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TurboFTP is an intuitive FTP and SFTP client that offers reliable file transfer and website administration. Support for firewall and proxy servers, handling large files and folders efficiently and offering extended features such as encryption automation are just some of its many qualities.

To install the TurboFTP module, go to My Access > Asset Types and locate your asset before clicking “Linked Access Types.” Select TurboFTP’s executable path when asked.


TurboFTP is an intuitive FTP client program for Windows (supporting FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2) offering an intuitive user interface, robust features and secure file transfer capability. Perfect for uploading Web sites, scheduled file synchronization/backup tasks or mission critical corporate file transfer requirements; with built-in Open PGP capabilities providing automated encryption/decryption processes of sensitive files, TurboFTP offers everything needed for uploading websites, scheduled backup tasks or mission critical corporate file transfers.

This program boasts an abundance of features, such as resumable downloads and uploads, remote directory delete, bookmarks, logging options and on-the-fly data compression with MODE Z. Security measures include implicit and explicit SSL/TLS over SSSH2, OTP password/certificate support file size limits robust interruption/stall protection mechanisms plus SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy server support with speed limits.

TurboFTP Server comes equipped with an easy-to-use centralized management console for administrators to easily oversee multiple servers and domains. It displays active connections, download/upload speeds, start/stop times and processor usage statistics as well as memory usage details. Users may apply IP filters at both domain and user levels as well as manage logs in W3C extended log format or NCSA common log format as well as import SSL certificates/SSH keys and create archives using Zip, GZip or Tar formats.

Sync Service Module provides a scalable and high-performance FTP file replication service based on TurboFTP server technology, making data distribution across your network efficient and secure. It can concurrently run multiple scheduled FTP and SFTP tasks as generic NT services for regular file transfer, incremental backup or mirroring with no user login needed for operation; furthermore it supports dependency between tasks as well as different dialup connections per task with programs running either before or after scheduled jobs.

Transfer files

TurboFTP is a feature-rich FTP client program with which you can transfer files and directories quickly from local computers to any FTP server. This application offers implicit and explicit secure FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2, providing industrial strength encryption up to 256-bit. In addition, Keep Alive and Auto Dial mechanisms offer interruption/stall protection mechanisms. Additionally, this software lets you set up HTTP proxy and SOCKS 4/4a/5 proxy accounts, set speed limits for uploads and downloads, utilize its Folder Synchronizer feature to easily synchronize local and remote folders, as well as its Task Scheduler which offers scheduled file transfers as well as uni- and bi-directional synchronization options – notifying multiple recipients via email of task completion notifications.

Turbo FTP Server enables you to centralize and protect corporate file transfer using secure FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and HTTPS protocols. It delivers high performance with CPU-scalability for increased CPU usage efficiency. Its intuitive user interface makes setting up and managing a private file storage cloud simple and supports many security options including password-based authentication as well as on-the-fly MODE-Z compression for on-demand MODE compression and OTP schemes and SSH key exchange algorithms.

Resumable downloads and uploads allow for seamless transfers, resumable interrupted transfers are supported as well as recursive remote directory delete, bookmarks and many more useful functions. It can automatically disconnect modem calls or shut off/log off computer after finishing transfer job and hang up modem or shut off/log off computer after completed job; additionally it can monitor file size/date changes automatically and transfer files only when they change; additionally it can select optimal transfer mode (binary or ASCII) depending on file type.


TurboFTP is an application that allows users to encrypt files before uploading them to another server, providing essential protection of sensitive information at rest and transit. By keeping data encrypted, security systems can ensure its integrity both before and during transfer as well as prevent unauthorised access.

This tool offers several encryption options, such as FTP/SFTP, SSL, and PGP file transfers. Furthermore, its synchronization module enables users to efficiently distribute data across networks securely. Furthermore, SFTP for Linux/UNIX transfers provides secure FTP transfers that are easier for firewall administrators to manage than typical FTP transfers; additionally it features intelligent negotiation with proxy servers for compliance auditing, as well as intelligent firewall negotiation with proxy server support for managing secure FTP transfers. Additionally, an administrator can log sessions for compliance auditing purposes.

Resumable downloads and uploads, bookmarks, remote directory listing, recursive delete and the ability to transfer files larger than 4GB are among its advanced features. Furthermore, its command-line interface enables automatic reconnections should it lose connection with remote hosts; and its user-friendly GUI provides beginners with intuitive tools for setting various parameters with built-in wizards.

TurboFTP Server not only offers granular access control but also allows you to create virtual domains and advanced virtual folders, support external authentication by ODBC, LDAP or Active Directory and easily manage multiple servers and domains using its multi-tabbed interface. Furthermore, there are various logging options, IP access restrictions, visual real-time monitoring features as well as on-the-fly file compression with MODE-Z as well as an inbuilt SSH SFTP client.

Sync Service module of our software offers automated folder synchronization between FTP or SFTP folders and local folders, sending an E-mail report upon completion. Alternatively, watch any local folder and upload any newly-created or altered files as they arrive or change over time.


Turbo FTP Server boasts an array of firewall-compliant security features designed to safeguard data over insecure networks. This includes implicit and explicit secure FTP over SSL (including XML-encrypted TLS ), as well as secure SFTP over SSH2 with OTP S/Key password encryption, on-the-fly MODE-Z compression, OTP authentication tokens, OTP S/Key password management features and other features ranging from OTP password encryption through on-the-fly MODE-Z compression. You can select from an assortment of SSH key exchange algorithms including Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH), as well as various ciphers and compression methods.

This software comes equipped with an extensive suite of other tools, including a management console offering domain-level access control, bandwidth throttling, disk quotas and SSL certificate creation wizards for FTP services and SSH host key pairs for SFTP services – as well as monitoring users’ connection activity as well as overall domain read time performance graph.

This program includes both a Folder Synchronizer and Task Scheduler to make managing files and directories simpler and faster. With its visual real-time comparison between local and remote directory structures, the Folder Synchronizer lets you synchronize, backup, archive files with minimal effort – not to mention its various scheduling capabilities which provide notifications upon completion of any scheduled task.

TurboFTP is a secure Windows file transfer server designed to consolidate and protect business files through secure protocols. With an intuitive setup wizard and high performance backed by CPU scalability, TurboFTP delivers great performance while automating secure file encryption/decryption through Open PGP functions. TurboFTP’s latest update adds support for ECDH/ECDSA in SSH and Open PGP modules; improved SSH module efficiency/memory usage; as well as the Professional license type which permits up to five tasks at once and various other improvements/upgrades/improvements/improvements/upgrades!

Size limit

TurboFTP features an extensive set of features to make file transfers simpler, including resumable uploads and downloads, remote directory delete, bookmarks, file filtering, OpenPGP support, strong interruption/stall protection with Keep Alive/Auto Dial mechanisms as well as implicit/explicit secure FTP over SSL/TLS and SSH2. It even offers implicit secure FTP over SSL/TLS and SSH2 connections!

TurboFTP’s task scheduler enables you to automate file transfers or synchronize local and remote folders, as well as send multiple notifications e-mails upon completion of scheduled tasks. Furthermore, its support for quotas allows for controlling maximum package sizes when sending packages out; additionally it has many security features, such as firewall support and CIDR addressing; plus prioritize data transmission over networks as well as multiple encryption ciphers available for encryption purposes.

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