UMPlayer Review


UMPlayer is a free multimedia player capable of playing back a range of formats. Furthermore, it can connect directly to YouTube and SHOUTcast radio/TV services.

Apart from handling audio and video files, this software also has the capacity to implement different deinterlace modes and work with various filters. Furthermore, you have the option of rotating or mirroring items, or changing their aspect ratio – making this tool very flexible!

It supports a wide range of formats

UMPlayer is a free multimedia player capable of handling a wide array of formats. Compatible with various operating systems (Windows 11 and 10), including most audio file formats for listening to your favorite tunes without issue. Its user-friendly interface makes UMPlayer simple for novice users while it offers plenty of features such as volume adjustments and other settings to take control of audio playback.

UMPlayer stands out from other popular media players by not taking up system resources or memory, which enables it to be used on laptops and other mobile devices without straining resources or memory usage. Furthermore, its extensible nature provides access to an abundance of features for making video and audio experiences even richer.

This program is built upon the MPlayer open source media player, and features many built-in codecs to play nearly all audio and video formats. Additionally, there are additional functions built-in such as searching YouTube videos and Shoutcast radio stations, taking screenshots, creating multiple skins for customization, as well as theme support so you can personalize its interface to suit yourself.

UMPlayer provides another great feature by playing Blu-ray discs that are difficult to view with other programs, enabling viewers to watch movies in HD quality with a crisp picture and full support for multiple subtitle formats, enabling foreign language films or shows without difficulty.

UMPlayer features an attractive user interface designed for both Windows and Mac OS, featuring convenient direct access buttons for opening files or folders, launching CD/DVD drives, taking snapshots and more. Furthermore, there is a handy full-screen button which offers visual feedback on keyboard controls as well as a large antialiased shaded subtitle onscreen display providing status information – making UMPlayer compatible with all major audio and video formats including HD formats.

It is easy to use

Like chocolates, media players come in all sizes and varieties; some are better than others. UMPlayer is no exception: its skins enable users to customize its interface, it supports most file formats and it’s very user friendly – with extra functions such as searching YouTube videos or SHOUTcast radio stations and an automatic subtitle download feature!

UMPlayer is written in Qt and available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS/X, and GNU/Linux operating systems. It supports numerous audio and video file formats such as AAC, AC3, AVI, BIN, FLV, H.263, Matroska MP3, MP4, OGG OGM QT RealMedia WAV WAVXVID etc. Additionally it features various screen resolutions audio channels 5.1 surround sound as well as subtitle encoding for optimal playback experiences.

The program is extremely lightweight and does not require installation, so as not to consume too much memory. Furthermore, its user interface is intuitive and fresh-looking; in addition to standard features, you can personalize its appearance using mouse buttons for searching parameters, playing/pause button volume control or full screen mode activation. Furthermore, you can adjust playback speed as well as sync audio and video tracks simultaneously!

One of the more unique aspects of Media Center is its ability to load DVDs, including changing their aspect ratio if necessary. You can also apply filters and rotate or mirror media files. Furthermore, you can edit your playlist by adding or removing items as well as customize its appearance by choosing from one of its many skins available.

UMPlayer is an excellent multi-format media player that is both straightforward and resource efficient, boasting a stylish design. Though packed with features, some file formats may not playback correctly while the program has occasionally lagged during DVD playback.

It is free

UMPlayer is an open-source multimedia player available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that is free to use and comes preloaded with over 270 Audio/Video codecs allowing it to play almost every media file type imaginable; DVD and CD playback, streaming YouTube videos and SHOUTcast radio streaming – this tool offers powerful performance while remaining easy for beginners to navigate.

This program is a cross-platform, universal open source media player that supports various formats and features such as built-in subtitles and YouTube(tm) streaming video. With its simple user interface that is friendly for novice and expert alike, customizable with skins to match individual tastes as well as some additional functions not found elsewhere such as frame snapshot and video effects; it makes using media easy!

This multimedia software makes playing media files simple, fast and lightweight for computers with limited resources. Support for HD and full-screen video formats as well as live streaming media such as radio stations or television is also provided by this player – ideal for HD content! It even works seamlessly on smartphones!

It offers an attractive selection of features designed to satisfy most users, such as an integrated search engine for YouTube(tm) and SHOUTcast radio(tm), high-definition video encoding, an easy interface, direct access buttons for opening files/folders/CD/DVD drives/play frames etc – it truly stands as an alternative solution to more costly multimedia players.

UMPlayer is an open source multimedia player available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X that features an extensive selection of built-in codecs that make it compatible with almost every media format imaginable – even more costly media players can be replaced! Features of UMPlayer include subtitle support, playlist management capabilities, customizable skins for the interface skins as well as visual effects that add visual interest.

It is open-source

UMPlayer is an open-source multimedia player, supporting virtually all audio and video formats including DVDs and online streams such as YouTube videos or SHOUTcast radio. With more than 270 built-in codecs for audio/video and 270 built-in codecs for radio streams it comes equipped with plenty of codec support on all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X without the need for additional plugins or additional software installation.

UMPlayer stands out from similar programs by not being an overly complex media player, which takes up system resources. Instead, it is small and light with minimal footprint and fast startup times; its user-friendly interface also makes getting started simple – plus its skin options provide customization.

Main functions include playing local files as well as running internet radio and television streams from various sources, along with advanced features for advanced users such as subtitle support and playlist management, font sizing control and subtitle text size adjustment, as well as providing postprocessing, deblocking noise cancellation and denoise filters among many others.

The program’s top menu gives you instant access to its most essential functions. Here, you can adjust the number of columns in the primary window, change its aspect ratio and switch between fullscreen or smaller windows; even move its location on screen if needed. Furthermore, sound settings and preferences can also be changed as well as audio/video tracks moved into other positions within your video stream if needed; also choose from among various video filters to enhance or add visual effects if necessary.

UMPlayer offers advanced features like skinnable interface, built-in subtitle search, audio/subtitle sync and enhanced filter rendering. Furthermore, there’s a script for finding and playing YouTube(tm) videos as well as recording audio from your computer, SHOUTcast radio stations browsing window and recording feature – plus free to download without ads or spyware! UMPlayer supports various output drivers including X11, Xv, DGA OpenGL Fbdev SVGAlibAAlib AAlib DirectX support!

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