Tux Typing Review

Tux Typing

Tux Typing is a free, open-source program designed to teach people of all ages how to type. Children and adults will find both video games included within this program fun, challenging and educational.

Fish Cascade is the first game, where letters will fall from the sky and require you to form words to feed hungry fish. Comet Zap is another fun option that requires spelling words correctly in order to feed one or more comets!


Tux Typing is an interactive typing tutor designed to develop proper keyboarding techniques in students. This is critical, as improper practices can cause fatigue, stress and injury from improper typing practices. With 43 interactive lessons to help build touch typing proficiency the program offers 43 lessons for beginners that start off slowly before progressing onto more challenging exercises over time.

This program also offers two games designed to help students practice their typing in an enjoyable environment. Fish Cascade provides students with an engaging means of practicing typing skills in a fun setting; letters or words fall from above and must be typed before they disappear – with various difficulty levels increasing the rate at which words fall; additionally it features an accuracy and word per minute display that shows students just how well they are typing.

Tux is shooting alien invaders from his spaceship in order to defend a city from destruction, with various levels of difficulty that allow students to begin at an appropriate starting point for them.

Key features of the program include an array of backgrounds, audio and visual effects designed to keep students interested and engaged while learning typing. For instance, background images change automatically at regular intervals to reduce eye strain while beeps signal when mistakes are made or goals met; cheering crowd noises when goals are accomplished help maintain focus for student. Furthermore, this program is available in 33 different languages to give access to content relevant to individual’s linguistic backgrounds.


Tux Typing is a freeware program designed to teach both children and adults how to type faster and more accurately. The program features various game play types and lessons at different difficulty levels for quick learning experience. Furthermore, Tux Typing boasts extensive language support so it is accessible for users from various linguistic backgrounds.

The program includes two video game-like activities and various typing exercises designed to promote player’s typing proficiency in a fun manner. Tux, the Linux penguin who hosts these activities, encourages them to practice their typing while having fun! While these can be challenging games for experienced typists, their brightly-colored and cheerful graphics make them fun to play for anyone wanting to increase their typing proficiency in a relaxed atmosphere.

Key Cascade is one of three games featured, wherein letters appear on screen and players must press their appropriate keys in time to press out any that correspond. Once each letter has vanished from view, Tux will move towards it if typed correctly and earn points for every correct letter typed correctly; should Tux miss one or a sequence, however, then one life is lost by that player.

Comet Zap is the second game available and allows the user to take control of Tux as he defends against comets that threaten cities. In order to use it successfully, players need to type the letter displayed on each comet in order for Tux to destroy it with his laser blasts. However, this mode can become somewhat chaotic; care must be taken when using this mode as its chaos may quickly overwhelm Tux!


Tux Typing is a free software program that makes typing fun for children. The game centers around Tux, the Linux Penguin who serves as its central character and it’s available across platforms. Tux Typing includes various mini games designed to teach touch typing fundamentals: easier games can show users where to place their fingers correctly on the keyboard while harder levels will challenge even experienced typists.

Tux Typing provides more than just gaming sections; its lessons are designed to develop typing speed and accuracy as well. While they might not be as entertaining, Tux Typing’s open source nature allows other users to develop lessons using XML files – making this program versatile and adaptable enough for children of any age!

Tux Typing’s versatility lies in its support for multiple languages. Users can select English, French, German, Greek and Russian among many others – perfect for families with multiple children who can tailor the program according to each child’s specific needs.

Fish Cascade and Comet Zap are two game modes included in this title, both designed for typing. Fish Cascade involves filling an entire screen with fish that are all contaminated with letters or words; players must enter the correct letter in order to keep Tux from eating any that might prove toxic to his digestive tract. Meanwhile, Comet Zap takes place against a space backdrop with menacing comets descending from above; each comest contains various letters or words and players must type them out before reaching the ground.


Tux Typing is a free software app designed to give children early digital literacy skills by familiarizing them with keyboard input and increasing their words per minute speed. Furthermore, this program teaches children how to use all fingers when typing for maximum effectiveness and reduced stress and fatigue later in life.

This program is tailored to children, yet adults can take advantage of it too. The Lessons and Phrase Typing modules combine typing games with more clinical finger exercises and learning techniques in its Lessons module; these sections teach players touch typing by gradually introducing different keys while speeding up strokes at every stroke.

At any point during gameplay, the computer monitor is placed against a backdrop that changes frequently to reduce eyestrain and keep players feeling fresh. A pleasant mix of light music and cheerful background noises help the game feel less like work than fun for players; discouraging beeps when mistakes are made help players stay on task; cheering sounds indicate success!

Tux Typing offers students an outstanding feature – the ability to modify the difficulty level. In this way, they can start comfortably before progressing gradually to more difficult games. Furthermore, customizing your Tux Typing experience by altering text files that contain on screen text is possible through our Internationalization Center Theming How-To guide.

This typing tutor’s most engaging features are its two games, where letters appear and kids must quickly type them to advance. Comet Zap pits kids against an onslaught of fiery letters falling from space; while Fish Cascade features Tux, the Linux penguin mascot who must find fish with specific letters on each head to feed.


Tux Typing is an educational typing tutorial game designed to keep learning fresh and challenging. While some games simply reinforce poor keyboarding habits, Tux Typing’s 43 interactive lessons teach proper finger placement and technique – building speed and accuracy from scratch!

Players lead Tux the Linux penguin through various gaming environments. Fish Cascade introduces players to this dynamic new experience as it unleashes an onslaught of fish descending from the top of the screen – each one bearing an initial letter written on it – before each fish lands, forcing them to spell out its word before each arrives or risk losing one life; correctly spelling words earns points while failing to do so can mean the loss of lives.

Graphics in this game may be functional rather than visually stunning, which serves to keep focus on keystrokes rather than distracting music or visuals. Furthermore, you can adjust its difficulty level accordingly for both novice and expert typists alike.

Another minigame features a space theme, in which letters fall from above, prompting players to shoot them down before they reach Earth. Difficulty can also be adjusted as can music and sound effects.

Software provided here is free and open-source, making it possible to adjust and enhance it as desired. In addition to adding user-generated word lists for learning purposes or just fun entertainment purposes. A wide selection of words from common languages as well as rare ones like Nepalese and Swahili is provided here.

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