Tux Typing Review

Tux Typing

Tux Typing is an open-source software program designed to teach keyboard typing using two games featuring Tux, the Linux penguin mascot.

Fish Cascade allows players to type the falling fish from the top of the screen. If any are found containing letters or words, Tux will experience discomfort in his belly.


Tux Typing is an interactive software designed to teach children typing skills in an entertaining manner. The software features two typing games that teach the alphabet and words by competing against Tux, the Linux penguin mascot. There’s also Math Command – similar to Missile Command from the 1980s – offering different levels and game modes so users can develop their typing skills at their own pace.

Tux Typing’s main window provides a simple and user-friendly interface. It presents an initial window containing various options for practice that the user can select from; these games are designed to be both enjoyable and educational based on how many letters were correctly typed by each player. In addition to typing games, this program includes lessons that teach touch typing. These begin as basic exercises before gradually progressing toward more difficult tasks.

Tux Typing was created by Tux4Kids and can be found for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu (Linux). The software runs on most systems including emulator platforms such as WinUAE. Furthermore, as it’s free and open-source software it allows for customization by users themselves and continuous improvement over time.

Tux Typing offers two main game modes that put the player against both Linux Penguin and menacing comets. In one mode, fish descend from above and must be caught by pressing the correct letter keys; otherwise they are devoured and the player loses. If an incorrect letter key is pressed instead, these fish get eaten up quickly, leading to defeat for you and Tux.

Comet Zap is the second mode of the game and pits Tux against dangerous comets that descend from space to threaten a city. Players must press the appropriate letters in order to instruct Tux to release his laser beam and destroy these threats before they arrive – words fall at an increasingly faster rate, making this mode particularly challenging even for experienced touch typists.


Tux Typing is a free program designed to make learning to type enjoyable, featuring games and multiple levels of difficulty to challenge even experienced typists. Furthermore, its keyboard layout has been tailored specifically to make using it simpler for newcomers.

This program is tailored towards children, but adults looking to hone their typing skills may also find benefit in it. Unlike other programs which require hours of hard work to use the keyboard properly, this one makes getting started easy – thanks to simple games with colorful graphics which keep kids engaged; however, the repetitive music and sounds may become tedious after some time.

While most of these games are classic video game variations, there are also some brand new ones. One game allows players to eat fish that fall from the sky; each fish contains letters written on it that must be typed out before it disappears. Another newer title called Comet Zap lets players control Tux as he defends cities against flying comets; this variation on Atari Missile Command offers hours of fun!

Each game offers different backgrounds and characters to keep children from becoming quickly bored with it. Furthermore, each has its own music and sound effects so the same tune won’t play over and over. Graphics are kept to a minimum so as not to stress your computer or slow it down too quickly.

Tux Typing’s other feature is its use of system fonts for all its text – an especially beneficial feature for non-English users who do not require installing separate fonts for each language they need to support. Furthermore, multiple keyboard layouts are supported as this makes the program suitable for people who speak different languages.

The program includes an editing tool to modify word lists and lessons included with the software, giving teachers the power to personalize it to suit students’ individual needs. Furthermore, recent versions have introduced numerous enhancements – HD background images for Fish Cascade game playback as well as an alphabet-teaching lesson being among them!

Languages supported

Tux Typing is a free program that promotes touch typing as a fun and efficient means of increasing word per minute speed. This software teaches students the correct use of their fingers while helping them learn keyboard placement properly, as well as helping prevent Repetitive Strain Injury by limiting how often users look down at the keyboard. Ideal for young children just starting to read, as well as for adults needing a refresher course on finger placement, it makes learning touch typing an enjoyable and productive endeavor.

Tux, the Linux penguin and mascot, serves as the protagonist in this open source educational program. His main game Fish Cascade features falling fish that contain either letters or words depending on difficulty level chosen; players assist Tux by typing the appropriate key for him to eat them; success is met with cheers while incorrect keys result in discouraging beeps; the games utilize vibrant backgrounds that change throughout play to maintain interest while decreasing eye strain.

The main menu offers settings to manage music and sound effects volume levels, and to set difficulty levels of games. Furthermore, players may customize how many characters highlight after every keystroke as per player preference; character sets follow English alphabet order with seperators |s between each letter for easy identification. Switching keyboard shortcuts between games is also possible but will require reboot.

Tux Typing provides not only competitive game mode, but also a practice facility designed for learning and revising keyboard shortcuts. The program comes equipped with built-in word lists that can be further supplemented with custom word lists to enhance practice sessions – ideal for spelling words, foreign language vocabulary or common words for revision purposes – helping students enhance their typing skills.

Though this program lacks some of the advanced and sophisticated features offered by paid programs like Key Blaze, it still does an outstanding job of teaching touch typing in an engaging and fun manner. It is an ideal solution for parents searching for an inexpensive alternative to costly digital typing tutors for their children, or teachers seeking an engaging digital literacy lesson for their students.


Tux Typing is a free software program for Windows-powered computers that will teach you to type faster and more accurately. The program features the adorable penguin character known as Linux Penguin who will guide your through the process of learning touch typing. Tux Typing features games and lessons tailored specifically for your skill level as well as features to measure both accuracy and typing speed as well as show which fingers should be used when typing each letter combination.

Tux Typing offers two exciting game modes – Fish Cascade and Comet Zap – designed to teach children touch typing. Children will be motivated and entertained by the friendly Linux Penguin character, making learning fun! These games will help children memorize letters, practice keyboarding skills and increase words per minute speed while developing coordination and focus skills.

This program is highly adaptable and will meet the needs of both children and adults alike. Users can customize settings and preferences as well as change language settings; plus there are multiple difficulty levels available to challenge even experienced typists!

Tux Typing provides more than two games; its over 40 typing lessons and tests can be customized to match any user’s skill level, and there’s even an entire section dedicated to phrase typing where users have to type entire sentences or phrases. Furthermore, this software supports various languages including Brazilian Portuguese, English, Bokmal Armenian Russian – making this software truly comprehensive!

Tux Typing offers one of the greatest advantages: tracking your progress over time. This will make learning exciting and motivating; eventually you may become a faster and more accurate touch typist! Furthermore, Tux Typing also includes tips and tricks to improve speed and accuracy while giving tips to become a professional typist. Tux Typing is an indispensable resource to improve typing abilities; especially useful if looking for professional work as a typist!

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