TouchCopy Review


TouchCopy is a comprehensive yet straightforward iPhone, iPad or iPod file manager. Users can easily back up music, photos and text messages onto PC or Mac computers and directly into iTunes with this tool.

SMS, MMS and iMessage conversations can be saved as HTML or PDF files for later review and backup/printing, along with Calendars/Contacts/Notes and Internet History/Histories.


TouchCopy allows you to save any images, videos or audio that were sent or received as part of iMessages, MMSs, LINE or WhatsApp conversations onto your computer. Text files (HTML and TXT for PC and Mac respectively) will be generated but images, videos and audio will remain separate files on your hard drive.

TouchCopy allows you to save an archived version of all iMessages, MMS messages, line and WhatsApp conversations as PDF files – useful if you need an archive for legal or legal-related reasons.

TouchCopy makes it possible to include any attached media such as photos, videos and voice recordings into an HTML or PDF document generated by TouchCopy, or simply save the entire iMessage or MMS/Line/WhatsApp conversation without embedding media – this option provides fast results but may be less detailed than embedding media directly.

All your iMessage, MMS and LINE conversations can be saved to a folder on either PC or Mac for easier searching and finding specific messages from each conversation – this could prove helpful should the need arise to refer back to any particular thread of dialogue later.

TouchCopy allows you to access the contents of your iPhone/iPad/iPod so that you can transfer any music, videos, photos, contacts, notes or apps stored there on a new device or PC. Any encrypted backups stored with iTunes or Finder must first be decrypted for TouchCopy to read their contents successfully.


TouchCopy is a powerful utility designed to let you backup all of your music, playlists and podcasts stored on an iPod or iPhone onto a computer. The program will save everything including meta data, play counts and album artwork from your device onto its hard drive; alternatively you can select a folder where you would like to copy music files; as each track is copied the software will display an icon indicating whether or not its copy was successful.

This program can also save text messages, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations as PDF or HTML files for easy viewing and saving later. Furthermore, voice mails, calendar entries, contacts, notes, internet history and other types of data may also be saved and displayed here. It can also be used to transfer photos back into iTunes/Finder on Mac devices from an iPhone/iPad.

Once installed on your PC, this application will detect and provide quick access to any iPhone, iPod, or iPad connected via USB and quickly display their content. With easy-to-use control buttons you can transfer device content directly into iTunes, Finder or Mac’s desktop computer.

Apple iOS devices that it works on include first to fifth generation iPod nano, iPod classic and all models of iPhone, including jailbroken or rooted ones.

This software requires no third-party apps or plugins for installation and can prevent iTunes from re-syncing your device, protecting playlists, song ratings, album art and other data on it. Furthermore, it’s completely safe; free from viruses, adware or spyware and scrutinizes local iOS device data for better results.


From time to time, you may want to back up photos on your iPhone for safekeeping or space clearance – TouchCopy provides an easy solution. The software enables you to copy them directly to a folder on your computer – whether they be JPEGs, HEICs or Apple ProRaw formats – after which they can be viewed at full resolution on the computer screen or used as desktop wallpapers. Photos stored in iCloud can also be marked with cloud icons within TouchCopy; simply select them individually or click ‘Download’ button within TouchCopy app from within TouchCopy app for downloads from within TouchCopy app for access from within app iCloud photos can also be marked by cloud icons which can then downloaded directly within TouchCopy app if needed.

TouchCopy makes it easy to export iPhone contacts. Choose to save them as vCard files on either PC or Mac, or directly into Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Address Book on macOS for maximum flexibility. TouchCopy even allows for the exportation of music and videos!

TouchCopy provides an effective means of managing iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, with its free trial period being fairly restricted – however a premium plan provides access to unlimited devices, thus alleviating most limitations. Apt is available as both a 12-month and lifetime subscription model, starting at $30 and $40 respectively. While not intended as an alternative to iTunes, Apt does provide access to more comprehensive features than iTunes does. TouchCopy stands out from other file transfer apps by offering backup for text messages and notes as well. For more information, visit their official website; their FAQs should provide answers to common inquiries while their user forum provides the perfect place for getting help when needed.


Most media collections can be browsed and downloaded using various tools that help organize and display emails, photos and files in multiple ways: folders, albums, sets and filters or sort options are just a few ways you can organize them – while playlists are typically presented in grid or list views with limited filtering/sorting functionality.

TouchCopy makes it easy to back up all of the music on an iPod, iPhone, or iPad to a computer – including all song data such as ratings, counts of plays, album art and ratings – as well as podcasts, audiobooks and iPhone ringtones if present. Furthermore, DRM protected music may even be transferred over if your iTunes library allows this.

Apple Device Transfer can transfer any video content available for download onto an Apple device. Additionally, this program provides the capability to backup bookmarks, calendar entries, notes, and messages into either vCard or CSV files for easy storage or export them directly into Outlook for easier sharing.

TouchCopy stands out as an outstanding solution when it comes to features. It boasts an easy-to-use and clean interface, much like that found on iTunes; only four buttons in the top right corner (Play, Next, Copy to PC and Backup), with additional controls on the upper left side of the screen for Options and Help; furthermore it includes a small icon to indicate whether an entire track from an Android device has been successfully transferred onto hard disk storage or not.


Ringtones are sounds that notify you when messages or calls come in, such as music clips or sound effects. Text tones (such as those associated with receiving new incoming text messages) also function as ringtones, and these can be downloaded from various sources online either for free or by paying royalties – some even record actual peoples voices!

TouchCopy software enables users to move ringtones from an iPhone or iPod directly onto a computer or Mac for backup purposes. In addition, podcast episodes can also be easily copied over. Finally, there’s an option that backs up all your songs, playlists, and podcasts for quick and easy access later.

Once connected, TouchCopy allows you to transfer music, playlists, podcasts and ringtones between iOS devices and computers. Any songs protected by DRM will be marked with a lock icon; TouchCopy still copies these files but a license from Apple’s iTunes Music Store will be required before playing them back on your own devices.

TouchCopy provides an effective alternative to iTunes for transferring iPod, iPhone and iPad data onto a PC or Mac. It can move music, videos, photos, notes and voice mails as well as backup and manage bookmarks calendar data contacts messages bookmarks calendar data calendar contacts messages messages SMS MMS IMessage WhatsApp conversations as HTML or PDF files which is helpful if printing important conversations is necessary; TouchCopy will even back up and manage bookmarks calendar data calendar contacts messages messages bookmarks calendar data contacts messages conversations conversations TouchCopy can even back up and manage them as well as backuping and managing bookmarks calendar data contacts contacts messages messages and even backing up and managing bookmarks calendar data calendar data contacts and messaging conversations between devices, while back and managing bookmarks calendar data contacts messages messages as well as backing and managing bookmarks calendar data calendar data contacts messages conversations saved between devices; TouchCopy can backs up and manage bookmarks calendar data contacts messages conversations directly onto your computer as HTML or PDF files which is extremely handy if printing them out later; additionally TouchCopy can back up iBooks/ePub books/ePub books, which makes your devices while keeping your personal iBooks/ePub books.

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