require. Therefore, it is wise to experiment with various formats until finding one suitable to your project. Furthermore, take this time to edit your video if necessary by trimming clips or changing brightness/contrast levels if necessary – this way your final video file will be perfect for uploading onto websites or sharing among friends/family.

Convert Audio Files

Total Video Converter can easily and efficiently rescue memories stored on digital camcorders and mobile phones, extract audio tracks from movie videos as MP3 files for playback on MP3 players and more.

It supports many common video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, TS, Apple ProRes OGV WebM FLV ASF 3GP 3G2 3GP MPEG Divx RMVB DV VOB with its built-in video editor supporting basic editing tasks such as cutting trimming cropping deinterlacing rotating flipping watermarking with ease.

This program can also serve as a CD ripper that converts CD audio tracks into popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and OGG. Furthermore, you have control over codec, sample rate, frame rate and channel settings to get optimal quality outputs.

Use this program to resample video or audio files and customize their size, bitrate, quality and other parameters according to your exact specifications. Furthermore, this tool enables you to merge multiple videos into one single file as well as trim and cut video segments for playback on PC or portable device.

Furthermore, this software can also help to compress large video files into smaller ones for easy storage and sharing online. With its compression feature you can reduce file sizes by 50% without losing quality – saving both storage space and bandwidth usage costs while creating slideshows of images or videos for sharing on websites or social network platforms.

This program’s secondary function is capturing still images from video files and saving them as JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF sequences. It can also convert videos into GIF animation. It’s an invaluable resource when creating thumbnails for YouTube video clips or wallpapers for cell phones; plus its 64-bit versions work flawlessly as well as supporting iTunes and Android devices!

Convert Blu-Ray Files

TVC stands out from competing video converter programs with its intuitive user interface and quick conversion speed. TVC stands out by being among the fastest converters on the market as well as offering more editing options than its rivals; moreover, its compatibility with many digital devices such as iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and MP4 players as well as Google Nexus phones, iRiver players and BlackBerry smartphones sets it apart from competitors.

The software allows for seamless Blu-ray to video conversion in any popular video format and supports all major codecs such as H.265, Xvid, TiVo and ProRes for playback on all major devices without compatibility issues. Furthermore, audio from videos can be extracted and saved as WMA, AAC, AC3, OGG AU AIFF SHN FLAC or other popular formats for easy playback on devices without limitations on compatibility issues.

With the program, you can also easily rip and backup DVD files for use on multiple digital devices. Just one click can copy all your favorite disc-based films directly onto hard drive without any loss in quality – an ideal function for users looking to share DVD movies with their friends or keep an archive of their personal movie collection online.

After selecting a profile, the converting process can begin immediately. Real-time display will show how the conversion is progressing; you can pause processing at any time if needed. With multithreading support available within this video converter, the conversion will complete quickly so you can easily receive your files afterward.

Another feature of this video converter is its ability to add custom watermarks or watermarks containing your text or picture as protection of copyright, or change aspect ratio, crop video footage and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation settings to achieve your desired effects.

Another key feature of the video converter is its snapshot feature, which allows users to take snapshots from any video file and save them as JPG, PNG or GIF images that can then be used as wallpaper or shared online with family and friends.

Convert DVD Files

Total Video Converter can convert DVD files to several different formats, such as MPEG4, AVI, 3GPP, XVID and AMR audio files. It can also create slideshows of music and photos and turn them into DVD formats; plus work with all types of DVDs including Blu-Ray. Lastly, Total Video Converter offers MPEG-4 file ripping functionality so your movies will play back smoothly on iPads, iPhones and most cell-phones.

The program offers an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface, with all key functions organized into tabs to make finding what you’re searching for easier and quicker. There are four tabs dedicated to mobile devices, conversion and burn, HD TV and web, each offering their own distinct set of options that make completing this process quicker and simpler than ever before.

Along with being able to convert files between formats, the program can also edit videos and add subtitles, cut out parts of videos and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation levels accordingly, create 3D images as well as rotate or crop videos clips.

Another of the program’s unique functions is that it can break a DVD up into multiple files for easier storage on your computer, though this process does take some time to convert all the DVD files.

When converting files, users have the ability to choose whether or not to include a copyright warning and choose from various output settings such as bit rate, frame rate and sample rate; all customizable according to individual needs and preferences. They may also merge all titles from a DVD into one file or maintain individual title files separately.

This program can also help you back up DVDs, making them available for future use in excellent condition. Furthermore, it plays any format of video or audio file on the computer and supports an array of video codecs. Furthermore, using CPU power efficiently speeds up conversion processes so projects are completed more quickly.

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