UMPlayer – A Powerful Multimedia Player


UMPlayer is an impressive multimedia player with the capacity to handle a wide range of file formats, yet lightweight and user-friendly. It boasts an attractive user interface as well as numerous built-in audio and video codecs.

Search YouTube and ShoutCast videos and radio stations without leaving your desktop, with one drawback being its inability to support certain video and audio formats.

It supports a wide range of file formats

UMPlayer is an advanced multimedia player capable of supporting most audio and video file formats on the market, including incomplete or damaged media files. Equipped with advanced features and built-in codecs, UMPlayer can even download subtitles automatically for foreign-language movies! Plus its user-friendly user interface keeps system resources low.

This application’s user interface offers themes, while keystroke shortcuts can be assigned different functions. Furthermore, the program can also be used to enter URLs for running online multimedia files, maintain lists of TV and radio cards, increase or decrease speed of current video/audio streams as well as apply filters and switch into full-screen mode.

UMPlayer supports multiple instances of itself at once and supports playlists, with customizable main panels for resizing, maximum recent files selection and jumping to specific points on an audio track. Furthermore, this media player supports various media file formats, such as BIN, AVI, FLV, OGG RMVB MPEG QT VOB RealMedia WAV files.

This app boasts an impressive list of features, such as downloading and installing subtitles for foreign-language movies as well as adding bookmarks and tags. Furthermore, its built-in media converter enables conversion between various file formats allowing custom playlist creation. In addition, there are audio/video filters and its user interface is designed for maximum customization.

UMPlayer is a free and open source program available from its official website, making installation quick and straightforward with an extensive manual available online for reference. Users have three installation profiles from which they can select their level of functionality; minimum is suitable for beginners while the maximum option offers more features; it can even be deployed as portable application.

It has a user-friendly interface

UMPlayer offers an intuitive user interface for beginners. Users can quickly play audio and video files of different formats. Furthermore, this program supports many subtitle formats and DVD subtitles can even be played back! You can even search YouTube or stream radio stations through Shoutcast with it; additionally there’s also a snapshot tool and image capture function available to make their experience as hassle free as possible!

UMPlayer stands out from other multimedia players by being light on system resources, with an elegant user-friendly design and full support of many formats like MPEG-4 and AAC, making it a fantastic option for watching movies or TV shows. In addition, its range of interesting features makes it stand out among its rivals; such as European/ISO 8859-1,2 (Hungarian, English and Czech support), 12 subtitle formats (such as MicroDVD SubRip OGM Sami VPlayer JACOsub JACOsub AQTitle PJS Closed Captions), as well as status information displays for status information as well as visual feedback for keyboard controls.

User-friendly and packed with features, this player makes for an attractive multimedia solution. Based on the Qt framework and compatible with both Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems, its attractive layout and various tools work smoothly; however, some file handling issues exist.

One unique aspect of this program is its capability of downloading and saving subtitles in multiple languages, making this tool especially helpful for people watching a film in a language they don’t comprehend. Subtitles appear in a small window on the right side of your screen where you can customize their size, position, font style, size or update their current version automatically with this software updater feature.

UMPlayer provides numerous settings to customize its appearance and behaviour, from changing its background colour and window transparency settings, to controlling audio volume levels and activating/disabling auto-hide function, selecting number of columns/rows in its user interface (UI), as well as selecting its theme.

It has a built-in subtitles search function

UMPlayer offers an efficient tool for searching and loading external subtitle files: its subtitle search function. It can automatically load subtitles that match movie name or contain it; all subs that contain movie name; or all available subs in target directory. Furthermore, it supports SSA/ASS subtitle format and gives many options to customize font, size, position and other visual aspects of subtitles such as mirroring them or applying various filters.

UMPlayer is an open source video player with an impressive number of features yet an incredibly small footprint. It can play back numerous audio and video formats with embedded subtitles as well as providing other functions for tweaking video and audio parameters. Furthermore, this program includes its own file explorer as well as streaming content from YouTube and Shoutcast directly; furthermore it even offers skinning support so you can personalize its appearance to suit your preferences.

UMPlayer comes equipped with over 270 audio and video codecs, giving it the capability of handling nearly all popular media formats, including CDs, DVDs, VCDs (SVCDs), TV / Radio cards, YouTube videos and SHOUTcast radio streams, as well as incomplete or damaged files.

It offers support for multiple output drivers, such as X11, Xv, fbdev and DirectFB drivers as well as some low level card-specific drivers (Matrox 3Dfx and ATI). Furthermore, an onscreen display shows status information as well as nice big antialiased shaded subtitles with visual feedback of keyboard controls for feedback purposes and advanced caching and CPU optimization features.

From the Preferences menu, you can access and manage basic settings. For instance, assign CD/DVD Roms for media detecting purposes and manage playlists and audio/video parameters as well as bookmarks, set hotkeys and alter program process priority accordingly. In addition, accessing media library, creating or deleting shortcuts to open specific directories quickly as well as zoom options and configuring mute mode can all be managed easily.

UMPlayer features an inbuilt media search engine to make finding and playing YouTube and Shoutcast content effortless. Its search box is conveniently placed at the corner of the screen, enabling easy clicking of results for videos or radio stations of choice. Unfortunately, search results are currently limited only to services provided by UMPlayer – it would be great if other popular media search engines could also be included!

It has a YouTube player and recorder

UMPlayer is an all-in-one multimedia player designed for free use and compatible with various file formats, including Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, YouTube(tm), SHOUTcast streams as well as supporting standard output drivers like X11, Xv, fbdev OpenGL SVGAlib DirectFB Matrox 3Dfx and ATI card drivers – making this versatile program highly applicative and simple to use.

UMPlayer stands out with its integrated YouTube search form and window for playing SHOUTcast radio stations, recording YouTube videos locally and saving them locally, as well as connecting to Internet TV and radio streams for an enhanced multimedia experience. Its interface is reminiscent of VLC media player; in addition, users can customize its appearance using downloadable packages that come preloaded into it.

One of the primary strengths of UMPlayer is its low system resource footprint when running in full-screen mode, due to using a fork of MPlayer’s video engine renowned for low resource use. Furthermore, its vast library of audio and video codecs means it can play nearly all popular media files; additionally, package codecs may be installed if any gaps in its built-in set exist.

This program boasts an advanced set of features, including filters to improve image quality and tools to control video aspect ratio. It supports latest audio/video standards as well as DVD subtitles with settings enabling moving, rotating and mirroring them as well as changing font and area properties; plus it can detect and automatically download foreign-language subtitles to videos.

UMPlayer stands out as an invaluable media player due to its unique ability to play both HD and SD videos at different resolutions, making it suitable for playing media on various devices. Furthermore, there are various options for fine-tuning the audio such as volume adjustment or changing EQ settings and sample rate control; plus it can automatically adapt its volume according to available system resources.

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