UMPlayer Review

UMPlayer is an audio and video player featuring over 270 integrated codecs for playback of audio/video files, built-in subtitle search/download, as well as options to set delay and font settings for subtitles.

This app comes equipped with a top menu for quick access to its most important functions, while right clicking inside its main window reveals additional ones.

Supports a wide range of file formats

UMPlayer is an advanced multimedia player equipped with built-in codecs and advanced features, making it highly compatible with most audio/video files. If you’re fed up with Windows Media Player that comes standard on your system or desire something more powerful than VLC, UMPlayer may be just what you’re searching for – including built-in YouTube player/recorder functions, subtitle search capabilities and enhanced filter rendering features – as well as supporting incomplete or damaged file formats.

UMPlayer stands out from other players by featuring a lightweight yet user-friendly user interface that’s simple to grasp, along with minimal resource usage, making it an excellent choice for playing music and video files, streaming services like YouTube and Shoutcast, or radio broadcasts.

UMPlayer features over 270 built-in audio and video codecs, giving it the capability to play nearly every media file you may encounter, including AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, Matroska MP3s MP4s MPEG OGG QT Real Media VOB Vorbis WAVs. You can access its settings either by right clicking or via its top menu.

UMPlayer offers support for watching foreign language movies and TV shows with subtitle files you can either download from the internet or create yourself. Furthermore, font size, color and position of subtitles on your screen can be adjusted easily so it is easier to read text while watching.

UMPlayer stands out as an outstanding media player due to its OnScreen Display (OSD), featuring status information and a beautiful, large antialiased shaded window. Furthermore, there’s support for several keyboard shortcuts and multiple file playing. Plus there’s themes support so you can personalize its interface to suit yourself; not forgetting DVD subtitles too!

It has a user-friendly interface

UMPlayer is a free video and audio player with an intuitive user interface, offering support for a range of formats with built-in codecs that eliminate the need for additional downloads. In addition, this cross-platform media player is available on Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux operating systems – offering advanced features that make it an excellent alternative to standard Windows Media Player.

Ori Rejwan designed UMPlayer as an adaptable multimedia player with numerous advanced features. Its powerful codecs can handle virtually every media file type; audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs and DV video files as well as online TV and radio streams and YouTube(tm) videos can all be played through it seamlessly. Furthermore, there is support for various audio/video filters, hotkeys and skinnable user interface.

This program is straightforward and user-friendly, with minimal learning curve. It boasts all of the essential features expected of modern media players – including search bar functionality and integration of YouTube and Winamp Shoutcast services – making UMPlayer an invaluable media player for most. Furthermore, its search function offers added convenience by showing results in a separate window instead of closing out of main program entirely.

Advanced features of this app include applying filters, rotating or mirroring videos and altering their aspect ratio. Furthermore, it automatically downloads subtitles for foreign-language videos, displays text in different languages and adjusts font sizes; additionally it offers playlist creation that can easily be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

Setting your preferred folder for media files to import can be very useful, as can selecting their format and resolution before opening them. In addition, UMPlayer can play streaming files, making watching movies without codec installation much simpler.

One of the many unique aspects of UMPlayer is its ability to play YouTube and Shoutcast video and radio streams effortlessly, offering easy use with an integrated search engine allowing for music videos and clips search. UMPlayer makes an ideal addition to any desktop video player or portable device for such usage.

It has a search engine

UMPlayer is a free multi-format media player capable of playing almost any file format, offering users a search engine to quickly locate videos on YouTube and Shoutcast as well as screenshot features and other handy options. Light on system resources with an attractive user interface design; compatible across major operating systems.

UMPlayer stands out from other multimedia players by not requiring external codec installations to support various formats. Equipped with more than 270 audio and video codecs built-in, it supports any media file format and even plays DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Radio cards, YouTube streams and SHOUTcast streams as well as incomplete or damaged media files – including DVDs! Plus advanced features like its skinnable interface with built-in subtitle search and integration system, enhanced filter rendering capability as well as YouTube playing/recording capability are all features found within.

While most multimedia programs provide various features, UMPlayer stands out with its small program size and minimalist user interface. Plus, no additional codecs need to be installed – making this an attractive choice for people who do not wish to install another media player. UMPlayer’s user interface is user-friendly with direct access buttons for opening files/folders/CD/DVD drives/photographing snapshots/streaming YouTube or Shoutcast videos!

Although UMPlayer may not provide as comprehensive an experience as iTunes, it still delivers an excellent media playback experience. Its user-friendly design makes UMPlayer user-friendly for both newcomers and experienced users. Furthermore, this program can run on all major operating platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

While not as feature-rich as iTunes, UMPlayer provides an affordable alternative for playing multiple media formats. Setup is straightforward, making UMPlayer an excellent way to watch videos, music and radio – plus, its compatibility with older systems makes it ideal for those without access to more expensive proprietary media players.

It has a YouTube player

UMPlayer comes equipped with its own YouTube player, enabling users to watch videos without opening a browser. This saves both time and effort when accessing various media formats; no longer do users have to switch programs in order to gain access. Furthermore, it features multiple audio/video filters, built-in subtitle search/recorder capability, support for skins as well as multiple media file formats.

UMplayer is an all-in-one multimedia program compatible with virtually all digital audio and video formats, yet remains lightweight enough for everyday use. It uses minimal CPU and memory resources; updates its codecs automatically so it’s ready to play the latest video/audio files automatically; provides extensive customization options; even allows changing interface color/theme!

Advanced features of this player include support for DVD and VCD playback, streaming video content via YouTube and SHOUTcast, screen capture capability and special theatre mode for an exceptional viewing experience. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes this perfect for older systems.

The free UMPlayer download is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users and supports many multimedia formats written in Qt. Its intuitive user-friendly interface is tailored towards intuitive customization with features not found elsewhere such as audio/subtitle sync and advanced filter rendering capabilities.

Features of this application include subtitle search and recorders, an integrated YouTube player, skins for customization and portability – making it ideal for use across computers while remaining fully functional.

UMPlayer is an excellent alternative to VLC for users seeking an easy multimedia player solution. Free and lightweight, with an intuitive user-friendly interface and wide support for video and audio codecs – UMPlayer offers users an exceptional choice when it comes to playing back audio/video files.

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