TSR Watermark Image Review

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image provides photographers a simple solution for protecting their work online from copyright infringement by watermarking images. This simple three-step solution is completely free for personal use.

Watermark multiple images simultaneously and offers numerous options – both text- and image-based watermarks can be selected. Furthermore, this program can resize photos as well as convert them to various formats.

Free version

Tsr Watermark Image is an image watermarking program that adds logos or text watermarks to photos or other digital images, protecting them from unwarranted use and misuse. The software supports multiple file formats as well as languages for an easier experience for users from diverse backgrounds with varied levels of experience.

TSR Watermark Image’s user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, enabling anyone to navigate it effortlessly. At the top of the screen there are tools such as File, Help and Select Language while below that there is a window with all options and settings available to them.

TSR Watermark Image allows users to easily add customized text or an image watermarks and choose their location, size, and positioning. Furthermore, TSR can automatically rotate it based on the orientation EXIF tag written onto many modern cameras’ images; as well as resize and convert photos with watermarked photos into JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF file format resizing as required while maintaining existing EXIF date as well as adding watermark text into copyright information for every image.

This image watermarking tool allows users to set a custom font, size and style as well as color for text watermarking. Users can even add borders around it for increased visual appeal. In addition, users can resize or rotate photos or directories prior to batch processing them; users can create lists or folders they’d like watermarked using its drag-and-drop feature and quickly watermark them all at once!

TSR Watermark Image can quickly handle multiple jobs at once, saving time. Furthermore, its multilingual support includes English, German, French, Italian, Russian Indonesian and Danish support as well as its money back guarantee and free support (online comments/email support are both provided) along with money back guarantees and support provided directly by developer Anders. Furthermore, TSR Watermark Image provides unique features which enhance all types of images perfectly!

Pro version

TSR Watermark Image Pro is an intuitive photo editing program that enables you to add digital watermarks to all of your photos and images, whether text-based or image based. Position it precisely where desired! Using it is effortless with plenty of customization options available such as resizing images before applying watermarks as well as choosing how transparent or opaque the watermark should be.

Tsr Watermark Image Pro is an ideal way to protect your photos from being misused or stolen, with a custom watermark automatically applied to each one. Choose from text or image addition, font styles and styles selection and backgrounds/boundaries options for an image that stands out.

This software supports numerous file formats, including JPEG, PNG and TIFF images that preserve EXIF metadata. Furthermore, you can adjust each image’s size using either fixed values or percentages compared with its original file size; customize its position and set its transparency level for more subtle effects.

This program can be used on all kinds of devices – desktops, laptops and tablets alike. It’s an ideal solution for anyone who wishes to watermark their photos with their logo or caption; additionally, it can protect documents from being seen without prior consent.

Easy and powerful tool suitable for both personal and professional use, This program can save both you and your colleagues valuable time by processing multiple files at the same time – even entire directories of images! Detect duplicates automatically rename them while keeping logs of changed files for later reference.

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Free trial

Submitting photos with watermarks is an effective way to protect them. Our software offers multiple types of watermarks – text, logos and QR codes. Furthermore, batch processing makes watermarking multiple photos at the same time simple. Furthermore, there’s even a free trial version so that you can try it before purchasing it!

TSR Watermark Image allows you to add photos as watermarks and customize their text, giving you total control of its font size, location and font style based on EXIF data. Choose whether to center or align it to the bottom of your photo by adjusting its font, size and alignment options – or select between centering or aligning to bottom position! It even offers various positioning options like opacity/transparency settings! Plus there’s emboss/chiseled text effects plus rotating photos using EXIF data!

TSR Watermark Image can add watermarks to any image file format and support up to 100 photos at once. In addition, this program offers three versions to choose from for maximum customization based on your unique requirements.

TSR Watermark Image is the ideal software solution to help protect your photos. Featuring easy navigation and usability for everyone from professional photographers to beginners alike, TSR Watermark Image boasts numerous unique features not available elsewhere.

TSR Watermark Image allows users to save time by watermarking hundreds of photos at once. The software automatically scales a watermark to fit each image, adds text to EXIF copyright information and rotates and optimizes photos according to web standards. Users can add and remove watermarks from an already watermarked list as well as create new watermark profiles at any time – the program was created to be fast and reliable across both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Are you searching for an image-watermarking program to add watermarks to your photos and digital images? TSR Watermark Image provides various watermarking options and supports batch processing to add multiple files at the same time. This program supports numerous file formats, such as jpeg, png, gif, bmp and tiff. Furthermore, it can rename photos based on EXIF data and resize them appropriately; additionally it can add copyright text into image EXIF data fields if desired. User interface of FileConvert is intuitive and user-friendly, offering options to add files using file browser, folder view (with optional subdirectory viewing capabilities) or drag and drop functionality. Program responds quickly to commands and completes tasks efficiently while maintaining high image quality post conversion. Furthermore, password protection can also be set for added peace of mind.

TSR Watermark Image software enables you to easily create customized text and image watermarks, add borders, and special effects to photos. Furthermore, this program automatically rotates based on its EXIF orientation tag as well as adding your text directly into EXIF copyright information for each resultant image.

Your text watermark can stand out with various fonts and colors to make it more recognizable, while you also specify its size and add borders for greater visibility. Plus, there’s even an optional counter so you can keep track of how often your photo has been downloaded!

TSR Watermark Image provides another useful feature, which allows you to protect your intellectual property rights with images by adding copyright protections to them. This prevents others from using your photographs without permission and helps build brand recognition; furthermore, this software has an option for resizing images which is an enormous time saver!

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