UltraEdit Review


UltraEdit provides many features that make it an excellent choice for web development and programming projects, including compatibility with GitHub Flavored Markdown as well as support for multiple languages.

Macro capabilities allow you to record a sequence of keystrokes and locators movements, then use this macro as part of an operation.

Powerful Text Editing

UltraEdit is a versatile text and code editor, compatible with GitHub Flavored Markdown and supporting HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C/C++ and Python as well as numerous other popular programming languages. With its customizable options and feature set, UltraEdit makes an excellent tool for working on data or code files of all kinds.

UltraEDIT can be tailored to fit a range of workflows and coding styles, enabling users to set keyboard shortcuts that help complete specific tasks more quickly and efficiently. Plus, with availability across platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux (including Ubuntu), UltraEDIT is suitable for virtually every programmer!

This text editor can handle enormous data files with ease and divide them into manageable sections using column mode. Users can activate this feature via keyboard shortcut or menu and can configure their ideal number of columns as well as set their preferred line width settings.

One of the most useful features is being able to quickly set up multiple carets in one window and edit them at different locations simultaneously, especially for users working with code and needing quick navigation between sections and variables.

This program also allows users to create bookmarks and view them in the editor, making this feature particularly helpful for managing large data sets.

Additionally, this program features bookmarks, as well as conversion from ANSI to OEM or EBCIDIC for those working on IBM mainframes. Furthermore, its Hex Mode feature lets users view data as hexadecimal and offers additional formatting capabilities such as changing carriage returns into line feeds, line wrapping to CR/LF’s, trimming trailing spaces, etc.

Live HTML/Markdown Preview

The HTML/Markdown preview feature enables developers to preview their work as it will appear in a web browser without needing to constantly save and reload files, thus helping avoid potential errors during development as well as reduce coding time. Other key functionality includes syntax highlighting, code folding and autocomplete functions which help make coding faster and simpler.

Programmer’s editor also features hex editing features which are ideal for web design and layouts that demand exactitude, such as web designs that use CSS layout. By directly editing hex bytes instead of manually converting or calculating them manually – with less chance for errors! Furthermore, the program supports multi-selection capabilities allowing multiple blocks of text to be edited simultaneously.

Other useful features include a function list that can be hidden or docked to display source files in a structured tree-style layout with groups for functions, imports, variables and class names. Furthermore, users can see JSON objects with value pairs displayed along with JSON nodes that contain data as well as XML nodes with data stored therein – an invaluable time saver if working with markup languages like these! The program even highlights opening and closing tags to ensure they are correctly nested or closed and highlights these opening/closing tags to ensure they are nested or closed, saving any potential time wasting when working with these types of markup languages!

Users can easily connect to remote servers using the built-in FTP client, and create, edit and modify files in local and external directories using an FTP client with built-in editor themes that allows for customization. Macro and script support offers additional flexibility while integrated macro/script support gives an editor additional power in automating editing tasks while Git/SVN version control comes standard as an invaluable asset.

Column Mode

UltraEdit’s Column Mode is one of its most effective features, enabling intuitive editing along the y axis for tabular data and code files. This feature isn’t just an eye-catcher; it makes editing process far more efficient when handling large files.

Column mode gives you the power to manually prepend or append data sets across a single column, using just click-and-type operations on multi-line carets and typing appropriate characters. This feature is especially helpful for importing spreadsheet data.

UltraEdit goes beyond traditional features like line-based and block selection modes to offer additional text manipulation functions for working with columns. These functions can be activated using “hot keys” (a sequence of keystrokes) or from the menu; you can even set macros automatically whenever UltraEdit starts up by selecting Macro / Set Autoload.

Inserting line numbers is another powerful feature of Microsoft Word that can make life easier. Simply position the cursor where you would like the numbers inserted and use the Insert Number command from the column menu to insert them. In this mode, you can specify their format and whether or not there will be spaces between each number.

UltraEdit is an extremely flexible text editor, suitable for editing virtually all types of files or code. With support for numerous programming languages and syntax highlighting capabilities, as well as code folding for large files. Plus, its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility make UltraEdit an invaluable asset!

Deeply Customizable Menuing System

UltraEdit’s menuing system gives users the power to personalize their in-app menu according to how they work – from selecting between a full or compact ribbon, toolbar or combination thereof, as well as mapping keyboard shortcuts to personalize a customized menu that matches how you work. You can even map keyboard shortcuts of your own choosing for even greater personalization of the app experience.

The program features several other helpful features that make it an excellent option for web development and programming, including live HTML/Markdown preview, which sits right beside the text editor to give you an idea of how your code will look when complete; compatibility with GitHub Flavored Markdown; support for multiple programming languages including JS, PHP, Python, C/C++ and JavaScript; as well as many others.

Noteworthy features of NotePad++ for developers include its ability to handle large files efficiently. Furthermore, developers who frequently manage massive project files can take advantage of its file compare feature to quickly find and replace text in multiple files or highlight sections of code to double-check formatting issues.

Finally, this program includes numerous conversion options to enable you to switch file formats or view data in hexadecimal for debugging purposes. This makes transferring work between computers straightforward or reformatting code to be compatible with multiple platforms.

UltraEdit is an excellent program for developers and web designers who require a powerful text editor capable of handling large projects with large volumes of code. Though its user-friendly interface may not compare favorably with Coda or BBEdit, its performance and customization features more than make up for this shortcoming.

Powerful Search

UltraEdit’s search functionality is fast and powerful; whether it’s searching for just one word in an immense file, or multiple patterns across many files, its search is lightning quick. Not just a traditional text search either; its advanced text match engine supports simple and complex Regular Expressions as well.

An Effective XML Manager

Our powerful XML manager enables you to efficiently edit XML-based files (including XHTML ) using a visual tree view of their structure. Navigating through the tree, expanding or collapsing parent/child nodes, moving or copying nodes, reformatting entire XML files are just some of its many capabilities.

UltraEdit’s Insert Features

Working with large data sets often necessitates inserting strings at each specified increment, making use of UltraEdit’s advanced insert functions essential to speedy data processing, including inserting text at specific columns or rows in files.

UltraEdit’s Find and Replace feature is so robust, it even offers a “Replace in Files” feature to allow for quicker changes across an entire project with just one command!

Ultraedit/UEStudio allows you to store a list of frequently-used Find and Replace strings so they’re easily accessible with just one click. Create, name and edit Search and Replace Favorites via Tools/Search and Replace menu.

UltraEdit provides syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages – with more always on the way – as well as an integrated FTP client, scripting environment, custom tools, macros and Smart Templates that make any coding session smooth and productive. With support for files up to 4GB in size and easy search and replace operations.

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