UltraSurf Review

UltraSurf was initially developed to assist Chinese Internet users find safety and privacy online; since then it has gained worldwide popularity. Users can bypass site blocking with it while public Wi-Fi networks enjoy greater security thanks to enhanced protection of user IP addresses.

Ultrasurf works by opening an Internet Explorer browser window after concealing the user’s IP address, although unlike a full VPN service it doesn’t provide encryption of Internet traffic.


Ultrasurf is a free proxy that enables users to navigate the internet freely, unrestricted by ISP restrictions. Using a secure tunnel connection with remote servers to provide content and user data encryption, Ultrasurf ensures no one can snoop on browsing activities or hacker attacks and has become particularly popular in China and has garnered international acclaim.

Simply run the executable to establish a connection to a server and it will open a browser-based window in your default browser. It is easy and hassle-free; perfect for school and workplace usage or to secure Wi-Fi networks; additionally it can encrypt data stored on laptops or mobile devices.

Ultrasurf’s weakness lies in its limited customer support or security and privacy features. Furthermore, being based out of the US makes Ultrasurf subject to US jurisdiction, something which should not be underestimated given that 14 Eyes surveillance alliance includes US jurisdiction as one member country.

Another limitation of this tool is that it only encrypts HTTPS traffic; users who want to use it for torrenting will require installing an additional torrent client browser add-on separately. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer much protection against Chrome leaks like WebRTC leakage which can potentially expose their identity even with strong VPN service provider.

Works in China

UltraSurf is one of the most acclaimed anti-censorship programs on the market, promising to bypass firewalls by tunneling traffic through a network of proxy servers in remote locations. Furthermore, the program changes IP addresses up to 10,000 times an hour to avoid detection by detection software and provide users with uncensored internet access without restriction or surveillance. Furthermore, UltraSurf leaves no trace on your computer so you can use it anonymously.

China, where internet censorship is particularly severe, was where this tool first made its debut. Originally intended to help Chinese citizens bypass government restrictions and bypass the Great Firewall, its creator, Alan Huang has spoken openly about China’s oppressive political environment and his experiences dealing with law enforcement that inspired the creation of this tool.

UltraSurf works well in China, though not quite like a VPN service would. Instead, it acts more like a dynamic encrypted proxy which reroutes web browser traffic through their servers and masks your IP address in the process; though this can help bypass censorship and protect activity behind an anonymizing mask of IP addresses, premium VPN services offer higher levels of encryption and protection than UltraSurf does.

Additionally, it only encrypts data between your device and their servers; other applications, like email clients or Skype clients aren’t protected from being intercepted by hackers and attackers. As a result, hackers and other attackers could still gain access to it and compromise it further.

Easy to use

UltraSurf is “green software”, meaning it does not require installation on target computers and may be run directly from flash drives or emails without leaving any trace behind. It features a simple photo icon without appearing as a file extension in Windows Registry; thus making it easily hidden or removed when no longer needed. Featuring small, lightweight software with free usage for users experiencing online censorship restrictions.

Start it easily by double-clicking its executable file. It will quickly select and connect to a server for you, giving you secure internet browsing through an encrypted tunnel – bypassing censorship at its source! While compatible with most browsers, Internet Explorer seems to work best.

As part of its dedication to online privacy, this program not only conceals your IP address and clears browsing histories but also protects data transfer through end-to-end encryption and offers a proxy server so that you can access sites not available in your country.

Anti-censorship software offers another attractive benefit – running undetected. This makes it an attractive option for people seeking anonymity on the web. According to its creator, they do not collect user data nor share it with third parties – although their website doesn’t give any details of their logging policy.

Works on Windows

Ultrasurf software encrypts web browser traffic and routes it through an encrypted tunnel, providing a way around internet censorship while providing malware attacks protection and keeping personal information private – this makes it particularly helpful in countries with strict censorship laws. Plus, its intuitive Windows-based user interface makes Ultrasurf an accessible solution.

Ultrasurf should not be seen as a replacement for VPN services and cannot replace them; while it can bypass censorship, it does not offer advanced security and privacy features like those provided by regular VPNs. Furthermore, Ultrasurf only protects information relayed via your web browser while email clients and Skype remain unaffected.

Ultrasurf may offer free services, but you should be mindful of its privacy practices. As it’s based in the US and falls under 14 Eyes surveillance alliance jurisdiction, Ultrasurf could share your personal data with third-party businesses for commercial gain.

Ultrasurf only supports Internet Explorer, and will launch it by default when you launch the application. It features a straightforward Windows XP theme interface with just a single button to open IE; unfortunately it does not create desktop icons so you must remember where to save it and launch it manually each time; alternatively you could store the program on a USB flash drive to use on any computer, even public ones.

Works on Mac

Ultrasurf is a free VPN tool that enables users to circumvent Internet censorship. The app protects browsing data and IP addresses from advertisers, websites that track your activity, and search engines like Google. Compatible with Mac PCs and easy to set up, Ultrasurf makes an excellent option for anyone wanting more privacy when online surfing.

Unfortunately, this service is not as secure as intended – its encryption specification is subpar and its detailed logging policy remains unknown to users. Furthermore, it censors a significant portion of content found online which it considers offensive such as pornographic material and gore/shock websites.

Additionally, this program does not support all applications that access the Internet – it only encrypts web traffic sent through a browser, making it unsuitable for those who torrent or communicate remotely with teams.

Ultrareach Internet Corporation’s tool does not offer 24/7 customer service or advanced security features like premium VPNs; nevertheless, it remains an effective choice for those needing an easy solution to bypass censorship in their country. If you want the full benefits of VPN use though, NordVPN provides affordable plans with unlimited devices and connections as well as a money-back guarantee in case its services don’t meet expectations.

Works on Linux

Ultrasurf is an ideal tool to unblock websites in China as it’s free and works well, though its speeds can sometimes be slow and inconsistent. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service support or advanced security features like VPN.

Downloading the application for Windows, macOS and Linux from its official website is simple; when completed it will run automatically to establish a VPN connection. Please be aware that each operating system’s setup process differs significantly.

The software redirects your internet traffic through servers which encrypt and anonymize it, protecting both your personal information as well as access to blocked websites without fear of being identified as accessing prohibited material. While torrenting activities remain free from restrictions or restriction, its content filter censorship system deems certain parts of the internet offensive or harmful for viewing.

Ultrasurf works well in China, but does not offer the same level of security and privacy as real VPN services. While Ultrasurf does not encrypt all your data, it stores records of your connection history which could possibly link back to an individual even after they no longer use the service. Furthermore, Ultrasurf lacks any camouflage mode which would prevent websites from detecting that you’re using a proxy which makes avoiding censorship difficult and bypassing restrictions difficult.

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