Ubisoft Connect Updates PC Launcher

Ubisoft Connect

Ubisoft Connect is a client that facilitates digital downloads and provides digital rights management services for Ubisoft games, serving as an in-game storefront with in-game rewards support.

This service unifies the functionality of Uplay and Ubisoft Club loyalty rewards system. Players who previously held either account will keep their experience and level.


Ubisoft will soon unveil an improved PC game launcher featuring new streaming capabilities and user interface changes, along with other improvements. A PC beta of this client will begin rolling out in coming months.

Formerly known as Uplay and Ubisoft Club, this service allows users to manage their library of games and digital content across platforms including Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One series X, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, the Ubisoft account system integrates Ubisoft+ subscription service rewards into users’ game libraries for added convenience.

Ubisoft Connect now includes a newsfeed which showcases players’ friends’ current activities and interactions, achievements and upcoming challenges – an evolution of Ubisoft’s prior platform, Uplay Club.

Another change involves how games are presented in the library: instead of vertically displaying, they are now presented horizontally in order to better suit digital screens. Furthermore, this app now provides increased visibility of downloads and progress as well as clearer insight into whether a game is currently installed or streaming.

Parsec’s technology powers a number of the UI components found within Ubisoft’s Connect app for both mobile and desktop platforms, providing users with an unbroken user experience that keeps pace with the company’s aim to provide “fast, simple, intuitive experiences”.

Gamers were unimpressed with Ubisoft’s PC game launcher, so the company gave it an overhaul with a fresh new look and additional features to address player feedback. The update, currently in beta testing phase, focuses on improving gaming library, social features and video playback options to reaffirm player trust in Ubisoft’s lineup, which has suffered due to delays and postponements. Later today they will host a live showcase event where some upcoming titles such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be showcased.


Ubisoft Connect client on PC serves as both an e-storefront and digital download management system, enabling players to purchase games, update and download, manage digital rights management (DRM), provide in-game rewards, and gain access to community features.

Some gamers do not appreciate how Ubisoft Connect, an additional large file which slows PC systems, is required for running Ubisoft games, yet cannot be easily removed or disabled. Ubisoft has heard gamers’ concerns and responded accordingly by revamping and adding features to Ubisoft Connect launcher as well as updating it itself.

One major change to the game launcher is that achievements will now be supported, beginning with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and eventually more titles from Ubisoft. Achievements will replace existing challenges within games and award gamers Ubisoft Connect XP and in-game Opals when completed.

Fans were disappointed to find that when Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was relisted on Steam two years after its console release, there were no Steam Achievements present in the game. A Ubisoft representative replied to a forum thread asking about this feature by informing it “Achievements will not be available for this title on PC – this decision has been made intentionally.”

Not many gamers were pleased by this development; many stated they wouldn’t have purchased the game had they known it didn’t support Steam Achievements. Others were worried that lack of achievements may cause player numbers for the game to decrease due to competition from platforms like Epic Games’ platform which started supporting Achievements last year.

Many players have expressed their displeasure with Ubisoft’s decision and threatened to request refunds for Anno 1800, an urban city-building game recently relisted on Steam after being exclusive to Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect for one year. Ubisoft provides a 14 day refund policy; should enough players follow through on these threats it could significantly impact sales of this title. Furthermore, they could add achievements from Anno 1800 on the platform similar to Anno 1701 that has recently returned after its exclusive period on Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect for one year prior.


Ubisoft Connect is a new platform from Ubisoft designed to consolidate all player profiles under one umbrella, giving players access to their stats and progress across all games published by the company. Ubisoft Connect will also function as a social hub, allowing players to maintain friend lists, track achievements, share videos or tips with others and enjoy friend lists of their own.

Ubisoft’s new platform builds upon 10 years of providing online services for PC users through its Uplay client and the company’s Ubisoft Club loyalty program, which has so far awarded 1.1 billion rewards. This service will be accessible by all gamers – console gamers can link their PlayStation or Xbox accounts with their Ubisoft Account; an app will also be made available.

Currenty, Ubisoft Connect app only serves to run Ubisoft PC titles downloadable through Uplay; with this new service however, players will still use Uplay for this purpose; in addition to providing universal launcher capabilities for all company titles – even those already made available through third-party digital distribution services like Epic Games Store or other digital stores such as GOG – it will serve as a one-stop-shop launcher service.

Ubisoft Connect will support cross-platform play and progression, featuring full social integration and a universal friends list. Furthermore, they’ve introduced “Smart Intel”, an in-game feature that provides gameplay tips and videos based on each user’s game activities – similar to PS5 game help features.

Ubisoft Connect will allow players to watch video content through dedicated video channels that integrate with popular streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, making sharing gaming experiences with the wider community simple as well as finding and joining multiplayer matches with one click. Furthermore, its search function makes finding games and content in Ubisoft’s catalog even simpler – especially helpful for newcomers to its titles!


Ubisoft Connect is the player hub that connects all of Ubisoft’s titles. Players can take advantage of it to claim rewards either in-game or redeem via its website, including figurines, crafting items, rooster skins for the cock fighting minigame and weapon skins. Some rewards require Units which are earned through in-game challenges – often timed – while many other require Units unlocked through playing Far Cry 6 and other titles – thus leveling up quickly their Ubisoft Account quickly!

Once a player logs in to Ubisoft Connect app they will see all of the rewards that are available to them. Each reward requires different amounts of Units to unlock it; some rewards may only be available temporarily such as basic materials pack which requires 30 Units but gives players 5 Gunpowder and 5 Supremo-Bonds which are semi-rare resources used for crafting Mods that improve weapons performance.

Ubisoft Connect’s client also includes a news feed to display all the activities and accomplishments of players’ friends – similar to what was offered through Uplay app and Ubisoft Club program previously before their integration into new Ubisoft Connect platform in 2019. Furthermore, cross-progress between consoles and platforms allows players to start a game on Xbox and pick it back up where they left off on PlayStation without losing progress or becoming disenchanted with game play.

Ubisoft Connect can be an invaluable asset to players of Ubisoft games. As part of their digital ecosystem, the client provides many features not available elsewhere – for example managing downloads and updates across all of Ubisoft games sold at separate storefronts; uploading funds securely into Ubisoft Wallet; which can then be used to purchase items online store or in game.

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