TurboFTP – A Secure File Transfer Server For Windows


TurboFTP is a secure managed file transfer server for Windows that supports FTP/SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and HTTPS protocols – giving you everything you need to set up and launch a private cloud storage in minutes!

Secure connections based on industrial standard SSL/TLS protocols offer authentication, data integrity and high levels of encryption for enhanced connection security. They support implicit or explicit AUTH SSL/TLS.

Supports FTP over SSL/TLS

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the essential tools used for file sharing between computers on both private and public networks, offering secure file transfer capability. FTP enables businesses to meet a range of security requirements including communication protection. Secure FTP also enables centralized data access by encrypting server-client traffic between servers, thus protecting against data interception or transmission by third parties. In order to do this effectively, SSL/SSH protocols such as FTP can be configured for encryption with integrity checks during data transmission.

TurboFTP provides FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2 functionality to provide a robust and secure data transfer service. It works seamlessly with SSL/TLS FTP servers or SSH2 servers to provide server authentication, industrial strength encryption and directory access control granularity configuration capabilities. In addition, TurboFTP’s MODE-Z compression transfer mode reduces data transmission sizes further.

Fetch provides you with the option to select whether a remote FTP server uses implicit or explicit TLS when connecting, with additional security mechanisms based on its host certificate. This ensures the connection is encrypted using a unique private key known only to that host; additionally Fetch verifies whether its certificate was issued from a trusted authority; if expired or signed with other irregularities are encountered then Fetch displays a warning alerting you of potential insecurity with continuing the connection.

Use the FTP Site Address Book (via toolbar button or menu [Connect|Address Book]) to store connection details for frequently-visited servers. To add one, open up the dialog and provide all required details – once saved, this site profile will always appear in TurboFTP’s Address Book.

TurboFTP’s Sync Service Module provides advanced FTP automation by enabling parallel scheduled FTP/SFTP tasks to run as generic NT services requiring no user logon to keep running, for automated synchronization and backup of local and remote folders with no user login necessary. Furthermore, this feature supports dependency between tasks, different dialup connections for each task as well as running programs before or after scheduled jobs are run.

TurboFTP Server supports virtual domains to allow one physical host machine to provide multiple services on multiple network interfaces and listening ports simultaneously while maintaining security. When adding a new domain, you can specify its name, IP address, listeners and port as well as set its default FTP folder path at root level – you can even assign users or create groups each with their own set of connection attributes! Permissions can either inherit from their parent directory or can be exclusively configured depending on who needs access.

Supports SFTP over SSH2

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) allows you to securely connect and transfer files using SSH connections, offering both high levels of authentication and strong data encryption. It can replace FTP in secure networks while offering increased connection security using TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer)/SLv2/v1 or SSLv3/TLSv1/FIPS 140-2 mode support with secure connections based on an industry standard cipher suite supporting RSA/DSA algorithms as well as FIPS-approved cipher suites that feature additional layers of protection.

TurboFTP is a managed FTP/SFTP/SSH/SCP server designed to protect and consolidate business files while offering secure, flexible, and scalable access control. It features virtual domains, advanced directory access controls, file access logging options and multi-tabbed management interface.

TurboFTP is easy to use and can be deployed quickly. With an Explorer-like user interface and drag-and-drop capabilities for browsing remote directories, its log window reveals dialog between TurboFTP and the server allowing real time monitoring of file transfers; its multi-tab management console shows information about servers and domains while permitting you to manage server settings, apply IP filters at domain and user levels and create new certificates with properties such as name, output local folder location, key length (in bits) and expiration date – plus its certificate wizard allows creation allowing new certificates with set properties such as name output local folder location key length length bits and expiration date all from within minutes!

The Sync Service Module makes it possible to run scheduled FTP and SFTP tasks as an NT service, without requiring user login to keep them running. You can configure it to automatically upload any new or changed files that come into a local folder it is watching; multiple folders can be synced simultaneously and you’re notified via E-mail of task completion – with optional E-mail reports sent out upon task completion as well as trigger an external program upon each file transfer.

SFTP is supported by several software products, including Tectia SSH and OpenSSH which both provide both SFTP and FTPS clients. With these solutions you can fully automate logins using public key authentication for added security over password-based logins. Utilizing these products, you can utilize nightly backups of your system, move transaction logs to an archive system and transfer configuration data between various locations. Furthermore, these products allow for remote/local directory synchronization as well. Many of these tools can be configured to run recursively, copying not just the given path but also its subdirectories and files as well. Furthermore, you can specify whether a command should run before or after each recursive operation – an especially helpful feature when moving large directories with hundreds or thousands of files.

Supports FTP over HTTP

TurboFTP’s File Transfer Management Tools help you efficiently organize your files and folders when connected to an FTP server. Upload and download multiple files at the same time using queue-based transfer mode, giving real-time control of their progress; customize default SFTP port/protocol combinations according to network requirements; create or modify admin accounts allowing remote server administration; plus create new admin accounts!

TurboFTP goes beyond basic FTP client features to offer advanced security options. You can protect your data in transit with SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2, and prevent unauthorised users from accessing files through its Web UI login using digest authentication – meaning your password never appears in browser console logs or is transmitted over the wire! Plus, TurboFTP offers OTP- and email-based two-factor authentication for added protection when accessing its system.

Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and a variety of web browsers support its SFTP client for maximum compatibility and simplicity. With an intuitive user interface that makes connecting to any FTP/SFTP server quick and simple – and using command line transfer files locally over an open connection – its SFTP client supports a wide selection of encryption algorithms which allows for customizable key exchange algorithm configuration and cipher suite selection per FTP/SFTP site profile.

TurboFTP supports WebDAV over HTTP/S (class 1 and 2) for file transfer and management services that work seamlessly across platforms with native WebDAV support such as Windows Explorer, Finder, and Linux Files. Ad hoc file sharing via URL or email can also be achieved while its built-in locking feature helps prevent anyone from changing or altering files without your knowledge or approval.

TurboFTP’s folder synchronizer makes synchronizing local and remote folders simple and effortless. This tool automatically monitors a local folder and updates its remote counterpart with any newly or modified files immediately as they arrive in local. Once all changes have been synchronized, recompare files and directories to see real-time comparison of file and directory structures before sending an e-mail report upon completion of each scheduled sync task.

TurboFTP’s log viewer, TurboLogViewer, makes reviewing Sync Service logs easier than ever; plus its command-line program supports flexible file transfer. TurboFTP also features an overwrite rules dialog so that you can customize how overwriting conditions are handled in both GUI program and Sync Service; additionaly the SFTP client supports OTP S/Key (MD4, MD5) password encryption as well as on-the-fly data compression via MODE Z compression technology.

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