UltraSurf Review


UltraSurf is a free application designed to circumvent Content Filtering solutions. Using several different approaches, UltraSurf avoids detection by security configurations. In addition, Chrome users can take advantage of their browser extension as part of this solution.

Though initially created to bypass Chinese censorship, its developers say the software can also help protect online privacy. It does not log data and features a virtual keyboard feature to stop websites from tracking keystrokes.

It is free

Ultrasurf is a free anti-censorship tool that protects your online privacy. Originally created to assist Internet users in China bypass censorship and access blocked websites, Ultrasurf now encrypts both communications and browsing data as well as increasing online security and privacy for millions worldwide. While Ultrasurf alone cannot prevent governments or malicious parties from spying, for optimal privacy protection it should be combined with VPN services offering additional features and protections such as better anonymity or encryption options.

This program is portable and does not require installation – simply download, unzip and double-click to run! There’s even a Chrome and Firefox plug-in available should you wish to integrate this tool directly into your browsers! Because no changes will remain after exiting this tool; also small in size so as to not leave any footprint in your registry or hard disk.

Ultrasurf stands out from other tools due to its unique perk: no payment or registration necessary! This makes Ultrasurf stand out and is ideal for users who do not wish to be tracked over time, asked to upgrade or have upgrades suggested – also helping avoid hidden fees and terms found with paid VPN services that come with paid VPN subscriptions.

Although the website promises that they only collect logs for anti-blocking purposes, it is still essential to understand its limitations. While this tool doesn’t hide your IP address or block content that might be considered illegal in your region, nor does it guarantee protection of personal information against third parties; thus it should always be used with care.

Ultrasurf works by routing all of your web traffic through their servers, helping prevent hackers from accessing or stealing your information when browsing public Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, Ultrasurf protects your privacy by clearing cookies and browsing histories when using public Wi-Fi networks – it’s free and simple to set up!

It is easy to use

UltraSurf is a free and straightforward software application that helps bypass web filters or geo-restrictions while offering secure connection services on both Mac and Windows computers. Users have the choice between manual proxy settings or automatic connection mode to better meet their browsing needs, plus support for multiple web browsers.

Developers of the software have stated they do not condone illegal online activities using their product, though its privacy statement doesn’t reveal whether they proactively monitor users’ data or log user activity.

UltraSurf was initially created to circumvent internet censorship in China; however, its usage has expanded worldwide. The tool uses a loophole in the Great Firewall of China to route HTTP traffic via an external server before forwarding it directly to your target website, making it harder for authorities to detect that you’re using a proxy service.

Furthermore, this software boasts many other useful features that make it stand out from its competition. These features include choosing where the proxy server should be located and being able to bypass cookies which is useful when visiting websites that require authentication via cookies. Furthermore, your internet traffic is encrypted for added protection – plus its available on Windows, iOS and Android and can be directly downloaded from its developer’s website!

The Windows client is an executable file that doesn’t require browser extensions to run, making it convenient to run from flash drives without leaving any trace on any computer you visit. Furthermore, creating shortcuts to this program on desktop computers makes using it even simpler!

However, there are some limitations with the software. Speeds are subpar; pages fail to load in some instances and the program often crashes. Furthermore, advanced security protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard and Shadowsocks would vastly improve security; as would more server capacity due to high traffic from countries with strict internet censorship laws.

It is secure

UltraSurf is a free anti-censorship tool that enables you to access restricted websites while protecting your online privacy. It does this by routing all web traffic through an encrypted tunnel for optimal privacy protection against government surveillance. Although not as powerful as VPN services, UltraSurf’s easy usage makes it a good option for circumventing censorship and protecting Internet privacy despite any limitations it might present.

UltraSurf’s security relies on end-to-end encryption and does not collect personal information or use ad tracking like many VPNs do. However, according to its website of free service it may trigger anti-virus software with suspicious activity flagging but they have provided no further explanation as to why.

UltraSurf’s servers employ several layers of security to protect your data. First, UltraSurf encrypts all information, before creating a packet with information about both its source and destination; it is then sent off to its final destination computer, which responds with its response; thus making it virtually impossible for anyone without the encryption key to read your personal information.

UltraSurf servers regularly rotate IP addresses in order to protect users’ identities and keep IP addresses hidden, an especially helpful feature when working in countries where governments closely monitor dissident Internet use. In such countries, an IP address used frequently by suspected dissidents will quickly be blacklisted and blocked – in such situations UltraSurf’s servers regularly change them so users remain safe online.

This program is easy to set up and compatible with all major browsers. As it’s only a proxy service, however, it doesn’t provide the same level of security and encryption found with full VPNs; nevertheless its ease-of-use and fast speeds have made it a popular tool among people wanting to surf privately online. Unfortunately it doesn’t come equipped with features such as killswitches or advanced features; additionally it doesn’t play well with other proxy services so its usage should be limited; in addition WebRTC leaks which could reveal your identity despite using a VPN would do exist too if any at all!

It is fast

UltraSurf is a free and lightweight browser extension that works in the background to keep your browsing secure, ideal for PCs, Macs and smartphones alike. Utilizing encryption methods for marking online activity while possibly slowing Internet speed slightly; UltraSurf remains an ideal way to protect privacy while using public WiFi connections.

However, Tor is no replacement for VPNs – it simply acts as a simple proxy that works in the background to encrypt and anonymize your data, blocking websites from tracking your browsing behavior and helping prevent tracking services from tracking you online. Unfortunately it does not offer advanced features like VPN servers and port forwarding.

Ultrasurf may not provide top-tier security, but it does encrypt HTTPS traffic end-to-end and web traffic between your device and its servers; regular HTTP traffic remains unencrypted for easier security if a third party intercepts your web traffic and gains access. As such, they won’t be able to see beyond what website you’re visiting!

Ultrasurf is another effective solution for circumventing Chinese censorship. Utilizing a loophole in China’s Great Firewall to access websites otherwise blocked by government censors, Ultrasurf makes accessing blocked sites easy and is available in multiple languages for ease of use and compatibility with all major browsers.

It comes equipped with both a native Windows app and browser extension for Chrome, making installation quick and painless, with no complicated settings or configurations necessary – even being run off a thumb drive! However, some mobile devices won’t support it and it requires web browsing in order to function.

Ultrasurf may be free to use, but its features don’t stand out compared to other services. Its speed may not meet user expectations and cannot unblock foreign Netflix content. Furthermore, most routers won’t support Ultrasurf; therefore you may require another VPN provider which supports configuring on your router in order to circumvent these limitations.

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