TranslucentTB Review


TranslucentTB is a lightweight program designed to make the Windows taskbar transparent. As such, it does not consume many system resources.

Windows also gives you several customization options to personalize the experience: choose the color of your taskbar or set it so it stays transparent or becomes opaque when maximizing a window, opening Start menu or calling Cortana.


TranslucentTB is a lightweight program that enables users to customize the appearance of their Windows taskbar for a more refined appearance. The settings menu provides users with many customization options such as making the taskbar transparent or changing its color as well as giving individual segments on it different styles for personalized desktop desktop customization.

TranslucentTB’s other standout feature is its support for multi-monitor setups. Users can select which monitor they would like their settings to apply to, as well as configure different transparency levels per monitor. Furthermore, this program allows them to hide icons in the system tray for a cleaner desktop look.

The settings are intuitively organized for easy navigation, and its user-friendly interface makes it simple to understand what each option does and how it alters the look of the taskbar. Furthermore, this software comes with hotkeys that make quick accessing some features even easier; furthermore, being lightweight it should not impact performance too significantly.

TranslucentTB stands apart from other programs of its type by being completely safe to download and install on your system. The developer has not been accused of including any form of spyware or malware in its code, while third-party security services have conducted extensive tests on it to make sure there are no risks to users’ devices.

TranslucentTB was specifically created for Windows 10, meaning it will not work on earlier versions of the operating system. Furthermore, this free and resource-light program shouldn’t significantly alter performance; however, some users have reported issues with certain applications and its usage causing their taskbars to stop functioning correctly.

If you’re in search of something similar to TranslucentTB, check out TaskbarTools; this free portable utility also comes with open source code and offers many similar features. Download it from its official GitHub repository; it works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, supports multi-monitor setups and includes customization features for tweaking taskbar transparency opacity to suit individual preferences. The program also features a dynamic feature to automatically hide the taskbar when no maximized window exists, thus helping avoid accidental clicking of start button or activation of Cortana. Additionally, this application supports custom backgrounds and transparency levels, though there is no built-in color picker, forcing you to manually select each background image manually for each setting.


TranslucentTB is a lightweight yet efficient desktop enhancement tool. Offering multiple customization options to choose from and even compatibility with Windows 11, this user-friendly program makes your desktop stand out. Furthermore, multiple monitors can use it simultaneously and its user-friendly interface hides icons from your system tray for a clean desktop look – plus hotkey support means quick and easy access to its most frequently used features!

This portable application doesn’t require installation, making it safe to remove from any removable drive at any time without risk of harming your computer. Please keep in mind that some users have reported experiencing system slowdown due to this software; and as it may interfere with default taskbar settings; use at your own discretion.

TranslucentTB allows you to easily make the taskbar fully or partially transparent and offers many customizable features to match your preferences, such as changing its appearance when windows are maximized or when both Start Menu and Cortana are running. In addition, there’s also an alpha/live preview color picker to help make changing its colors effortless.

This free app is an ideal solution if you prefer your Windows taskbar to look a little less generic and plain. Setup is quick and resource usage is minimal – perfect for PCs with limited storage capacity!

Download it from Microsoft Store by clicking Install, accepting their terms and conditions and waiting a moment while your app downloads. After it’s finished downloading, double-click its file to launch it!

This app’s minimalist interface features only three buttons to access its main functions. Here you can adjust the opacity of your taskbar and choose which icons should appear in both system tray and desktop view. Furthermore, you can even change both color of desktop background for personal customization of desktop user experience.

TaskbarTools may provide an alternative option that enables you to make your taskbar translucent, as it is created by a developer on GitHub and offers several extra features compared to TranslucentTB; however, its ‘Fluent Design’ feature may be missing, which might make the visual effects less appealing; nonetheless it’s worth trying; just ensure you backup any important files before altering anything.


TranslucentTB is an easy-to-use program that offers numerous taskbar customization options. Lightweight and not demanding of system resources, TranslucentTB makes a good option for users who prioritize desktop aesthetics while not requiring installation or complex setup processes; making it perfect for newcomers to Windows. Unfortunately, some users have reported system slowdowns or conflicts between software.

If you’re experiencing issues with an application, there are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot and address them. If the issue continues, uninstalling and trying another version could help – as would running it as administrator to ensure it has permissions to make necessary changes on your taskbar.

According to your preferences, you can adjust the transparency level and choose from various preset colors of the taskbar. Furthermore, this program can even change its hue based on your wallpaper for an individual look on your desktop computer. Furthermore, certain icons can be hidden or customized within the start menu itself for even further personalization.

Another notable feature of the app is its ability to automatically adjust transparency levels based on background color; meaning that when the background is lighter, taskbar transparency levels increase more and vice versa for darker backgrounds. Furthermore, you have the option of disabling clock and date display from within the taskbar for those preferring an uncluttered desktop desktop experience.

TranslucentTB is an excellent option for users who wish to customize the look of their taskbar, yet other applications offer similar functionality. RoundedTB, for instance, lets users add margins in order to create rounded corners; however, this application is exclusive to Microsoft Store and doesn’t provide as many customization options as TranslucentTB does.

If you want to install TranslucentTB on your computer, head to Microsoft Store and search its name in the search bar. When you find it, click Get and follow the instructions for installation. After it is installed, launch it from its icon on your desktop – any issues during installation process? For help contact Microsoft Support directly.

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