UMPlayer – A Multiplatform Media Player

UMPlayer is an open source media player that boasts advanced features and includes over 200 audio and video codecs, such as Audio CDs, DVDs and (S)VCDs; YouTube videos and SHOUTcast radio streams can all be played back using this tool.

Beginners and experienced users alike will find this interface easy and flexible; keyboard shortcuts can be reassigned, and its interface can be modified for personalization.


UMPlayer is an open-source multimedia player with support for various audio and video formats. The program boasts a simple yet user-friendly interface that enables users to stream online media files locally as well as incomplete or damaged media files; additionally it can support multiple keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel functions for optimal use.

The multi-platform media player, designed for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems is capable of playing most popular audio and video files such as AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX FLV H.263 Matroska MOV MP3 MP4 OGG QT RealMedia VOB Vorbis DVD files as well as supporting various streaming protocols.

It offers advanced features, such as skinnable interface, built-in subtitle search, enhanced filter rendering and YouTube player / recorder; yet still boasts an intuitive user interface designed for ease of use.

One of the key advantages of UMPlayer is its ability to automatically detect and install codecs without additional software or drivers, meaning it works on any system, even those with outdated hardware, and can handle any media file with ease. Furthermore, this program provides other useful tools like an onscreen display (OSD), antialiased shaded subtitles, and visual feedback for keyboard controls – these features make UMPlayer an invaluable media player!

The program’s main window offers easy access to all major functions. With smart direct-access buttons for opening files or folders, gaining access to CD/DVD drives or taking frame snapshots. Furthermore, users may select from available program skins and customize its appearance of the main window.

Noteworthy features of the program include an audio equalizer with preconfigured effects, multiple screen capture options and the capability of recording SHOUTcast or YouTube streams. Furthermore, it connects to Internet servers to play online radio stations or television broadcasts – this feature is especially beneficial for travelers or anyone else wanting to watch their favorite broadcast from home without searching and connecting directly.


UMPlayer is an open source multimedia player which supports an extensive array of audio and video file formats. This lightweight program requires very few resources for operation, making it suitable for slower systems. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms alike. With built-in codecs to play nearly all media files without additional plugins or software plugins being required UMPlayer also features YouTube/SHOUTcast search tools, playlist manager functionality as well as customizable interface skins to give the program its name UMPlayer!

UMPlayer stands out from similar programs by supporting multiple output drivers, including X11, Xv, DGA, SVGAlib, fbdev OpenGL and AAlib. This enables it to work on more systems and devices than competing multimedia players and also take advantage of hardware MPEG decoder boards such as Siemens DVB or 3Dfx decoding devices.

One of the standout features of UMPlayer is its wide support for different languages, making it an excellent option for users worldwide who wish to watch foreign-language films and shows. Furthermore, this program features numerous audio/video filters which help improve image quality while decreasing video file sizes.

UMPlayer stands out from other similar programs by supporting subtitles. This allows users to watch movies and TV shows in their native language without having to translate the subtitles themselves. Furthermore, this program features advanced features such as multi-region DVD playback capability and YouTube search tools for improved experience.

Installation of UMPlayer is straightforward. Simply copying its “bin” and “lib” folders over to a host system will do, with bin being included as part of PATH environment variable while “lib” being placed where dynamic libraries reside for applications dynamic libraries are kept.

UMPlayer is an intuitive multimedia player with numerous advanced features like subtitle search and YouTube(tm) player built-in. This free program can play audio/video CDs/VCDs/DVDs as well as online radio/TV streams as well as incomplete or damaged media files.


UMPlayer features an attractive and simple user interface, light on resources and customizable with downloadable skins to meet personal tastes. Additionally, this program supports all sorts of audio and video file formats and comes equipped with its own search engine for YouTube videos and SHOUTcast streams as well as being capable of taking snapshots of video frames for snapshots.

Its functions include the ability to adjust audio and subtitle delay, have customizable keyboard shortcuts panel, multi-resolution playlist window that can be placed anywhere on the screen, full-screen mode option, built-in DVD player, advanced screen recorder and automatic screenshot tool – not forgetting even playing online YouTube and SHOUTcast radio stations!

Additionally, this program can alter its main panel’s aspect ratio to fit with the size of the current monitor screen, use various video filters and deinterlace tools, rotate items to various degrees before flipping them, apply various effects and customize gamma, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation parameters; as well as adjust audio file tempo/pitch or add different echoes/distortions into sound recordings.

Noteworthy is the software’s ability to download and play torrents, convert all popular file types (WMA, MP3, OGG and FLAC) to different types, and create virtual karaoke machines which play songs randomly to add an entertaining dimension.

UMPlayer can be configured so it works in the most optimal manner for every computer based on its hardware and software configuration, making the app particularly helpful for users who do not wish to spend too much time installing or upgrading codecs. Furthermore, its interface has been carefully designed for novice as well as experienced users; customizing its appearance and components is effortless while setting it as the default media player in specific folders can all be accomplished seamlessly.


UMPlayer utilizes MPlayer as its back-end engine, supporting an extensive range of audio and video formats – DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, Youtube videos, SHOUTcast Radio streams and incomplete/damaged media files can all be played back seamlessly. Furthermore, this application comes with unique features such as built-in subtitle search capability, skinable interface customization options, customizable hotkeys for hotkeying hotkeys as well as enhanced filter rendering for maximum enjoyment!

This free multimedia player for both Windows and Mac computers offers simple use, works well with most file formats and provides users with numerous customization options; such as volume/screen resolution adjustments. Users may even add their own subtitle files – making watching foreign language films/TV shows without worrying about language barriers much simpler!

An intuitive, straightforward user interface makes this software ideal for both beginners and experts alike. Accessing most functions is made possible via its main window; menu and toolbar accesses can be personalized further with additional skins; frame snapshot function captures any image on screen for later reference; plus its sleek design minimizes distractions when watching movies and videos.

UMPlayer download offers an integrated search feature to find subtitles for any movie or video file, including movies from different countries and languages. Its search capability makes watching films even more immersive and is an ideal program for those seeking an enhanced viewing experience when watching films.

UMPlayer is an open source multimedia player capable of handling most types of audio and video files. With an attractive design and multiple tools that perform similarly to multi-format media players, but lacking some important functionalities.

UMPlayer offers great potential and makes an economical alternative to more costly multimedia players; however, some improvements could be made. While UMPlayer offers some useful features and functions, its lack of advanced tools and playback issues may make it less attractive to many users.

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