TouchCopy Review


TouchCopy is an intuitive software program that makes backing up iPod, iPhone and iPad photos, music, text messages and more safe and simple for Windows PC users. Download your free copy now.

View and copy SMS, MMS, iMessage, LINE and WhatsApp conversations. You can save messages as HTML text PDF formats or print them for later.

Customize message printouts by changing font size and choosing a compact layout that allows more messages on one page.

Copying Text Messages

TouchCopy is an effective iPhone, iPod and iPad file manager that gives you complete access to its contents. With it you can copy iPhone text messages and multimedia files as well as backup call records, calendars and notes. Furthermore, this app enables iPod/iPad music, photos and videos transfer directly back into iTunes from a computer.

With this program, it is easy to save SMS, MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations as HTML or PDF files – a feature particularly handy if you require copies for legal purposes. Both sent and received messages will be stored along with attached media such as images, emojis and reactions; you also have the option of including video/audio attachments when saving documents; you can view conversations as lists or search contacts by name for future reference.

Export your messages as individual txt files or in one long document including all attachments. Select multiple messages at once to send to specific folders on your computer by pressing Ctrl (PC) or cmd (Mac), as well as printing directly from within the program itself.

TouchCopy provides another useful feature by enabling users to backup and restore iPod and iOS applications on Windows PCs or Macs, transfer iPod/iPhone games, music videos photos contacts calendars directly to computers or iTunes.

This app can save and export iPhone call logs, notes, and internet history directly to a computer or iTunes. Compatible with all iOS versions, the application also features restore deleted items from iPod or iPhones.

If you’re searching for software similar to TouchCopy, iMazing may be just what you need. Not only can it move files between devices and computers quickly and manage media libraries efficiently, it is also compatible with both iOS and Windows, has an intuitive user interface and contains no viruses, spyware or adware – plus its download is completely free!

Copying Music

TouchCopy is an app developed by UK-based developer Wide Angle Software that enables you to easily back up content from iPods, iPhones and iPads onto PC or Mac computers. This includes multimedia files, apps, text messages (both iMessage and WhatsApp talk), call logs, notes calendar contacts audio books as well as voice memos. Furthermore, you’re covered by a 30-day money back guarantee when purchasing TouchCopy!

TouchCopy will detect your device upon connecting, and display all of its content for selection. After choosing songs to copy, they can either be sent straight to iTunes or directly saved into your music folder on the computer – status icons indicate whether each track was successfully copied and the settings provide options to change default save locations, directory structures and file name formats as well.

Once the music is on your computer, you can play it through iTunes or any other music player compatible with iTunes library. You can also add it to a playlist for transfer between iOS devices. In addition to copying music files onto the computer, this app also allows you to save photos, videos, playlists and playlists as well as transfer iBooks, call logs, notes and Internet bookmarks for easy archival.

TouchCopy can also help you backup the contents of a locked iOS device, making this feature particularly helpful if you have lost or are worried that someone could access your personal information. With just a click or two you can quickly transfer all your iOS data over to PC or Mac and later restore it back onto a restored iOS device.

TouchCopy features an easy interface and is suitable for both experienced and novice users alike. Its intuitive design makes it user friendly, with detailed instructions available via its built-in help system. Furthermore, unlike similar apps which require you to install additional plugins just to function properly, TouchCopy requires no such plugins – meaning it is safe and sound when connecting devices to computers according to recommended practices.

Copying Photos

This software gives users access to music, photos, contacts and everything else stored on an iPod, iPhone or iPad, which they can then copy over to PC or Mac computers for storage. They can even save text message conversations including WhatsApp chats as well as voicemails onto the computer – a handy feature which may come in handy during legal proceedings or other situations in which you need printed copies of information stored in your phone.

The app uses an easy interface similar to iTunes and Windows Explorer. The left-hand panel offers users quick access to music, cameras, books and apps while the right side displays more detailed information for each section (for instance how many songs exist in each category and albums/artists included in each category). Finding what you are searching for quickly becomes simple with this software.

TouchCopy is available as a free download for most versions of Windows, although 64-bit systems may experience issues. Users should frequently update the application to ensure optimal functioning; should any issues arise, they can contact TouchCopy Support.

TouchCopy can be easily installed by downloading its program from its official website and following its on-screen installation instructions. After it has been set up, launch TouchCopy and connect your iPhone or iPad – the program will recognize both and allow you to browse their contents easily.

When you are ready to back up your data, simply press on the “Copy” button. From here you can select which files need backing up and where. Alternatively you could opt to back up all apps, notes calendars and call history from your iPhone or iPad as well.

TouchCopy is one of the most trusted iDevice management programs available, boasting low prices and unique features not found elsewhere. TouchCopy makes an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to access music, photos and other documents from their iDevice. Alternatively, other similar software programs such as iMazing or CleanMyMac could also copy files.

Copying iCloud Photos

TouchCopy provides an effortless method for backing up and transferring data from an iPhone, and managing content between iCloud and your computer – while providing comprehensive features that ensure files remain safe and secure. Designed to be user friendly and with comprehensive features that ensure files remain safe. Compatible with iPods, iPhones and iPads and both PC and Mac systems for installation; can copy music, photos, contacts, messages and notes easily; supports all versions of iOS; also compatible with most major file formats.

This app’s standout feature is its ability to save all your media files, such as music and photos, onto a computer. Furthermore, it can save your phone contacts onto a computer for import into programs like Microsoft Outlook on Windows or Address Book on Mac OS X; export SMS, MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations as PDF, HTML or text files and store voicemails and calendars on it as well.

TouchCopy allows users to easily view, edit and print their iPhone contacts. Furthermore, this software can save and export calendars as iCal files that can be imported into other programs like Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s own iCal calendar application. Furthermore, TouchCopy also lets users backup iCloud photos and videos directly onto their computer using TouchCopy.

TouchCopy is an easy and straightforward software application designed to transfer files between an iDevice and PC or Mac, or access its file storage as a portable drive for files and folders. Compatible with Windows 11, TouchCopy can be found free on Wide Angle Software website.

TouchCopy may not be your only option when it comes to backing up and transferring iDevice data, however. There are other free or paid alternatives like AirMore, iMazing and Floola available that provide similar functionality; all three programs should be safe to download from trusted sources like MacUpdate or the developer’s site.

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