TSR Watermark Image Review

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is an easy and quick way to add image or text watermarks on images quickly. You can create 3D text watermark effects as well as rotate photos based on their EXIF orientation tags.

Free for personal use, this batch-mode software supports many different image formats.

Easy to use

TSR Watermark Image is an application that enables users to easily add text or logo watermarks in digital images and photos, in batch mode. It supports various file formats including Jpeg, Png, Gif, BMP and Tiff; users can change text color, font size, background selection as well as add 3D effects for the watermarks they create.

The program can be easily utilized by anyone from any computer and has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require training or tutorials to use. Furthermore, its speed allows it to handle multiple images simultaneously. In fact, before adding watermarks it resizes images before watermarking so they are the appropriate sizes for uploading to websites.

Another feature of this software is its ability to generate transparent or opaque watermarks, and users can select their position. They may also add borders around text documents with controllable width settings for each border; furthermore, this program offers the capability of adding counters that increase with each time an image is used.

Additionally, this program supports rotating images using their EXIF data and adding copyright text directly onto them. Furthermore, it can convert single photos to multiple files and save them into either a ZIP folder or ZIP archive; furthermore supporting various output formats and using multiple image compression techniques.

Additionally, this tool can save the folders used during a session so users can pick up where they left off on subsequent sessions. Furthermore, it saves images in XMP format to preserve metadata from original images, and even grayscale them so it looks as though taken on film.

TSR Watermark Image is an ideal choice for anyone needing to add watermarks to their pictures quickly and effortlessly. With fast loading times and loads of features that can be tailored specifically to meet your needs, TSR Watermark Image makes a perfect tool to personalize watermarking needs without breaking the bank – but remember, business uses require purchasing the license first!

Batch watermarking

Applying watermarks to images can be an excellent way to both safeguard copyrights and add personalization. With an easy-to-use watermarking tool, creating and applying watermarks to photos has never been quicker or simpler! Choose from various font options for creating unique watermarks; software also can resize them accordingly.

TSR Watermark Image program is very responsive and completes tasks quickly, as well as offering the capability of watermarking multiple images simultaneously if needed. It is lightweight and quick, thus not slowing down your computer.

To watermark multiple images at once, simply select them in Manager Mode and press the Batch Watermark button. Next, configure your watermark settings and save as a preset – this allows for batch processing thousands of images simultaneously!

TSR Watermark Image boasts an intuitive user interface for effortless operation. All tools are clearly labeled and laid out so you can navigate it effortlessly. Plus, multiple languages such as English, German, French, Italian and Russian (simplified & traditional Chinese support available!) make the process of watermark creation fast and straightforward!

Installing and using Apple computers, the software is user-friendly and straightforward. Once installed, simply launch it via its shortcut icon; its three-step wizard allows users to watermark an image. However, at any point during use you may switch over to its enhanced interface instead.

TSR Watermark Image is an advanced photo watermarking solution, offering many features designed to protect copyrights, promote your business, and attract customers. This app is easy to use, customizable to meet individual needs, and even supports text watermarks embedded into an image’s EXIF data!

Customization options

TSR Watermark Image allows you to easily protect visual content with text or image watermarks in bulk. The software is easy to use and customizable options include adding font, opacity and color choices as well as various text styles such as chisel emboss. Furthermore, you can even create a background for your text for greater control over how it appears.

TSR Watermark Image offers batch processing for multiple images at once, enabling you to watermark several at the same time. Simply select your files or folders using either a file browser or directory view (with subdirectories included). Click “Add Watermark”, choose an already preset pattern, click “Add Watermark,” and adjust its size based on image size; finally you can rotate or crop using EXIF information or even add text directly into existing EXIF information for each resulting image.

This program offers various types of watermarks, such as logos, metadata information, QR codes and various shapes. It supports numerous formats and includes a drag-and-drop function so that you can easily customize size, location and opacity – and even save as a template for future projects!

TSR Watermark Image stands out from similar programs by offering the ability to rotate photos, rename them, add solid or gradient borders, resize your image according to a specific size, and offers instant preview feature so you can see results before applying them.

Choose either text or logo watermark type and customize font, color, opacity and angle settings accordingly. Also available is Transparency % which ranges between 0%-100%; with no transparency displayed (0% being no transparency and max transparency represented by 100%). TSR Watermark Image allows users to save watermarked images as JPEG, PNG, BMP TIFF GIF files; an output quality setting can also be selected allowing a high or low quality setting and selecting an output quality level before selecting file destination and quality settings if applicable.

One-click upload to WordPress or FTP

TSR Watermark Image is one of the best programs to safeguard visual content against theft online. This intuitive program makes adding both text and image watermarks simple, plus provides other useful features such as easy image creation/management capabilities as well as supporting multiple file formats (jpeg/jpg). TSR Watermark Image makes an excellent option for businesses that rely heavily on visual assets.

This program can help you add either one or multiple watermarks to a large number of files at the same time, with options for size, position, style and more. Choose the size, position and style for each watermark individually or create one with text and image elements to combine both elements into an original creation – even adding them directly into EXIF metadata!

WordPress websites with many images should take advantage of this software feature to automatically register media files from an FTP server or search for them in your Uploads folder. Furthermore, you can specify certain extensions or folders for it to search or register automatically.

Another advantage of using this software is its plugin-free design; it works seamlessly with all major FTP clients and features an integrated file manager that enables you to copy and paste files directly from desktop computer onto website, rename files or directories easily, and monitor changes made to website quickly and effectively.

There are many plugins for managing WordPress websites available today, but few provide as much functionality as TSR Watermark Image does. With easy user navigation and full refund if not satisfied if not satisfied – plus online comments and email support as well as developer Anders being available via online chat to answer questions regarding TSR Watermark Image’s features – TSR Watermark Image stands apart as a must have software!

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