UMPlayer – A Cross-Platform Media Player


UMPlayer is an open source media player compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux that features various unique features. Based on MPlayer, this program has some remarkable functionalities to offer users.

It boasts numerous advanced features and built-in codecs to play virtually everything, such as YouTube and ShoutCast radio and TV streams.

It is a VOB file player

VOB files are used to store DVD-Video media such as digital video, digital audio, subtitles and navigation content. They’re typically located in the Video_TS folder on a DVD disc’s root and formatted as MPEG-2 system streams; most video playback programs support these files though some like Windows Media Player and QuickTime don’t. To solve this issue you may require additional codecs or convert to an alternate format.

UMPlayer is an open source video player capable of supporting most major file formats, including VOB. With its intuitive user interface and subtitle support, it makes an ideal solution for watching movies on either computer or TV screen. Furthermore, you can select from various app skins available and even use this player to manage files stored either internally or externally on storage devices.

Mac users looking for an efficient VOB file player will find this VOB player to be an ideal solution for enjoying movies and TV shows easily are sure to appreciate its simplicity, including retina display support in its free version. Meanwhile, its paid version offers additional features such as fullscreen playback and screenshot integration – ideal if your movies and shows require it!

5KPlayer, available free on the App Store, is another excellent VOB file player for Mac that supports most major file formats and platforms. Compatible with most recent Macbook features and offering various add-ons. Plus it regularly receives updates with excellent reviews!

VOB files may no longer be the standard of choice due to video streaming services like Netflix, but you might still wish to watch some old VOBs that you own. In such a situation, a good VOB player will help ensure a smooth viewing experience – unfortunately there are various choices out there but not all work equally well for every device; some lag, freeze or restart when playing VOB files while others simply don’t recognize DVD/CD drives inserted for playback.

It is a media player

UMPlayer is a free media player capable of supporting most audio and video formats available today, including DVDs, VCDs, TV/Radio cards, YouTube/SHOUTcast streams as well as incomplete or damaged media files. It features advanced features and codecs that ensure it can play all media types including DVDs/VCDs/TV/Radio cards/USB drives/files as well as incomplete/damaged media files.

UMPlayer stands out from other media players by not consuming too much memory, making it ideal for computers with limited resources. Furthermore, its very small footprint and variety of skins allows you to personalize its appearance according to your taste; its interface is designed for ease of use with an attractive modern default skin and easily accessible buttons ensuring optimal user experience.

UMPlayer offers excellent subtitle support. It supports English and non-English subtitles for DVD movies as well as closed captioning features, offering options to synchronize audio and subtitles as well as search and download online subtitles from various sources. Furthermore, users with slow reading speeds will appreciate that there’s also an option available to speed up or slow down subtitles if necessary.

This program boasts many useful tools, making it a good fit for our test videos. In particular, its ability to pause and resume playback was very convenient and its dark color scheme drew our eye toward videos. Furthermore, its audio and visual customization tools worked as expected with only minor delays when changing certain settings while watching playback.

UMPlayer supports multiple file formats and boasts an extensible plugin system to enhance its functionality. Compatible with popular programs like VLC, it can also be used on both Windows and Mac OS X systems and boasts the advantage of being fast enough to handle large media files efficiently – ideal for anyone needing to play an array of media types simultaneously – YouTube videos, radio stations and playing games are also supported!

It is a video player

UMPlayer is one of the few multi-format video players capable of handling nearly all audio and video codecs and file formats currently in existence. Furthermore, its display driver selection includes X11, Xv, DGA, OpenGL SVGAlib fbdev DirectFB as well as Matrox 3Dfx and ATI specific drivers – making UMPlayer an excellent alternative to Windows Media Player for users seeking something with an improved user interface.

This program boasts numerous advanced features, such as its skinnable interface and built-in subtitle search function as well as audio/subsync control. Furthermore, DVDs and various streaming protocols are supported, earning this player its nickname of being “the universal multimedia player”.

As an added benefit, this powerful program uses minimal system resources compared to VLC; in fact, it can run on computers using half as much memory and processor. Plus, its user interface features an on-screen status indicator for quick access to basic functions.

As it contains over 270 audio and video codecs, MediaPlayer can handle virtually every file type you throw its way – AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska MOV MP3 MP4 OGG QT RealMedia VOB Vorbis WAV WMA and XVID are just some examples of what it can handle.

UMPlayer can connect to online services like YouTube and Shoutcast radio, searching for both types of content in a window where you can double click them to play/listen directly. Furthermore, its GUI can be customized so that it best meets your preferences.

This software is free (GPL) and can be downloaded directly from its official website. Compatible with Windows XP and later systems, this portable program can easily move between computers without losing settings or preferences.

It is a video converter

UMPlayer is a free multimedia player for Windows that is designed for user convenience and supports an impressive list of audio and video codecs, including DVDs, VCDs, online radio and TV streams like YouTube. With its user-friendly interface that focuses on user convenience and its highly configurable options – changing appearance, playlist management, adding subtitles and quick accessing specific parts of files easily – users have everything they need in one player!

UMplayer stands out as an efficient media player that won’t take up much space on your computer. Not only can it support multiple music formats – including being able to convert them to MP3 or other audio files – it can also play YouTube videos and record them directly onto PC – making this media player the ideal solution for anyone who’s searching for an effortless way to access both videos and audio files quickly and simply.

Skinnable interface makes this media player user-friendly, and supports various file formats – DVDs, CDs and YouTube videos can all be played easily! Download it easily from the internet; its user-friendly features make it straightforward. An excellent alternative to the standard Windows Media Player that works equally well on Mac and Windows computers!

UMPlayer is an advanced media player, packed with advanced features and over 270 audio and video codecs to accommodate almost every file format you can throw its way, such as AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska OGG QT RealMedia etc. Simply drop in files you’ve been saving up until now – no searching necessary to make them work!

UMPlayer can connect to online streaming services and play YouTube videos and SHOUTcast radio and TV streams as well. Furthermore, it records TV card signals into local files for future playback, can play incomplete or damaged media files seamlessly and even records TV card signals as local files – making this media player essential for any Windows computer user!

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