Toy Story Characters – Andy


Andy works at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch as a regional director. He enjoys poking fun at coworkers while taking his job seriously; additionally he likes golf and Call of Duty gaming.

Andy meets Fuuko, who claims anyone who touches her will experience bad luck and die. Andy attempts to save her but she escapes.

He is a toy

Andy is the protagonist in the Toy Story film series and plays by John Morris, who voices him throughout each Toy Story movie. Andy owns many of Woody and Buzz’s toys including Molly; additionally he has an older sister named Sally whom he cares for as well.

Woody and Buzz accept that Andy will grow older over time but agree to remain his friends in any case. Woody offers Jessie and Bullseye to Andy while continuing being his companions.

Later, Andy’s mother encourages him to sort through his belongings before moving off to college and either donate them to Sunnyside Daycare or sell them online. Andy refuses to part with any toys except Woody; instead he stores the rest in his attic until his bag containing other toys accidentally drops into a trash can and is mistakenly taken as garbage by his mother; from here they escaped and eventually made their way into Sunnyside’s donation box for safe keeping.

Gina greets Andy and the other toys with the knowledge that she can cause unlucky events, while Andy attempts to convince them otherwise. After a brief fight ensues between Gina and his other toys, Andy realizes she must be responsible for their misfortune, taking Gina back to his hideout to test out her abilities.

At last, Woody and his fellow toys are able to escape and return to Andy’s room where Andy left them behind in his box. Andy is pleased to see them there and promptly drives over to Bonnie’s house to give them away; making her promise to take good care in giving away such beloved friends as Woody himself! Woody even joins Bonnie as part of his donation.

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He is a teenager

Through all three Toy Story films, Andy is depicted as an enthusiastic and imaginative boy living with his mother and younger sister Molly in Iowa City. He loves Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys in particular and takes great delight in playing with them. In Toy Story 1, Andy was six years old while by Toy Story 3 he had reached teenager status with freckles, brown hair, blue eyes, a dark green T-shirt with the Triple R Ranch logo as well as cargo shorts, brown and white sneakers and eventually stopped wearing it after Toy Story 2. He also had an original cowboy hat but stopped wearing it after Toy Story 2.

Woody and Buzz discuss his anxieties of growing older and becoming obsolete, but ultimately realize he must part with them at some point. When Andy returns home from Cowboy Camp he finds them happily waiting in his room; making promises they’ll take good care of him before giving them to Bonnie as gifts.

In the final film, Andy is 17 and still fond of playing with toys. His mother encourages him to sort through his belongings and donate them to Sunnyside Daycare before leaving for college; but he refuses. Instead, he puts the toys into a box on the curb where Molly later discovers them before taking them directly to Sunnyside Daycare; after being delivered there they suddenly remember who gave them away and return back home with Andy!

As a teenager, Andy has developed an unfavorable personality, making life for both himself and his mother more challenging than expected. Andy often gets angry easily and refuses to share belongings, often playing practical jokes on others and initiating fights himself. His parents do not ignore this behavior however and discipline him on various occasions for it.

Andy is an unexpectedly good friend despite his often offensive demeanor, possessing strong loyalty and not afraid to stand up for himself when necessary. Additionally, Andy is an accomplished artist with numerous albums and photography collections under his name.

He is a member of the Union

Unions in the US represent workers across various industries and negotiate on their members’ behalf with employers on issues pertaining to wages and benefits for health benefits, worker’s rights protection and economic prosperity. There are various kinds of unions – each having its own mission statement or goals (some political while some not).

Andy Samberg is an American actor and comedian best known for his role on “The Lonely Island.” His short films can be seen on Comedy Central’s untelevised program Radio Andy; other appearances have included The Late Show with David Letterman and NBC’s The Guest List. Samberg has won multiple awards including an Emmy Award and two Peabody Awards.

He’s highly reckless, relishing in taking matters into his own hands and taking matters into his own hands. Before meeting Fuuko, who he cares for deeply and will do everything to protect. With quick wit and an excellent memory for memorizing powers and rules of other Negators and UMAs quickly. Furthermore, he is an adept swordsman with extensive mercenary experience.

Samberg is well known for his role as one of the stars of The Lonely Island shorts and has written for TV shows Radio Andy and Love Connection as well as producing and directing several movies, for which he received multiple nominations for Emmy awards and won an E! Entertainment Award nomination. In addition, Samberg wrote the movie The N Word which earned an E! Entertainment Award nomination and an E! Entertainment Award victory.

Andy is also an accomplished photographer. His works have been displayed at over fifty exhibitions worldwide and in 2019 was showcased at Pavilion Populaire Montpellier in France as a three-month retrospective of A Certain Strangeness. Additionally, he published several photobooks such as Throb, Light Strings, Desirer Walks the Street as well as writing several humorous books which can be found both on iTunes and Spotify.

He is a friend

Andy is an extremely loyal and caring friend who will go the extra mile to protect those he cares for. His quick wit enables him to quickly understand other Negators and UMAs’ powers and rules with ease, while his sense of honor and morality allows him to recognize his mistakes honestly. Andy is also highly resourceful, using his abilities when needed in difficult circumstances.

He is a gifted martial artist, equipped with many abilities that help him accomplish his goals. His mercenary experience and swordsmanship make him an indispensable member of his team, while his high pain tolerance and rapid recuperation provide an edge against opponents. Furthermore, he can levitate at high speeds while cutting through objects or armor without difficulty.

His relationship with Fuuko blossomed quickly, and he strives to protect her at all costs – even taking steps when asked by Fuuko to remove a card that she wanted removed. He trusts her to take risks on missions they undertake together and believes she holds the key to finding “The Ultimate Death.”

Andy used his financial expertise to assist other prisoners at the prison, even managing to secure books from the government for them to use in building a library for themselves. Andy also demonstrated his strength in combat against several prisoners – even defeating one who led an uprising against their rulers!

He encounters Gina and attempts to touch her chest to cause more misfortune; however, she warns him that her breasts will droop after 20 years and that there are two types of Negators: those who affect themselves directly as opposed to all around them; therefore he understands her decision to remain true to herself.

He later assists Top Bull Sparx with training for the Autumn quest and is confident of his ability to succeed. However, he initially hesitates to let Woody and Buzz leave with Bonnie; eventually giving them one last day together before departing with Bonnie.

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