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Accidentally deleting files happens often – especially when computers are used by non-experts – but thankfully deleted files don’t necessarily have to be gone forever.

UndeletePlus is software that enables users to recover deleted files from a computer, USB thumb drive, camera media card or even MP3 players – including files that were recently cleared from your Recycle Bin.

Easy to use

Accidentally deleting files happens far more often than anyone realizes – even among computer experts. But thanks to programs like UndeletePlus, these lost files can be recovered. This program enables users to recover deleted files from hard drives, USB thumb drives, digital cameras, memory cards and floppy disks as well as from recycle bins or those lost due to formatting errors.

UndeletePlus makes recovering files easy – simply select the drive or device you want to recover files from and press Scan. UndeletePlus will then present you with a list of files that may be recoverable and you can filter results by file type; additionally you can view statuses for recovery attempts which can help determine whether a file can be recovered successfully or not. Furthermore you can choose where you would like the restored files saved (ideally it would be wise to save them to an alternative drive/device so as to not overwrite them again). Additionally you can select where you would like your restored files saved (ideally noting overwriting them again!). Finally choose where you would like them saved and press Scan.

Wenn you delete a file, its clusters don’t actually go away until new data is written to them. UndeletePlus allows users to recover these deleted files by scanning for empty clusters on your hard drive and reconstructing its original form. It supports various hard drive formats including ATA/SCSI, IDE and Windows file systems and even images stored on CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard or Secure Digital cards.

After your scan has completed, you will be able to view and sort your recovered files by date, size or name. You may also select individual files for deletion from the list – this will prevent software from rescanning and overwriting them again!

UndeletePlus is an efficient, rapid and powerful tool designed to recover accidentally deleted files or those lost due to virus attack. However, please be aware that UndeletePlus won’t recover files that have been overwritten; for this situation another file recovery program would be more appropriate.


UndeletePlus is trusted by professionals and consumers alike as a reliable tool to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, making it the go-to choice when trying to recover them from various storage devices. Easy to use and packed with key features that make UndeletePlus one of the top tools in its category, it can retrieve deleted data even after system crashes or format errors are experienced, providing peace of mind to people needing their data back as soon as possible.

This program can recover many types of file types on Windows computers running any version of their operating system, from hard drives, USB thumb drives and memory cards to Recycle Bin files that have been lost or deleted accidentally or corrupted by viruses – including those lost due to power outage or other causes.

UndeletePlus stands apart from other recovery programs by not requiring technical knowledge to use. Designed with simplicity in mind, UndeletePlus’ intuitive user-interface makes using it effortless – you don’t need any prior experience with recovery tools or knowledge of hard disk architecture to use the program successfully. Simply select which files need recovering before selecting where they will be saved on a separate hard drive than where they were scanned – the program then scans all drives looking for those files before displaying a list. Saving them elsewhere will prevent future overwriting that could prevent restoration from ever being possible if overwriting occurs by saving the recovered files on an overwritten hard disk could overwrite them preventing further restoration in future if saved elsewhere than their initial location could prevent future restoration in future restoration opportunities!

This program does have some drawbacks, including being optimized for high DPI monitors and frequently crashing during scanning. Furthermore, it does not show disk status changes and only lists results as lists; so for maximum recovery efforts it may be worth looking into anyRecover or similar programs which provide comprehensive solutions such as recovering all kinds of files from hard drives, floppy disks, memory cards, digital cameras or any other storage devices.


Undeleted files don’t disappear for good just because they end up in the Recycle Bin; because operating systems don’t immediately overwrite them with new data, they remain on drives until that space is reused by more recent information. UndeletePlus searches for those old files and restores them back into their original locations – including images, MP3s, and videos from memory cards!

This tool can be used on Windows-based hard drives, floppy disks, USB thumb drives and cameras running Windows. It supports all major file systems and partitions as well. Users can select the location in which they wish to search for deleted files as well as filter their search results and preview some before recovering them – the tool has an intuitive user-friendly interface for easy use.

Scan Recovery’s scanning process is fast, and users can select which files they’d like to retrieve. Once complete, the program displays a list of recoverable files with their names, dates, sizes and status (overwritten or not). Scan Recovery offers straightforward functionality at an economical price point.

UndeletePlus stands out among recovery tools by being capable of retrieving files stored in Recycle Bins that had previously been deleted accidentally. This unique ability makes UndeletePlus ideal for recovering important documents that were accidentally erased by mistake.

Another great feature is that the software can be used to recover lost data from any PC, external hard drive or flash device – as well as recover music videos photos emails and more! This tool makes a perfect choice for anyone who has accidentally deleted files or formatted their computer without realizing what has happened to their data.

This tool is free for users to download and use, with ads supporting it. Its developer also provides phone and email support. Furthermore, their company maintains an extensive knowledge base with FAQs available for customers to consult.


When files are deleted from a computer or storage medium, this does not indicate their data has been irretrievably lost. Computer software doesn’t erase files when they are erased; rather, it simply makes available their space as possible reuse by other programs. If nothing has utilised that space since its deletion, UndeletePlus may help recover those files as they were present before they were erased.

Have you accidentally deleted an important file or emptied the Recycle Bin? TouchStone Software’s UndeletePlus can quickly help recover it for you using its proprietary recovery engine and support for standard IDE/ATA and SCSI hard drives, including its Deep Scan mode that can recover even partially overwritten files.

UndeletePlus’ intuitive user interface makes UndeletePlus accessible and straightforward for all. Scan entire drives or search for specific files quickly, then save results as a list of recoverable ones. Plus, run it from an USB drive for use even when PC is offline!

UndeletePlus goes beyond simply recovering deleted files to also recover ones that have been renamed, moved, changed in size or format, or erased due to an invalid partition table. It provides an effective means of recovering damaged or corrupted data files and will recover any valuable information stored within.

eSupport UndeletePlus stands out from competitors by not overwriting existing data during its recovery process, thus protecting it as much as possible from further corruption or damage. Unfortunately, this program is not free and only available as a trial version.

Although eSupport UndeletePlus is an effective tool for recovering deleted files, it does have several limitations that should be noted. These include supporting only certain file formats and devices. As an alternative solution we suggest AnyRecover, which provides a user-friendly tool capable of recovering all types of files such as photos, videos, music files, emails, archives and documents.

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