UltraViewer Review


Free remote control software enables users to assist computer problems from a distance. Installation is quick and supports multiple languages; in addition, this application uses less CPU power than similar competitors.

To connect to another user’s computer, ask them for the ID and password displayed on their Ultraviewer software. Entering these into your Ultraviewer will allow the screen of their device to appear on your own.


UltraViewer is an easy and efficient way to remotely access any computer from any location – be it helping out a friend, or having trouble with your own. As free software, this utility enables access and control over remote machines from around the world. Designed for ease of use with features like file transfer and chat capabilities as well as recording sessions so they can be reviewed later.

UltraViewer makes using remote desktop access easy: simply make sure both computers are running a stable Internet connection, pre-install UltraViewer on both machines, provide your partner with their ID and password from their UltraViewer software, then click “connect” to begin your session. In a matter of seconds, their window will appear on your screen so you can control their mouse and keyboard as if working directly in front of it.

UltraViewer is an invaluable tool for companies that need to provide technical support over the phone or internet to clients. It enables a faster, easier approach to tech assistance while eliminating travel costs and minimizing downtime. Once a session has concluded, UltraViewer allows remote control by closing it – once closed again when done! The paid version offers enhanced connection stability as well as advanced features tailored specifically towards businesses – in addition to receiving priority technical support services.

Ultraviewer has quickly gained popularity since its introduction, quickly surpassing 2 billion installs as of June 2019. Offering multiple languages support and an affordable solution that supports individual needs as well as businesses, Ultraviewer has quickly made waves among its users. Offering both free and paid versions, its popularity can be measured in its user count; over 2 billion installs has already occurred as an indicator.

Ultraviewer is free, but there are some things you should keep in mind before using it. When connecting with others via Ultraviewer, only connect with people whom you trust and never disclose any personal data on Ultraviewer as this could pose security threats such as identity theft and information loss. Furthermore, make sure you pay attention to how long you spend online before turning it off when not in use.

Easy to use

Ultraviewer is an easy and free remote desktop software solution that makes controlling a computer remotely straightforward. Installed quickly on Windows computers, Ultraviewer features file sharing and chat functions – perfect for anyone wanting to help others remotely with computer issues but unable to physically visit them in person.

Start using Ultraviewer by first ensuring a stable internet connection, pre-installing its software on two devices that you wish to connect with, asking your partner for their ID and pass displayed in their Ultraviewer software, entering it in your copy of Ultraviewer, pressing Connect, and watching a window of their PC appear in front of your own copy displaying its screen, input devices (keyboard and mouse) as well as providing remote support, monitoring or messaging between partners.

UltraViewer takes security seriously, making it clear on their website that all passwords are encrypted. They use total encryption so passwords cannot be decrypted from either end – providing transparency for hosts while stopping anyone from stealing information.

Ultraviewer makes recording control sessions an important feature, enabling users to monitor the process of handover between technicians. This feature is especially beneficial to support providers who support customers in multiple locations – in the past technicians would need to physically travel out to customers’ premises in order to complete support tasks; an inconvenient and costly practice that no longer applies thanks to Ultraviewer’s capability of recording control sessions.

Ultraviewer is an immensely popular remote software solution, but its competitors enjoy larger user bases. TeamViewer stands out as being similar yet more costly. AnyDesk offers similar functionality without breaking the bank – plus has better interface features including multi-window computer management and availability in multiple languages!

Supports multiple languages

UltraViewer supports multiple languages and allows users to communicate with people all around the world in their native tongue, which can be particularly valuable for customers needing support representatives or technical experts in another country. It features file transfer and text translation; as well as being user friendly with support for different screen resolutions – making it the ideal solution for both home and business use.

Ultraviewer is a popular remote desktop program, providing many useful features for both personal and professional use. It boasts an intuitive user interface with multiple language support that is free to download and easy to install – plus its secure design doesn’t necessitate third-party software or hardware!

UltraViewer allows users to remotely access computers. Its simple design makes it ideal for those collaborating remotely, such as video editors and musicians, making this tool easily affordable with flexible payment plans and a one-off fee for software access.

Add multilingual support to a website or app can expand customer base while increasing trust in brand. Furthermore, supporting multiple languages allows your company to serve a broader customer base while creating an inclusive experience for users. UltraViewer makes multilingual websites/apps customizable by supporting different languages while matching visual appearance to match audience language preferences.

UltraViewer is currently available in 15 languages and works across all Windows operating systems from Window XP to Window 10. Its popularity stems from its low price point and user-friendliness; additional advantages over TeamViewer exist as well; though the downsides include customization limitations and compatibility issues that still need resolving.

Easy to install

UltraViewer is an easy-to-install software program that enables remote computer control. Perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, the program works with Windows XP and later versions as well as most hardware standards and standards for other systems. Plus its lightweight size makes it simple download, install and use; plus it includes features that make UltraViewer an excellent option for all.

Ultraviewer works by maintaining a stable Internet connection between host and client computers. Users should pre-install Ultraviewer on all necessary devices before asking their partner to send their ID and password for controlling. Once these details have been entered into Ultraviewer software, their screen of the computer they are controlling appears, enabling you to perform various tasks such as troubleshooting errors or installing new programs remotely.

Another advantage of this tool is that it supports up to four simultaneous connections, making it possible to assist multiple individuals simultaneously. Furthermore, voice and video chat capabilities enable you to stay in constant communication with partners; making this feature especially valuable for customer support technicians or IT technicians.

Contrary to other software programs, this tool is free and does not require any special hardware or configurations for proper functioning. With its small file size and low CPU usage requirements, this program runs efficiently on most computers with little interference from other processes. Plus it comes in multiple languages with an intuitive user interface!

Ultraviewer was designed to protect its users by employing absolute security encryption mode, so only verified users are allowed to connect. This ensures your partner can only gain entry through an ID and password unique to them and prevents unauthorised entry and identity theft from your device or theft of sensitive personal information. Businesses and companies will benefit greatly from enabling Ultraviewer users to securely share computers.

The installer provides an option to generate a verbose log file during installation to aid with troubleshooting issues. Uninstalling Ultraviewer is quick and simple: click “Add/Remove Programs” in Control Panel then “Ultraviewer” from list of installed programs before clicking “Uninstall.” Once uninstall wizard opens click “Uninstall” then follow prompts until complete process completes itself.

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