UltraSurf Review

UltraSurf is a freeware Internet censorship circumvention tool that encrypts web traffic and bypasses firewalls to circumvent censorship and geoblocking. According to its creators, UltraSurf also prevents web censorship and geounblocking.

As this service relies on browser-based technology, it cannot be configured directly on routers – which may prove an inconvenience for some users.

What is Ultrasurf?

UltraSurf is a free tool designed to bypass internet censorship in certain countries. It works by redirecting web traffic through its servers instead of your regular browser, though this may slightly slow browsing speeds. UltraSurf has become particularly popular in China during times of political unrest like 2008 Tibetan Uprising or 2013 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong; journalists also frequently utilize it when accessing news websites that have been blocked in their home nation.

UltraSurf stands out from other VPN services in that it does not require registration or personal details to use it, making it suitable for multiple devices without registration required. Each device uses its own proxy server so tracking data may be difficult; however, Ultrasurf website makes clear they log a small amount of information for security and performance improvement reasons.

Ultrasurf is a straightforward application with no frills to be seen, yet still delivers on its promise to deliver what its creator intended. Easy to use and providing decent levels of privacy protection; while not as fast as full VPN services it still represents an effective option for bypassing censorship or firewalls.

Ultrasurf stands out among online censorship tools due to being free and user-friendly, making it a go-to solution for accessing restricted websites or protecting privacy on public Wi-Fi networks.

Ultrasurf is available as a free download, however it requires Windows 7 or later and should be aware that antivirus programs often flag this software as potentially risky because it evades censorship and encryption protocols. Because of this, we suggest opting for full-featured VPN services which offer much faster connections and superior protection.

How does Ultrasurf work?

Ultrasurf may not offer all the features of a full VPN, but it still makes a compelling case for evaluation. First off, it is free; no registration or email addresses need to be shared in order to use it, and there are no hidden “gotchas” that force you into upgrading to paid versions in time.

UltraSurf works by redirecting all of your Internet traffic through a local proxy server and encrypting it, helping you circumvent restrictions imposed by ISPs or governments. Furthermore, this program spoofs your IP address, making it harder for third parties to track your online activities.

UltraSurf stands out as an exceptional firewall bypass program by not restricting access to popular video-on-demand services like Netflix. This is an impressive advantage over competing firewall bypass programs which restrict these types of sites to their own servers alone.

Ultrasurf can effectively bypass many restrictions; however, it cannot guarantee unimpeded internet use. Some anti-virus programs will detect Ultrasurf as suspicious activity and it doesn’t offer as much camouflage as paid VPN services do.

To use the program, simply launch it and choose one of three available servers. When your connection has been made, the software will open your default browser so you can freely navigate the web.

UltraSurf does not come equipped with desktop shortcuts or startup menu items, forcing you to remember where it resides each time you launch it. But its user-friendly nature means you can protect your Internet usage with one simple click of a button!

Ultrasurf can circumvent censorship-blocks as well as unblock websites with pornographic material or gore/shock sites that you would normally be blocked from visiting – this includes pornographic websites.

Tor is not as fast or secure as dedicated VPN services, and its privacy policies can be questionable; according to one 2012 report from an investigator at Tor, the company kept logs of user connections even after they stop using Tor.

Does Ultrasurf protect my privacy?

UltraSurf does not collect or sell user personal information to third-parties; however, user data is collected in order to analyze traffic patterns and enhance services provided. This data includes public IP addresses, date/time/page visited information as well as pages visited – this data is solely used for improving our service for users.

Ultrasurf is designed as a proxy and does not offer the same level of security as full VPN services like those from. As a proxy service, Ultrasurf may be less effective at protecting you against hackers or government surveillance; however, it remains an excellent way of bypassing censorship and protecting online activities.

UltraSurf differs from many other proxy tools in that it does not require users to register or disclose personal information, making it ideal for people who want to use a proxy/VPN service but do not wish to give out private details such as email addresses and names. Furthermore, the app does not collect or store cookies or trackers on your device.

Ultrasurf does not include advanced features found on paid VPNs such as killswitches or camouflage modes for hiding from websites/services that detect the presence of proxy or VPN connections, nor a killswitch option to stop unwanted connection attempts.

UltraSurf’s lack of transparency when it comes to their logging policy raises concerns over how much personal information the company collects and stores, making it hard for users to determine if this program meets their individual needs.

Ultrasurf was initially created to bypass internet censorship in China. Though its application has improved over the years, it does not offer as much protection than other VPN services do. Furthermore, UltraSurf team has admitted to logging and disclosing user information to law enforcement agencies.

Is Ultrasurf safe?

UltraSurf is a free circumvention tool to allow users access uncensored internet content. The service connects a device directly with its servers through an encrypted SSL tunnel; since its launch in 2022 it has gained immense popularity – reaching over 11 million users globally! Furthermore, UltraSurf supports numerous devices, such as Windows PCs, Macs, Linux computers as well as Android and iOS phones.

UltraSurf’s developers promise not to make use of any data collected, though logs of user activities on its website do contain logs of such activities such as clicked links, date/time of visitation and referral websites – details that help improve user experience and identify trends. In addition, while they promise not to misuse or sell this information collected about you if your device is misconfigured it could still suffer WebRTC leakage as seen with premium VPNs.

I conducted speed tests using various online services and discovered that UltraSurf offered only average speeds for streaming videos and gaming; its high latency made it less suitable. Also, speed results varied depending on which server was tested – some had better performances while others offered significantly lower ones.

Ultrasurf’s primary function is to bypass firewalls and censorship; as such it has proven its worth during China’s reform period as well as Arab Spring uprisings as well as in other countries with restrictions on their citizens’ internet access.

Security for this tool isn’t ideal, but it does encrypt data between user computers and its servers. As with any internet browsing experience, users should take additional precautions, including using strong passwords, avoiding suspicious sites and protecting devices against malware infection. Likewise, after use in public cybercafes users should delete their utmp folder after use to clear any traces, while using file shredders should anonymous blogging or reporting be required.

UltraSurf may be free, but it doesn’t provide as much protection as premium VPNs do. Therefore, it is better suited for casual browsing but could still help bypass geo-restrictions without spending a penny.

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