Tubi Review

Tubi stands apart from other streaming services by not requiring subscription or credit card fees to use, making it free to access on Android and iOS devices as well as apps available for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sony and VIZIO smart TVs.

Tubi offers an impressive collection of movies and TV shows, from popular series such as Hell’s Kitchen and Duck Dynasty to lesser-known gems and cult favorites. Additionally, Tubi offers comedy, drama, kids/family programming, black cinema viewings, adult animation and much more.

Streaming service

Tubi is an on-demand streaming service offering on-demand movies and TV shows (the AVOD component) alongside live sports and news channels (FAST). It is completely free, does not have paid upgrades or paywalls, nor redirect you to dubious links; additionally it does not collect your data like most apps do and won’t display pop-up security warnings or ads.

Tubi offers over 47,000 titles in its library, from popular classics to obscure gems that you won’t find elsewhere. There are multiple genres and collections to suit any mood or interest; you can even search movies or TV shows directly using its dedicated tab. Furthermore, over 200 live channels on Tubi feature specially-curated content related to popular culture or sports and comedy!

Tubi stands out as an invaluable streaming media provider because it can be accessed across a range of modern devices. Access it on your computer, mobile phone or tablet via web browser; connect with it through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xfinity X1, TiVo Android TVs from Samsung or Sony smart TVs as well. Plus it’s even compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Tubi provides plenty of content, but you should definitely explore their exclusives. They feature low-effort Vice and TMZ programming; a documentary about drive-in theaters; as well as an original series featuring Woody Harrelson, Pete Davidson, and John Goodman in a tale about three siblings who enjoy smoking weed while engaging in modern day hijinks.

On this service you’ll also find some great news and celebrity news programs, from FOX News and WeatherNation forecasts to sports and talk shows on CNN, CBS Sports, Fox News, NBC News Now and People TV. There is also a good selection of educational and documentary videos covering science and history; ideal for test prep purposes as well as those wanting to develop new skills.


Tubi provides a free ad-supported experience with its vast library of movies and TV shows to choose from, offering one of the largest collections available online today. They’re always adding new titles as well, providing something for drama fans, comedy fans, families or Spanish-language content viewers. Whatever your tastes may be – Tubi has something special just waiting to be watched!

Tubi offers many popular titles, including Oscar nominee Shoplifters. Though not your typical Hollywood flick, this Korean drama packs plenty of heart into its story about a family dealing with grief. Director Kore-eda emphasizes everyday moments that bring people closer together instead of grand gestures; his characters are realistic and relatable; the film also includes some humor to balance its serious subject matter without becoming overbearing or saccharine.

Tubi offers an impressive collection of older movies and classics, including such classics as The Godfather, A Clockwork Orange and The Greatest Showman. Although their selection may not compare with Netflix’s library of over 18,000 titles, Tubi still makes for a worthwhile resource when searching for movies without paying monthly subscription fees.

One of Tubi’s most intriguing collections is its “Not on Netflix” selection, featuring both hits (Rob Schneider’s The Animal and Bulletproof Monk) and misses (like Charlize Theron and Seann William Scott in True Grit) as well as some real gems such as Lovecraft Country, 40-Year-Old Virgin RBG Vice and many more!

Tubi Original Collection provides films and TV series made specifically for their service, such as Bubba Ho-Tep with Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead fame combining sentiment, scares, and silliness into an entertaining horror comedy; comedy hits like The Nanny and Bewitched are also present here; there is even high stakes thriller 21 Jump Street available as well as children-centric content! Plus the selection is impressive: kids movies and shows too!

TV shows

Tubi offers something for every genre: comedy, sports and documentaries are all covered here – with thousands of titles available free-of-charge across multiple devices and an impressive live TV offering featuring ABC News Now, NBC News Now, Fox TMZ People TV and NFL Channel to keep your viewing interests satisfied!

Tubi offers shows from partners like Lionsgate and MGM as well as TV networks like A&E and Complex Networks, in addition to original content created specifically for Tubi by Lionsgate, MGM, A&E, Complex Networks as well as some original movies/TV shows that may not necessarily be hits but are worth watching at no cost at all. Tubi even offers its “Not on Netflix” category that showcases movies not available elsewhere such as counterculture cartoons, celebrity profiles or paranormal films; although some titles may not be suitable for young viewers or contain inappropriate material that may not suitable content – yet!

Tubi offers an easy search feature to quickly find what you’re searching for, creating watchlists and getting recommendations while using parental controls. Users can stream without creating an account but creating one allows fewer ads and an opportunity to build a profile.

Tubi offers an easy way to find something to watch when it comes to movies: its Most Popular section lists popular titles like Rango with Johnny Depp, Pride and Glory, Little Women: Atlanta documentary and Pastacolypse by Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Matt Maiellaro. Plus there is classics, anime and children’s programming!

Tubi stands apart from other free-to-watch streaming services by not requiring a subscription or even advertisements before and during programming; this way, Tubi is able to afford offering its content free-of-charge while being easy and free for mobile download.

Original content

Tubi stands apart from its subscription-based rivals in that it provides free video-on-demand content. With more than 35,000 movies and TV shows as well as its ever-expanding library of Tubi originals and 250 entertainment partners (including every major studio). Tubi can be streamed on different devices including Android/iOS mobile phones, Roku devices, Amazon Echo Show devices, Google Nest Hub Max devices from Google Nest Hub Max Comcast Xfinity X1 systems as well as via its full feature app for streaming connected TVs.

Tubi and Harris Poll have conducted research that indicates millennials and Gen Z viewers prefer original content over remakes and franchises, while younger audiences show increased interest in diverse programming such as documentaries. Therefore, Tubi has focused its efforts on original programming while creating tools specifically targeted toward advertisers.

Tubi is celebrating Halloween this month by premiering several original series relating to Halloween, such as Meet, Marry, Murder (a true-crime anthology) and Harland Manor (in which paranormal investigators explore an abandoned mansion). Furthermore, Tubi is tapping its corporate cousins TMZ and Bento Box Entertainment for additional originals commission.

Tubi announced earlier this year that it had added over 20 original titles to its lineup in an effort to attract its 33 million users. Genres covered include B-movies, horror flicks, celebrity profiles and counterculture cartoons like Freak Brothers and Pastacolypse.

Tubi will focus on adding original content that reflects culture and fandom to its platform in the near future, offering advertisers tools such as Campaign Insights and Content Clusters to engage audiences on Tubi.

Tubi will expand its certified measurement partnerships to offer advertisers insight-led solutions, giving brands access to real-time visibility of campaign reach across devices and OTT platforms – and measure performance against marketing goals in real time.

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