TunnelBear VPN Review

TunnelBear VPN service is easy and straightforward, offering both free and paid plans that meet any user need. Plus, Android and Chrome app versions are also available – though its free tier does not unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer or other streaming sites.

McAfee-owned company undergoes annual security audits, publishing their results. Based in Canada and part of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance.

It’s easy to use

TunnelBear is one of the more straightforward VPN apps to use, especially on mobile devices. It features a map with server locations marked with bear icons; clicking any tunnel connects directly. Furthermore, this screen shows an overview of available servers; per tunnel location can be changed individually as well as per tunnel summary page with available protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard as well as decent speeds available to choose from.

This app is available free of charge, though its 500MB data throughput limit is significantly lower than other free options. To upgrade to a paid plan and gain more data throughput you’ll have to pay an annual subscription of $9.99 or monthly subscription of $4.99.99; one-year plans also available.

TunnelBear’s interface is intuitive and its minimalist design complements its limited feature set perfectly. Although not packed with advanced automation features like kill switches or automatically connecting when booting up, the app does come equipped with features like auto connect on startup as well as settings to customize its appearance or activate when Wi-Fi is detected.

TunnelBear stands apart from many VPN services by employing its own server infrastructure with physical servers instead of virtual ones, helping it avoid issues with third-party infrastructure like those responsible for NordVPN’s hack. Furthermore, its own DNS infrastructure helps reduce security incidents.

TunnelBear is an excellent solution for people without much experience in configuring networks who want to protect their privacy, yet don’t want advanced features such as ports or tethering capabilities. Unfortunately, its lack of these advanced features prevents it from satisfying more demanding users.

TunnelBear’s app store accepts only credit cards and in-app purchases through Apple and Google app stores for payment methods, with refunds granted on an individual case-by-case basis. They offer family plans at a low price, perfect for households with multiple mobile devices.

It’s secure

TunnelBear VPN is a safe solution that combats global censorship while assuaging anxiety about online technology and privacy for its users. Utilizing strong encryption and no logs policies to safeguard data, TunnelBear runs an annual independent security audit with its results published online and uses VigilantBear DNS leak protection as well as built-in WebRTC/IPv6 leak protection with kill switch apps on Windows/Mac OS for webRTC/IPv6 leak prevention; all apps also include kill switches to shut off internet traffic in case the VPN connection drops! TunnelBear offers both free trials as well as subscription-based plans so people can test them out before making a commitment or commitment of either kind!

TunnelBear provides three internet protocols – OpenVPN, WireGuard and IKEv2 – and its global server network allows users to bypass geographic restrictions. This feature is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers or remote workers needing to collaborate internationally; and helps prevent ISPs from seeing your browsing activity, protecting you from throttling as well.

The app is easy to use, featuring user-friendly interfaces with cute bear icons. It is available across platforms like Android, iOS and Windows and supports popular streaming services as well as countries which restrict internet access – like China. Furthermore, split tunneling enables users to choose which apps or websites will use the VPN while others will connect over their regular connections.

TunnelBear VPN may offer secure connections, but its basic feature set focuses on providing them quickly with minimal effort required to keep the connection secure and stable. Unlike some providers, however, TunnelBear does not include advanced features like content filters or malware blockers; it does support ports and tethering; unfortunately there is no money-back guarantee offered with their product either.

TunnelBear operates in the US as part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, but its no-logs policy helps ensure your privacy. In addition, every year it conducts audits on its code, infrastructure and website to identify security holes as well as keeping a transparency report that details how many government requests were received for user data.

It’s fast

TunnelBear has earned itself an excellent reputation for protecting user privacy by not logging user activity, meaning your Internet Security Provider (ISP) won’t know which websites or services you visit or use. Furthermore, DNS queries are encrypted to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks and reduce data leakage by ISPs. Furthermore, they only share operational data such as when you visited websites or made payments with third parties – like when and how often. Unlike some competitors they offer an extremely transparent logging policy compared to them!

Tunnelbear uses open source software, so its privacy policies are easy to read. Their website includes detailed explanations about their service and policies; in addition, Cure53 (a German cybersecurity firm) audits them annually.

TunnelBear provides users with a listing of servers available to them, with details on which are the fastest as well as which countries each server resides in and how many simultaneous connections it can support. TunnelBear hosts servers in both the US and European nations but does not offer services there due to government censorship of VPN protocols.

The app works seamlessly across mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets as well as Mac OS computers, featuring similar designs to its desktop versions with maps displaying server locations marked with bear icons that allow you to select one by clicking. You can also easily change settings as well as view data usage stats.

TunnelBear may not offer live chat support, but their extensive self-service resources and blog feature tutorials and news on anticensorship issues. When you submit a help request they ask several questions to direct it towards the right person for answers.

The company provides a free version of their service, but only offers 500MB per month to stream video content. As this amount may not meet streaming needs, you may require purchasing one of the paid plans available both monthly or annually – offering discounts for annual subscribers!

It’s affordable

TunnelBear provides a free VPN service that protects up to 500MB per month and supports up to five devices at the same time, as well as offering paid subscriptions that provide unlimited data and server locations – this option can be purchased using major credit cards; additionally they also offer one year plans that can be discounted significantly.

Tunnelbear offers an impressive knowledgebase, covering most common issues and concerns users might face. Their Connection Issues page goes beyond simply suggesting reinstalling, however; instead it offers explanations as to why your VPN might be experiencing difficulties and possible solutions that you can try – making this service far superior to many free VPN offerings that don’t adequately explain their root causes of their issues.

However, there’s still room for expansion: knowledgebase needs more details about VPN protocols and encryption; port forwarding/tethering details need filling in; as well as advanced tweaking ideas if you are an experienced power user looking to optimize VPN connections.

TunnelBear stands out by offering payment with gift cards from popular merchants like Starbucks and Subway – making its service more accessible to people without credit cards. Other services like NordVPN and IVPN also provide this feature.

TunnelBear stands out with its emphasis on simplicity and privacy policy, making it an attractive option for newcomers to VPN services. More experienced VPN users may find that its limited features or country options don’t meet their needs compared to competing products like NordVPN Standard plans which come equipped with multi-hop, built-in dark web monitoring capability, anti-malware/tracker tool and anti-tracker protection at comparable annual costs to TunnelBear Unlimited plans.

TunnelBear does not provide a money-back guarantee; however, refund requests will be considered on an individual basis. Although not a deal breaker, it should be mentioned if signing up for long-term subscription.

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