Trend Micro Internet Security Review

Trend Micro provides a suite of privacy tools, such as identity theft scanners and password managers, that can protect against identity theft. In addition, its system cleaner can optimize computer performance.

Maximum Security offers advanced artificial intelligence learning to protect you against threats not yet discovered in malware databases, a password manager, device optimization features, file shredding capability and Mute Mode features – among others.


Trend Micro Security Suite offers an effective set of cybersecurity tools for PC and mobile device security. It features an attractive Windows interface with large icons and an easy scan button; plus its settings menu is user-friendly with options explained without using technical jargon.

The antivirus engine excels at protecting against real-world malware, without mistakenly flagging legitimate programs as malware and with minimal performance impact. Furthermore, it excels in identifying zero-day threats not yet seen or included in other security programs’ databases.

Trend Micro’s product goes beyond ransomware detection and blocking to make sure that your device runs smoothly, including device optimization options that clear away old programs, cookies and bloat to allow your device to run more quickly. In addition, their identity theft protection keeps an eye out on dark web data dumps to alert if any of your personal information has been found there.

Trend Micro’s antivirus software proved adept at identifying every malware sample we threw its way and blocking all of them, while its slowdown impact was minimal compared to what has been seen with other 2021 products, and resulted in only a slight reduction of Excel benchmark completion times after installation of Trend Micro software.

If you ever encounter any difficulties with the program, Trend Micro offers excellent telephone and remote control support to help solve them quickly. We were delighted that it was so simple to reach one of their support specialists and get our issue solved promptly.

Maximum Security adds password management and Vault functionality, which lets you encrypt files and folders for added privacy, along with parental controls that limit internet usage and gaming time on devices. Our tests did not reveal any significant increase in overall security between these tiers, therefore paying an extra $10 isn’t worth it.


Trend Micro is an industry-leading security provider, offering several plans designed to fit the needs of most users. Their basic plan provides reliable yet unobtrusive malware protection with minimal impact on performance; their more costly plans provide password managers, parental controls, identity theft monitoring and VPN access – each plan comes equipped with its own set of unique features – some more useful than others.

Trend Micro utilizes cutting-edge technologies to safeguard computers from various threats, including ransomware. Their layered machine learning protocols, app behavioral monitoring technology and antivirus software quickly detect new and emerging malware attacks before competing products do. Trend Micro’s technology also reduces ransomware attacks which encrypt personal files then demand payment in return.

Security features offered by this company are user-friendly and work well, however their pricing is higher than some of their competitors, and lower-tier plans lack features found elsewhere. They do however offer a 30-day free trial period and a money back guarantee after all purchases.

At $40 for an annual license covering five devices, Avira’s Basic plan seems rather steep considering it also provides real-time malware scanning, PC tune-up services, password manager protection and web protection features at no additional cost.

Higher-tier plans are priced more similarly to other security suites; for instance, the Premium Security Suite costs $130 annually to protect up to 10 devices and includes ID Security which scans dark web searches for evidence that your data has been breached.

One unique feature is the option of creating virtual containers for your most critical files, enabling you to secure them behind password protection so they cannot be accessed by prying eyes and malicious code. This provides an effective solution for safeguarding them.


Trend Micro is an outstanding security suite and highly recommended by professional testing agencies, yet remains cost-effective. Plus, its suite includes numerous unique features not found elsewhere like password manager support and dark web scanning as well as gamer-friendly Mute mode on Windows computers – perfect if you need extra security features that provide extra protection!

Trend Micro is a top-rated suite that uses traditional detection methods alongside behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence to defend against malware threats. While its software excels at stopping zero-day attacks, other top-rated suites often prove superior at this aspect of protection.

Trend Micro’s real-time scanning technology is fast and has minimal system resource demands, and is capable of detecting ransomware – an especially dangerous type of malware – through multiple layers of protection – including cloud virtualization technology for file encryption purposes and cloud virtualization virtualization technology – to keep your computer free from infiltrators.

Trend Micro is still an excellent option for home users when it comes to ransomware prevention, as its behavior-based detection can quickly identify most malware types while signature-based technologies cannot. Furthermore, its advanced anti-ransomware protection can even block malicious files from running, offering substantial advantages in both privacy and security.

Trend Micro Internet Security received top marks from independent third-party review site AV-TEST in all tests conducted, being able to recognize, remove and block various forms of malware it had encountered previously as well as protect against phishing attacks and illicit online activities – such as creating desktop shortcuts for banking and shopping sites via Micro Pay Guard’s secure browser launch feature.

This security suite doesn’t include a VPN service, but it still includes some useful tools that can keep your data private and safe online. Its password manager offers comprehensive support for form filling functions – even being capable of filling login pages for favorite websites to save you time and effort!


Trend Micro Internet Security bundle provides firewall, anti-spam protection and heuristics to detect unknown malware, along with additional features like password manager, secure file deletion and parental controls. It offers good ransomware protection while protecting identity theft; however other companies provide greater extra protections at lower costs.

Like many modern antivirus programs, Trend Micro uses a hybrid approach to scan for malware. Starting with its database of known viruses, and supplemented with heuristic analysis of unknown files that look for early signs of infection – these files are then uploaded to cloud for further examination before being added back into its database – helping keep the software constantly up-to-date without slowing down system performance.

All the features in this suite are easily accessible through an intuitive user interface, with all features easily accessible via one unified space. In addition to basic antivirus and anti-malware functions, there are some extras such as Folder Shield that provides additional document and picture protection by default as well as protecting folders on Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive if ransomware manages to encrypt some files – providing peace of mind in case ransomware encrypts them later on! This ensures if ransomware does encrypt files you will always have backup copies available so that if ransomware encrypts them they will still have backup versions for restoration!

One handy feature of Remote PC Lock and Wipe is the ability to remotely lock, wipe and locate it with GPS. In addition to setting a PIN and sending an alarm via phone if theft is suspected; all these capabilities proved easy-to-use during my testing phase.

Trend Micro Internet Security is relatively light-weight, not taking up too much memory or disk space. The main console can be opened by right-clicking its icon in the system tray; here, you can run quick, full, custom or custom scans and customize their settings, run disk cleanup which removes recycle bin items as well as temp files and cleans away privacy data from Windows, messenger apps etc. You may also specify scans only include specific file types (though other products offer greater customization), access other security tools including Folder Shield, Secure Erase and Vault tools from this console as well.

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