UltraViewer Review


UltraViewer is a simple and free remote control software for Windows created by ducfabulous Co,ltd that can be found on their official website or downloaded as part of software bundles from third parties.

Users of this program can remotely control the computers of friends or customers with ease by simply sharing an ID and password with them; once connected they will instantly be able to take control.

Easy to use

UltraViewer is an easy and straightforward remote desktop program, enabling users to remotely control other computers. While not as feature-packed as some alternatives, UltraViewer remains reliable and completes its purpose perfectly – available both for personal and business use; downloading it is completely free for anyone.

UltraViewer requires a secure Internet connection and pre-installation of the program on both the computer to be controlled and the user’s device. Once this step has been taken, all that remains for users to connect their device with UltraViewer is providing their automatically generated ID and password when someone attempts to connect their device; alternatively they may opt to set their own custom password if desired.

This program has been specifically created to keep its users as safe as possible, and to prevent hackers from exploiting security loopholes. To achieve this goal, it utilizes a security protocol which changes passwords every time the user connects their device; monitors all processes being run on it to detect any unauthorized activities; and even allows the user to regain control if they feel threatened or unsafe.

UltraViewer has numerous features that make it an effective solution for both home and corporate users. With an easy user interface that is user friendly, an auto-lock feature ensures no other person can gain access to your PC when you are away – this safeguard protects both information and privacy.

Although remote control apps have many legitimate uses, it is important to be mindful of the risks they present. Cyber criminals may take advantage of the open nature of remote control apps to gain entry to devices and steal data. As a result, companies often implement security measures in response to this vulnerability such as adding content headers to websites, warning visitors when connecting from suspicious regions, and geoblocking certain countries from access.

UltraViewer may present some security concerns, yet remains an appealing choice due to its ease of use and versatility. Free for personal use, UltraViewer features an impressive variety of features which makes it lightweight and fast; making it an excellent alternative to TeamViewer.

Safe to use

UltraViewer is a software program that enables users to remotely connect and control systems from a distance, making it ideal for people working with computers or needing remote customer support, working from home, online education and training, etc. Furthermore, UltraViewer can be downloaded for personal or commercial use for free – you don’t need a license and can easily be installed onto multiple devices – taking up less than 1.5 MB on your PC!

Even though UltraViewer provides a safe method of connecting to another computer, it is still prudent to exercise extreme caution when using it. Malicious individuals can exploit powerful tools for personal gain; therefore you should remain mindful of potential dangers when using such software and always exercise extreme prudence when making any connections or providing any personal data. Furthermore, changing passwords regularly and choosing secure internet connections to protect your privacy are vital safeguards against identity theft or compromise.

UltraViewer was designed with safeguards in place to prevent data theft; all activities can be monitored on screen and mouse movements supervised, and at any point if there is any risk to data, control can be returned back to its facilitator at any time.

UltraViewer is both secure and straightforward to install and use. You can access it from its official website or third-party software bundles; we suggest choosing an established source so as to avoid malicious downloads. To uninstall, navigate to “Add or Remove Programs” within Control Panel to display a list of installed programs; to select UltraViewer simply click “Uninstall.” Finally follow any onscreen prompts until completeing uninstallation process.

Convenient to chat with your partner

UltraViewer makes remote support simple. Simply connect to their computer, controlling their mouse and keyboard as if they were right there with you, chat through an easy chat window with them, or enable audio transmission so you can hear their voice transmission feature – everything needed to communicate effectively and assist them with their computer problems.

UltraViewer makes it possible to connect with any partner’s computer by entering their ID and password into your own software to remotely control their machine. Once connected, you can chat with them and even transfer files without leaving your home or office! Moreover, Ultra Viewer can even be set to run automatically on specific days so you can ensure consistent support without leaving home or office! You can even schedule it automatically so it connects at the same time every day!

UltraViewer stands out from TeamViewer by having a more user-friendly chat interface and an easy-to-read font, plus features such as photo/video sharing. Plus, multiple computers can be controlled simultaneously!

UltraViewer’s high level of security gives you peace of mind, as its program records everything that happens on your partner’s screen – such as mouse movements – if you wish to end support sessions simply close UltraViewer; your partner won’t be able to see or control your computer anymore but can reenter when providing you with a password which has been automatically generated by the program.

UltraViewer makes sending large files easier by letting you send them directly through its program, saving time and money by eliminating third-party software for file sharing. Furthermore, your UltraViewer account allows you to save a list of computers’ IDs for quick connection; add company logos for more professional and customer-appeal!

Save your time

UltraViewer is a legitimate remote access software, enabling users to connect and control systems remotely. Unfortunately, cyber criminals often use UltraViewer for malicious use by engaging in technical support scams on deceptive websites that claim that devices belonging to victims have become infected and require immediate attention by an expert technician.

Ultraviewer saves you time by enabling you to remotely access multiple computers simultaneously – this feature is especially valuable if your business offers remote computer assistance to multiple customers at the same time. Plus, Ultraviewer reduces travel expenses, which can add up quickly.

Ultraviewer offers many valuable features for businesses that rely on file transfers directly, such as music or video files, such as their use for remote jobs. In particular, businesses transferring large data files like music or videos find this feature particularly helpful. Furthermore, Ultraviewer makes managing customer computers with its online contacts feature simple. You can even use Ultraviewer to listen in on audio via your computer – an essential tool for remote jobs!

Ultraviewer ensures a secure and encrypted connection, sending all datas securely over 128 bit SSL encryption to protect them from third parties sniffing out signals or stealing information. In order to increase protection, users can even customize the default password as well as set a shortcut that runs UltraViewer every time you log onto Windows login screen – useful if they use Winlogon often!

UltraViewer allows you to maximize the usability of your desktop. Furthermore, you can set it to full-screen mode so as to take full advantage of desktop real estate and customize its background color according to your tastes. Furthermore, UltraViewer will auto-close once a remote session ends to help prevent forgetting to shut it off after your partner finishes supporting you.

Ultraviewer is lightweight and uses minimal resources on your computer. At only 1.3MB in capacity, downloading and installing on new computers is quick and painless. Plus, HD images provide sharper text and image details, creating an enjoyable user experience.

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