TSR Watermark Image Review

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is an easy-to-use software program for creating text or image watermarks on photographs. Furthermore, it can rotate and resize them as per your requirements.

Features for watermarking include angled text, batch processing, preserving EXIF data when saving Jpegs (with output quality settings available) as well as other professional user options.

Text Watermarks

TSR Watermark Image gives you the power to add custom text watermarks to your photos with ease. The program makes this possible by providing you with access to any file as an image source, along with font, color and transparency options for the text watermark you select. Furthermore, TSR Watermark Image can resize images while applying its watermark or create a new output size – perfect for creating photo books!

Your watermarked images can be saved to any folder of your choosing and can keep their original EXIF date or be replaced with watermark text. Moreover, a preview image will help you select an ideal watermark text.

This freeware tool also offers another innovative feature – you can easily convert your text watermark to an image one. Choose between various image effects when designing your copyright stamp! Furthermore, the program supports various languages (English, Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish German Greek Hungarian Indonesian Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Polish Romanian Russian Slovak Turkish as well as vertical or horizontal watermarking) plus vertical/horizontal watermarking for photos!

This program can be used as a portable application, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go and apply text or image watermarks directly onto images whenever and wherever they may be taken. Simply create a small shortcut which will launch the program when double-clicked.

TSR Watermark Image stands out from similar freeware programs like Aoao Photo Watermark by being able to manage multiple images simultaneously, saving time. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface and ability to be tailored specifically to your needs make this worth trying if you need an app with multiple capabilities that won’t break the bank – you can download TSR Watermark Image directly from its developer’s official site or get a trial version via this page.

Image Watermarks

Add an image watermark to your digital photos for both aesthetic and copyright reasons; it ensures that everyone who looks at them knows it was created by you, deterring theft and unauthorized use, protecting against unapproved use or theft, and making it more likely that credit will be given when posting online.

With TSR Watermark Image you can quickly create transparent or solid watermarks using either text or an image such as a logo or any picture you want included. Customize its background color as well as set its transparency level so as not to obscure important parts of your photo.

The software also includes features to customize watermark placement based on EXIF tag orientation of modern cameras, add a border around images or emboss or chisel them as needed.

Another handy feature is the ability to batch process files and apply watermarks at multiple locations with different settings. This program supports major digital photo formats like JPG, PNG and BMP and allows for saving of folders used during an session for easy resumption at later runs of the program.

Both TSR Watermark Image and Aoao Photo Watermark provide you with the option to add a counter to your watermarked image, which allows you to keep track of how many times your image has been seen. TSR Watermark Image additionally allows you to select a frame so it looks more visually appealing.

TSR Watermark Image can save time and effort with its rapid watermarking feature; this makes it especially helpful for photographers preparing numerous photographs at once for a major shoot or event.

Rotate Images

TSR Watermark Image is a free yet powerful software program that makes adding text or image-based watermarks to multiple images both individually and bulk, both quickly and efficiently. You have various options available to you for customizing the watermarks to meet your individual needs: font/color selection/opacity adjustment/special effects such as emboss/chisel. Furthermore, this tool also allows rotation/resizing images as well as saving in one of nine formats or converting to another type.

This software was designed for easy use by everyone, from novice users to experts alike. You can install and use it on both a Windows PC and a Mac OS PC – perfect if you need both systems often! Furthermore, portable devices like flash drives or data discs allow you to work on images on-the-go without risking information loss or compromise.

Once you select a format, the process becomes relatively straightforward. You can decide whether you would like the watermark as a prefix or suffix in the filename and/or include its date of creation in EXIF copyright field. Furthermore, this tool enables users to set transparency settings for text- and image-based watermarks, create counters for multiple photos at the same time and enable tile mode allowing repeat of multiple pictures at the same time.

Adding watermarks to your photos is as straightforward as selecting the folder or files you’d like to add and clicking “Add”. Or drag-and-drop multiple images at once onto the window – our tool will automatically detect duplicates so as to save you both time and space!

TSR Watermark Image offers photographers an easy and intuitive way to add custom text and images. Additionally, TSR Watermark Image supports Exif data which makes the app particularly helpful for photo editors. Furthermore, its user interface is clear and user-friendly, while its fast rendering engine ensures responsive and efficient operation. Furthermore, there is an impressive variety of editing features including cropping, resizing, rotating images as well as warping vertically oriented photos in its preview thumbnail preview window.

Resize Images

TSR Watermark Image is a free software application available exclusively for personal use that will assist in adding custom watermarks to digital photos. You can select which type of watermark to add; text or another image are both possible options; you can even set transparency of your watermark image! Resize photos can also be performed to ensure proper application. TSR Watermark Image supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and GIF output formats and will keep EXIF information preserved within new watermarked versions of images created using this software!

The program will assist you in saving all of your settings in an accessible profile that can be retrieved later, saving to a config file for use across any computer with this software installed. Furthermore, you’re able to upload processed photos directly onto WordPress or FTP without additional work on your part.

One of the unique features that this software offers is the capability to resize photos while maintaining their aspect ratio, creating more consistent looks when working with images that need to be posted online. This feature can come in especially handy when dealing with social media images that need to be posted quickly.

TSR Watermark Image is easy to use and packed with cool features to enhance the appearance of your images. Plus, being portable makes this program even more valuable! Keep this toolkit close at hand to create amazing watermarked photos every time!

TSR Watermark Image is an excellent software application for watermarking photos, as well as resizing and rotating them. Portable yet no installation necessary makes this program ideal for photographers or anyone else working with digital images. Unfortunately, its user manual can be somewhat complex but still contains all the essential details for getting started using the program.

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